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Got dentures? Here's a tip to keep you healthy.

Posted by YOLF , 07 May 2017 · 1,271 views


We've all been told at some point to chew our food, and there's a good reason for it. Chewing produces enzymes and host of other important things that we swallow to great benefit and there are reports of people on liquid only diets who suffered diseases of deficiency in these things. Personally, I like the convenience of powdered foods, esp. fruits. They don't go bad or grow moldy and scooping them into your mouth yields this nice chewy mixture you normally wouldn't get. Not to mention it leaves a residue to some extent where more of the enzymes and the like can be created. So if you've got dentures and no teeth to ruin, perhaps it's worth a try. It stands to reason that generating more enzymes this way could be better than taking enzymes in pill form. The flip side if you have teeth however is the possibility of cavities. Perhaps mixing a little bit of taurine into your food powders will solve that. Particularly taurine and banana as it's got the right mixture of minerals to rebuild your teeth. I've seen big improvements in dental health simply by taking 1g of taurine daily and despite what your dentist says, it does work. Not to the obscure metrics that dentists use, but that's a complicated explanation that I'll spare you that comes down to the types of studies that have been done showing that it works and the transition in modern science to much more accurate theoretical understandings of mechanisms by virtue of having more science. It's about how much you read, not whether a physician's association has published a paper on it or whether it has acceptance from the FDA. It may look like nothing's changed, but we're doing alot more science these days and scientists have much more to work with if they have enough background knowledge to apply it. But I'll stop there, it's getting harder to talk about it without hurting anyone's feelings.

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