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Why dreams are difficult to remember (sometimes)

Posted by YOLF , 07 May 2017 · 1,244 views


So it occurred to me that there is a reason behind the phenomena of difficult to remember dreams. Imo, that reason is much the same as the reason that we forget things. Emotional volatility. When we're not fluid versions of ourselves or we're keeping ourselves all bottled up and being different people in different situations we're compartmentalizing our memories and will need to reassociate our memories across more dimensions of our personality. People with the extreme smart genes will naturally experience this memory transience despite having better long term, visual, and working memories than others and is in this writer's opinion the reason behind the absent minded professor syndrome many people experience. But don't think that b/c you're not in the upper echelons of intelligence that you won't be effected. Einstein once said that if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life thinking it's inferior. The distribution of some of the major effectors of intelligence is much more common than the number of people using them. One gene that creates up to a 25% increase in cognition will not only make you a better and more thoughtful friend and lover, but it's also held by about 25% of people, yet not everyone get's the whole benefit of it. We take supplements to get smarter, but for many, they may have capacities they aren't using or weren't taught to use. Many can skip a generation and the habits and behavior that creates or leverages the benefit associated with the gene is lost when children don't inherit it. So short of cloning, our upbringings will never be perfect enough to provide us with 100% translation of what might be called the operating system (our behavioral and personality traits) of our minds. Instead we focus on finding ourselves with things like flow states and that sort of thing. But what if genetics and psychoanalytics can double all the benefits people see from taking nootropics and be used to determine what exactly you're missing? Contact me. I'm offering life coaching that leverages your 23andme genotyping data to make the most of you possible.


I've been thoroughly impressed by the accomplishments of families who made the best of their traits with their children being very high performers simply for learning to use themselves 100%. And while I do advocate for giving everyone the gift of high intelligence genetics, I like to think of myself as part of the 100% crowd rather than the small fraction of a percent crowd in the sense that a great deal of benefit goes unused when we aren't adapted to it well enough.

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