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Why I Hate Citing References.

Posted by YOLF , 19 August 2017 · 415 views


References are Expensive:
You know what I hate about using references? Sometimes it's just too many damn references to explain what I'm talking about or how I arrived at it. Do you mean to call me a liar? Do you want a complete course in this stuff? It would literally take 2-3 hours a post to find and quote everything I'm talking about and then meticulously explain it so that it could be understood. Then there would be people of limited viewpoints who "but but but" at me all day long and the whole ordeal would end up wasting all of the life extension I've achieved by the time I fielded the never ending questions and overran the attention span of the readers and I'd wind up insufficiently quoting sources anyways.


Cheers to the Future:
Tell you what, you don't have to take what I say as truth, just wonder how I got there, if I'm right, and then see if where you're going takes you to where I am someday. Use it to challenge yourself to see further into the data than what it is at face value. The important thing is that you aren't stuck to ideas b/c of social media waves and publishing methods that are more about sales than science. Very often, data is cherry picked, not so much as proof,, but to purposefully use esoteric metrics that fly under alot of radars to avoid educating consumers in ways that would benefit anyone but themselves (to keep consumers from knowing there is competition and maintain higher prices). In this way, scientific data is often more limited than we expect it to be when read at face value and yet has much more value to specific experts who make more money keeping their mouths shut.


References as Troll Kibble:
My other reason for not bothering to quote sources is that for all I know, I'm not dealing with someone who doesn't have an agenda and profit motive. I could argue with those types endlessly and would eventually just give up. The less I respond with references, the fewer trolls I feed.

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