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A story about what it means to be alive. Needs some editing.

Posted by brokenportal , 12 December 2008 · 950 views

A story analogous to what it means to have stumbled upon existence.

The Broken Portal

Captain and crew float through an abyss of pitch black, you can hear talking in the void.

"This blackness is to much for me to take, it's a dark evil, will it ever end?"

"I don't know private." Sobs a little.

Somebody is heard saying, "Blackness, days? or eons of silence and blackness?"

"No time here."

"How long have we been here Lieutenant?"

"Eons Damn it." You hear dry heaving in the background.

"This forsaken place," is muttered by another random person on the ship.



"I cant take it!" Screams through the void.

"Eons, fucking eooooooooooooons……………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

black, black, black, black…....................................

.....................the never ending abyss hangs heavy.

and then,

"Captain, captain we've found it, we've found a portal into existence!"

The captain turns back from the helm, eyes wide. It's the first time his eyes have ever been seen since it's the first time light has ever struck them. If any body were looking at them that is, because they were all fixed on the portal like frozen statues, light flooding through. To them the light was equivalent to an explosive fire ball pouring down through their ranks. This fire ball though, welcomed by all with every eager ecstatic electrified hyper stimulated particle of their beings. .. Jaws dropped hearts pounding. Time starts and then stops again, standing still, but only in their minds this time.

A speaker erupts through the newly found air and the permeating silence, thrusting time into full speed again. They start to slowly move and make exclamations.

"We have found a portal." It says, in electrifying exasperation.

From afar can be revealed an ever widening sea of people frozen in the on rush of the explosion of light, into this dark, dark eternity of dark void.

Somebody yells "Yes!" or "Shit!" or "holy damn!" or some exclamation in all the different regions of the crowd, the sea of crowds, as time picks up. In the distance you can see an orb of light broadcasting in through a distant portal, but that portal, is broken.

"Its broken. The portal is broken." Some one says.

"The fucking portal is broken!" Someone else nearest it screams.

"But its broken." Screams another

"Its broken! God damn it!!! The muther fucking portal is brokeeeennnn!!!"

Some sighs and sobs can be heard around, but mostly in the form of slight gasps.

"Hold it open, hold it open god damn it." Screams the captain. "We've been searching for this for eons, we'll find a way, bring in the army. We are fixing this portal if it's the last thing we do."

The astonishment of what they are witnessing through the portal is almost suffocating to them. Their joy is explosive. It's a miracle. Not only is the a portal into SOME thing, ANY thing, AND they've found it, but its filled with things that exceed their wildest dreams all combined by, by an infinity. They've found an infinity of substance and they are about to pour through that portal into it like jar of sea monkeys into an ocean that never ends and a bottomless box of tools at their side.

"What are we going to do captain?"

"I said bring in the fucking army. Im not going back to that forsaken fucking void. Im not. I AM NOT! Do you hear me? We are going to do whatever it takes. You see that twinkling of glimmering gold Lieutenant? That light that you've never seen before? What is that huh? Where did it come from? We'll call them stars. However this all got here, it must be one hell of a story. If we ca.. if we, better.. if we can stay here.. keep this glorious,"

Long pause.

"forsaken portal from crumbling down around us." The captain almost trembles with greif.

In a low frustrated exasperated happy sad mileau of a tone he goes on. "It's a conundrum, we've found it, but its broken. We got it open, but its broken, we're here, but its leaving. We finally made it, but its departing. … I cant turn from it, the twinkling of these stars, look over there Lieutenant,"

He points to some planets. Those places, each vast and abounding with centuries of mystery and intrigue and discovery and joy and adventure. The journey of it all…."

He pauses in its incredulousness to take it all in.

"and that's just 3 of them. Look over there."

He points into the mystery.

"That's infinity, that goes on, forevvverrr. There's an endless well fountain of lands, endless I tell you. Damn it…"

The captain puts his head to his hand in utter amazement.

"The history, the future of each, what we can create and bring to life and do and discover, not to mention as I said earlier… We haven't a clue as to what it is, how it got here, what is going … my god…

This portal is staying propped open, I will dig into it to hold it open until my fingers are raw to the bone. I will die to keep this open. There's no going back from here. There's no going back from this glory to the abyss. "

The captain gives off a very noticeable shudder. He almost collapses. The lieutenant grabs his arm and stands him back up.

"Lets get to work!" The captain bellows out as the ship bumps the dock of the portal.

"Go, go, go!!!! get the army in here, get the supplies, call in new orders, unlimited supplies full steam ahead. Full steam. We have got this, and we will win this, we are NOT, letting go."

Dark eons, followed by a broken portal into an existence of infinite mystery require that we fix the portal. If we are to be then this is what we must do. This grand symphony of splendor is ours for the taking.

This existence and universe are the essence of infinite potential, they are everything, and just because someone, maybe you, cant see the scope of that magnitude and appreciate it for what its worth doesn't mean other people cant, or that you shouldn't stay to see it anyways. You are robbing and raping and murdering your soul if you are content to die and I will fight to shake that horrible tragic content indifference out of your mind. I will figure this place out and explore it if I have it my way, and I will work to give you that opportunity to do it as well. I will not lay down like a scared dog while the grim reaper stalks me, I will fight. I will fight for this life, I will fight tooth and nail, I will fight to prop that portal open, this is a sacred place and we have no story, no manual, no guidance, no notion, none at all, we have no idea what is going on here and we have only begun to try to figure out how to scratch the surface of what we can see here in this ONE little PIN HEAD of light that we've been thrust into here, are in, so far. There are only clues in this game, in this embarkment, in this voyage, in this sojourn, in this contemplation, this thought explosion, this sensory playground, magic wonder land, incredible glory, space, infinity, technology, thought, ideas, dream, dream of dreams, vision, ingenuity, creativity, production, industriousness, this everything, this unimaginable unexplainable amazing universe and existence. Figuring allllll this out, finding it, knowing it, seeing feeling breathing touching tasting smelling pioneering building discovering unlocking of it, this unlocking of all of its boxes and hidden corridors and creating and bringing about all its magic and splendor and elixers and potentials and offering explosions of amazement and everything here we are in and a part of now, here, in now, is our destiny.

We have arrived, we have arrived. THIS,..........is the game of all games, and I shall play it, we will not lay down like slaves taking orders to dig their own graves and get in them, we wont go gently into that good night, I will finish the game, "by god doc I will finish this game."

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