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Sublingual Phenethylamine/Phenylethylamine (PEA)

Posted by YOLF , 05 June 2015 · 3,020 views

pea phenethylamine phenylethylamine dosing sublingual experiments
So I've got some PEA and I'm thinking it would be better for me than some of the other things I'm using, namely adderall. Not that I don't think Adderall is without merits, just that I'd like to not sacrifice my catecholamine supersensitivity (I've previously been referring to it as hypersensitivity but reviewing the reading material on amphetamines, I'm seeing it referred to as supersensitivity... I may be misusing the term, I didn't see much to suggest if there was a difference) as I'm somewhat fond of it and adderall disables it leading to moods that fluctuate with the level of the stuff in my blood. AFAICT, the action of blocking supersensitivity of catecholamines outlasts the effective dosing range and is probably a contributing factor to the short term behavioral pathologies that lead to dependency and addiction and an ever increasing trend of tolerance to the drug. Mg Threonate seems to be able prevent the mood swings, which if I'm right with linking the symptoms to the genetic factors, would reduce risk of tolerance and addiction/dependence.

Anyways, as I learn more about my options I want to make sure I find the one with the best benefit profile. PEA looks like a great option for me as I need something to help me lower prolactin levels which may be negatively affecting my Testosterone levels. Both Adderall and MPH increase PEA production or at least PEA metabolites in urine and I saw a corrective spike in my Testosterone levels after starting MPH that resulted in an 87% increase in T (my prolactin levels have been high (IIRC ~40-50% above optimal range, but just below diagnosable level), if you don't have this problem, you won't get higher T from taking MPH or Adderall AFAICT) and brought me just into the acceptable reference range, but still leaves me a little low. I was unaware that prolactin levels could lower T levels and increase risks for diabetes?, gynecomastia, cancer and other things and was advised that elevated levels were fine by an Endo... Man I'm glad I do my homework! Had an MRI that was reviewed by my Endo, so I don't have any brain tumors causing the elevated levels and previous tests showed. These levels were taken without supplements. I'm not seeing anything at present in my supplement regimen that would increase prolactin... just obesity. I had previously thought Fenugreek increased prolactin, but I'm not seeing info on that now, I might have had it confused with something else. Otherwise, I just take a few things that cause a minor decrease in prolactin levels.

Here's my first run:
Phenylethylamine Spray:
Atomizer: 1ml = 8 sprays (filtered tap water)
30ml bottle (25ml used)
900mg of PEA
30mg/ml or 36mg/ml @25ml fill

Status: Late at night (for me), and I should be pretty clear of the effects of the Adderall
Trying 18mg (4 sprays)
Duration: Effects lasted about 30 minutes and included elevated heart rate. I felt a little more focused.

Thoughts: A standard dose is 300mg taken orally, most of which would be destroyed in first pass metabolism before it had a chance to reach the brain. No discomfort or anything like that.

Will post more later.

I find PEA lowers my Serotonin once my body has balanced it! Tryptophan, and Tyrosine help prevent this but it's a complicated system, maybe some 5HTP or something, may work for you.
Adequate minerals and nutrients are needed or you won't get results, but you knew this?
Sorry I nearly forgot, Silica will enable the intracellular protien matrix to normalise and reduce lumps. You may need a custom amino mix, have you looked into amino acid therapies techniques?

I once tried PEA for a while in moderate/high doses, but it made me super "high" and kinda changed my personality without me noticing it. It also caused a lot of peripheral vasoconstriction.. It's just something I think you have to be careful of. 

I once tried PEA for a while in moderate/high doses, but it made me super "high" and kinda changed my personality without me noticing it. It also caused a lot of peripheral vasoconstriction.. It's just something I think you have to be careful of. 


That's why sublingual dosing is better... I don't experience the super high... I just get a 20-30 bump before sleep, but I haven't needed it in a while, so I'm not really fresh on thinking about it... High oral doses are dangerous imo... I wouldn't do it, sublingual tastes horrible though...

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