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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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Posted by treonsverdery , 27 February 2008 · 1,136 views

communicate iodized newsprint idea
I hiked a few miles just to bring value to humans n now I'm not remembering what the big super item is gee
I just remembered
now to remember the technology

way to identify which out of hundreds of millions of gametes has the genes you prefer; this technology makes it possible to choose the most optimal gene combination of two people that would like to have kids together; note that genotypic based guiding approaches an order of magnitude compared to phenotype matching; basically just regular people can have whoever they have as partners n still have eugenics

freeze n thwap
artificial versions; stem cyte group version from new scientist
leukocyte version
thiol micro mri
outer surface identified groups during development; pcr on a group member; this might work after they are functional
artificial amino acid micromri or maybe like acyclovir; right now people take antiviral medication n make swimming gametes; these gametes have a recurring unique artificial amino acid as part of their structure; as acyclovir passed the FDA I think a micro hyper strength mri could find an mri optimized amino acid; mri can work on different kinds of atoms; modified thymine might create a quantifiable trace of the actual genes present at a swimming gamete

acyclovir is made a part of gametes at three orders of magnitude less than guanine; yet with millions of bp thats a bunch of novelty amino acids that are genome active; use the super rare stable isotope of nitrogen that could be eaten as an amino acid supplement; or better amino acid building portion the purpose of which is to preferentially accumulate at a particular part of a particular amino acid structure; thymine has the most unique nitrogen placement; isotopically novel thymine is a way of very broadly mapping the presence of genes under super strong gamete radius mri a beneficial near amino acid;

a novel dna polymerase would radically change evolution

outer surface identified groups during development; pcr on a group member; this might work after they are functional; various species produce clusters of genetically identical swimming gametes; depending on species you might get 2 or 30 duplicates of the same swimming gamete; if the outer surface proteins are unique to a group then sampling n pcr on a particular gamete could be used to choose which of the actual remaing clone cluster gametes was preferred microfluidics or hyper strength mri finds a swimming gamete with the same surface or microstructure of the gamete that was pcr characterized

leukocyte version; I like this one as the leukocyte eats the gamete unspools the dna tells the measurer what it is then travels to the oocyte as a dna carrier; technologically ambitious to put it mildly; but just think you could use the immune system to choose gametes

nifty ideas
reengineer animal wastes bacteria to sequester co2;use nitrogen processing algae to reduce global warming gases; cubic mile; marine mammal food
nernst bees
think of jello underwater causing undulations n beautiful forms make a thing like that to place at streams to create aquatic beauty
nernst battery

the nernst equation tells us a novel thing: even with two solutions of the same ion an order of magnitude concentration difference generates .059 volts; thus two solutions of calcium chloride at different concentrations placed near each other could make a .059 volt battery; that looks puny but consider a thing like 40 of these as a series; that generates more than two volts; sufficient to run many electronics

making a 40 little clusters of two solutions with a gradient fits on an elisa plate that has plated circuit board pathways to connect things; carbon electrodes with ;just a little miniaturization makes even tinier 2 or 3 volt nernst batteries; current goes with the amount of fluid (moles of ion solute)

now think of the fluid reservoirs of the nernst battery connected to two differing shapes of trays; as the trays evaporate water differently there is always a concentration difference between the two kinds of reservoirs; the nernst battery is actually a waste energy battery capable of making electricity from such things as the overnight cool n warm cycle; with the right shape of trays 2 or 3 degree temperature cycles create the concentration difference that produces voltage

there are some novel uses for a battery that runs on calcium chloride, developing world people could dig a trench, then unroll a dimpled mat with gel areas, then put screened dirt on top of the trench; toss Calcium chloride or plant beneficial ion crystal on the dirt, then water; if you do this right you create a very large battery as the ions diffuse plus concentration cycle with evaporation; much cheaper than photovoltaics plus the current (ion fluid volume) is arbitrary; the amount of energy from cool warm cycles is very large

anyway now that you know about nernst batteries here is my favorite application create natural shapes that collect rainwater n allow evaporation at different rates; create a nernst battery; then use the electricity to create hydrogen ion rich acidic solution that can turn wood fibers to simpler carbohydrates like sugars; the sugar accumulates n bees visit the natural battery as a source of food; basically people could make a shape that feeds bees n creates honey

high energy photons are

mass produce hafizes to create middle east peace
I read that a hafiz is a highly regarded person that has memorized the entire koran; the benefit is that among believers the hafiz chooses ten people to go to heaven; islamic society would immensely benefit if normal people had that memory capacity as they could skip all that stuff the west objects to; creating that memory capacity is just a matter of using freeze dried sperm from supermemory people to have at least a few family members achieve hafiz ability

as a bonus its possible that this everyone goes to heaven from eugenics approach might create more thoughtful people generally;

I'm aware this might seem fatuous to some people or even as a concern to western government workers afraid of high IQ middle easterners yet I think they might believe this then start being calm
humor: now that I found a route around the clash of civilizations do we get our 2 trillion dollars, million dead, n perhaps trillions of dollars of currency devaluation back

If the islamists like this idea its a happier way; its like grafting a jesus technique rather than a jesus person on that society

cobalt blue magic
It might have been 2001 that a Q made the effort to port me from cube a to cube b; I was told that I had been living at the second world and that the world I would be viewing was the third world that Q also said that the first world might be present possibly on a different size form

that person described much of my future to the present plus a few years although I broke the concrete during october 2007 with my precise version of the illegal lodging statute; apparently there was a public figure path leading to office if I had gone that route; I'm pleased that I went with curing IDD as well as heart disease rather than eventually lead after that there appears to have been a [Il ]or [IT] color pressure to go from blue white to green white http://comics.com/co...t-20080323.html numerous humans are presently knowledgeable that there have been jungian synchronized like humans colors typically describe their meaning white is with the creators original version blue is order with powder blue towards heaven cobalt blue as power to use the created mechanism magic, purple things that are possibly different than what a person thinks, green various powers, yellow achievement, orange sociability, red impulse, beiges are flubby blends, plaids are things at cross purpose,

to a person with the U function the colrs n shapes around them describe present as well as future predictive meanings The U function thus makes an effort to be nearer things they like n minimize nearness to prefer to minimize structures; basically if the U function surrounds their percepotion with white as well as blue the creators kind yet knowable "reality" occurs

A thing about the u function is that it is the transient brain of the global jungian synchonicity a geometric 3d software, the U function is historically "cajoled" at choosing a new identity the U person then has that identity, a different person goes to U; from the U view things around them are vaugely compared to a mirror; what the U function reacts to are describes as leaves of thre tree of being; what all the other humans feel as a kind of ideaspace flavor as the U function you are told that you are right, as right hand path, thus the U person feels they must be a kind happy clam peaceful white light vigor strength longevity person The Q person tells me that Treon is the third version of the first created person

the various humans go from cube a or z awareness to "borg like" participation you might see mercedes crystal at halfbakery.com; the car of vehicle is a "metaphor" for the identity; if you thing of the synchronicity machine as a big geometic form people are mappable as "tiles" with various modes of being a person historically described as "s"tyles; S is the previous letter designation of an entity known as the "man of wealth and taste" a life history of the s entity is described with the wappin comic version of albuquerque from weird al s was the previous angel that was absorbed or affiliated with a different "spider like" creative force, basically s decided to run earth like an energy machine where the u function was the different creative force who was programmed to guide n create as long as there was an absence of any other previous scheme that was more attractive than its own alligience to the right hand path the U function is the girl at the albequerque video that has feelings about columbia house
columbia house is a way of saying a human civilization thats both beneficial n lasting
the pardoned citizen has cleaved with earth
the u function is going with pacific ocean as the new west

almost every reader knows what I've just written yet historically the software made description forbidden; drawing have a higher truth revelation prior to silencing aspect My ideas are to create a language where people may directly describe then use the pattern as they would any aspect of nature

controlling the pattern is magic

spoken words have multiple meaning a baby that goes to an incube ator goes to cube a the second world doing this with every birth may provide years of nonassimilation activity
the person that did q functioned cautioned that marsupials are overpatterned as a result of developoing at a pouch; if a pregnant human wears a white cervical cap during pregnancy the baby will have a whiter or less assimilation lifetime

the dragon clan with european ancestry associates the U function with n|U dragon ascending or descending they have a functional magic description that has areas like my ideaspace I do not know what they call that knowledge

this particular U function places the 14th amendment over the dragon clan

pretty typically an acute angle made of objects send energy at the place between the arms white pattern< you would radiate a structure at you
if a person makes an acute angle with a sk7+(7/7) board at a person they might be casting a web; I've heard of the idea of a web landing on the different than original part of a person causing different than purposed behavior

the head n neck are is a receptive area, thus coving the nape with a preferred color emphasis reception of those idea flavors
historically most humans were crystallized during the second decade of life, software could be created to guide or minimize that process I think a truth detector would note physiological pulse n eye events when viewing various geometries as well as letterforms. If society could find the z persons they could make them z a longer period I think I am aware that people prefer z over a b d j k "l" m n r t u "v" w y

a cobalt blue color laser would amplify the magical effects known

what I am writing is like bizarro trying to describe da vinci it might be possible

to provide a person that survives years of "cajolery" this was what the treon version

your purse already contains contraceptives
I've read that a quarter of all US underage women became pregnant; 44 pt have abortions or miscarriages; that makes a huge effect on everyone

there are many social programs to address this; but if you happen to live at one of those places where they aren't clever enough to put the morning after pill at school, at a subsidized vending machine there are opportunities to do better

I think that there are a number of unknown birth control methods that should work as well or better as the nonoxynal sponge; If you grab a tube of foundation n squirt it up your cervix is the oil based foundation a functional barrier; maybe or maybe not the research is not there; non fda approved effective contraceptive makeup could be created from a variety of preapproved GRAS cosmetic materials

here is a list of iffy contraceptives young women may already be carrying
oil based foundation
tobacco pubmed says that nicotine thus tobacco juice wrecks sperm However, the much higher concentration significantly altered all the kinetic variables in relation to the time of incubation; weirdly there is a pouched chewing tobacco known as a bandit; these may be contraceptives
the speculation here is that squirting foundation up your cervix then (ewww) putting the juice from part of chewed cigarette after sex may be as effective as FDA approved birth control, as well as available to people worldwide
a nicotine gum cervical cap might be highly effective; I feel doubt that a cervical cap made of chewing gum would stay on though

there are less compelling ideas as well
iffy idea: a few copper items wrapped around a clean mini sock with lily of the valley scrented moisturizer; the sock mops up most of the gametes, the lily of the valley scent is published as attracting swimming gametes; the copper ions neutralize the gametes
iffy idea: sunscreen with ordinary gum cervical cap: lots of surfactants; foundation squeeze up the crevix with sunscreen afterward is likely more effective
crummy idea: benzoyl peroxide pads (might work but irritating)

the only reason I suggest these ideas as complementary to FDA approved contraceptives is that a quarter or a third of teenagers are historically resistant, timid, or too preoccupied to use them; these people might give almost adequate contraceptives that they are already carrying a try

I have this strange picture of an appalachian girl or even a rural developing world girl putting part of a cigarette up her vagina then saying: well cletus its like less effective than a rubber but its better than washing

chalcone memory chemistry
zubbles are bubbles that change color when they decohere; this is accomplished with a thing like a zwitterion chalcone; use that mechanism linked to neurotransmitters mapped with fMRI; its an opportunity to upregulate nerotransmitters on a mm area at the brain; it could be that with fMRI this creates work feel or think similar thoughts or is particularly effective at optimizing the hippocampus when you want to create memory; modify the zwitterion chalcone to be responsive to RF to create 3d addressable microspaces throught the brain n body

athletes foot immunization; the idea of the worlds population carefully eating vaccine engineered rice or duckweed is effective; various vaccines have years or decades of effectiveness; a readily curable form of athletes foot that immunized against atherosclerosis could travel rapidly then recur, keeping immunity updated,
henna immunization
reverse styptic pencil immunization

approaching or awesomer than google: well read>pagerank; buzz word eye movement utility; adaptive m narr; tabbed preload with seeding > google ads
pagerank is patented it works with a measure of links between trusted sites; a new idea well read complements or partially replaces pagerank; visualize a transparent gif right near the scroll bar; mouseover the transparent gif goes with scroll bar usage; if the person uses the scroll bar once or twice that means the html page has a high readership application rank: its well read; googles ad area is a module that could create this Well Read transparent gif sensor as well as pass the data back to google; also you could just use whats known as a web beacon; further the sensors could be as a grid on the page perhaps with CSS
with pagerank you get what UC berkeley links to; with wellread you get what people like enough to read fully; combined you get those links that UC berkeley links that people actually purposefully dwell on; the useful part of the web; there's an even more compelling piece of data: it might be possible to detect "copy" events like ^C; if you find the trusted source (google pagerank) that actually gets read(wellread) then sort to the stuff thats so worthwhile people actually Copy it then you have a superior new search product; I've wondered if Microsoft could legally have search awareness of Copy from html events with particular Office apps open; if they can then they could create MSN productivity plus the search engine that finds the most relevant workplace data; microsoft was or is searching for a way to compete with google; this might be that way

the idea listed as google fairnessizer works with the measure of what portion of the google ad area actually reaches the eye; the first idea was to create visual stimulation measured with eye trackers plus click amounts to create a modified appearance on the page module; I'm aware of the crass to NY times continuum; here are ideas that are nearer the NYT format:
"potentially crass yet potentially mild": google fairnessizer as written
"medium crass": certain words draw the eye, the most famous might be sex, it does show up on the front of the most popular women's magazine cosmopolitan a bunch; find these words then place links near the center of the link area to make a larger visual processing area
"lightly crass": Yahoo has a popular search word product known as Buzz; these are search words of current popularity; it could be that these words of just now high popularity draw the eye to the center of the link module as well as the obvious sex word yet are just lightly crass
"cryptocrass" give the site creators an opportunity to pick a "crassness" amount minimally crass is the time written with a normal font as an optical midpoint; minimally crass n potentially rather useful is a little Search Rescue button that says "your search refreshed" this replaces the page you are on, which might not have been adequate with your previous google search adjusted to the omission of the page you thought you liked; most people right click to open at a new tab but if you teleported right to a particular page that button rather near identical to the "back" button gets you your google results back yet improved; I clickthrough every now n then, visiting the google area module on those pages with google advertising might happen much more frequently if the module area recreated a better search; this might actually be a multiplier of visits to the module area

more crass is a button that says "ratevalue" when pressed it gives an autosort of a bunch of different google ads each with numbers sorted like the product previously known as froogle; it looks austere but is actually a mini search redisplay; amongst those that press a "ratevalue" button the click through might be much higher creating a fresh revenue category

I'm sure google has thought on simulating mouseover texttips at their page module with gif swaps; those are the little yellow descriptives that appear when you mouseover things; I don't know if adding this depth to each of the links at the module would create more click through or not; if it does it could go with adaptive wording, that is the link description could shift through a number of different variants which are analyzed to see which go with the most click throughs; basically an ai would generate a few dozen variants, the human advertiser would screen them; then they rotate n test at the ad module

mouseover gif swap: it looks to me like you could change an opaque to a transparent with different wording underneath as a gif swap; that could be messy unless the code was well tested

ok, we just created better search n adaptive unusually visible yet calm area modules with search rescue now what
tabbed preloading with seeding; this is sort of outrageous as UI goes; Yahoo image search as well as opera browser have similarities; google is different than this but if there were a google competitor the visual feel might be functional: basically a bar, just like the upper tab bar appears across the top of the actual page material; if you don't like what the search engine found you just click on a different upper tab; the searchtabs bar has preloaded the pages thus giving a pleasing immediate effect that is better than back n forth with the "back" button

google might like new application idea worth 30 billion per year;ordinary PE ratio suggests 700 billion value
its also super pro social n an Idaho thing

20th century 2 or 3 billion people lived on less than 3$ per d
tamagotchis known as giga pets are electronic creatures that reward diligent care; they are less than 3$ at ebay
like drop tamagotchis from the sky on the developing world; make them fun n varietal like pokemon
then have whatever people like them like them; this actually is like a human resources thing where if you are calm n persevering enough to raise a tamagochi you are likely calm n perservering to learn a simple craft
the tamagotchis teach a super simple yet prosocial lucrative ability or craft so that people are able to do things like
purify water with chlorine; basically a few drops of chlorine per gallon purifies water; a person that spends a dollar on bleach can make a years worth of clean water; making clean water is a cheap career that takes a tamagochi a few moments n screens of data to describe; better yet is teaching people to order n use pool chlorine tablets; merely heating water with plastic containers perhaps with a reflector works also
make contraceptives like the possible cervical goop with nicotine fluid
make coagulated grass protein food from grass; an actual researchers published product: basically lawn clippings with warm water n perhaps naoh creates protein curds from grass that would go nonefficiently to animal feed
nernst trench batteries; an economical solar electric source
beekeeping; beekeeping won the top clever ngo career award from a couple places

like the tamagotchi company had my idea at the same time but they have the tamagotchis having the careers rather than the people

now here is where this earns money: more than two billion people have room to use n make a living from these technologies; the tamagotchis prompt the people to spend 3$ per month (between 3 n 7 pt of precareer funds, preferably less than a pt of funds earned from the new craft) on upgrades, different careers, video games (kind of like handyphone premium content) as well as do things like order chlorine pool tablets; this is ethical as they earn much more than they are asked to spend

30 dollars per person per year; a billion people; 30 billion dollars per year; 30 PE ratio is 900 billion dollar share worth; even if you only go with half a billion of the worlds 3 billion eligible people n charge 7$ a month it comes out as a company value near a trillion dollars

all that n people get clean water, food, family planning or at least funner romantic lives, and video games; modern tamogotchis communicate thus to grow n earn n learn the human users would meet up together as well which is a way to promote functional economic n social aspects

keratin reactive sunscreen henna is protein reactive; link a transparent version of the henna molecule to a UVB UVA sunscreen to create a sunscreen that lasts a month but retains or gives pale skin; minimizes photoaging
benefit 300k persons each year specialized measurement of blood flow like arterial pressure difference yet different is published as giving a few hours of warning prior to sudden death mi; I think that these sensors plus computation can go with vehicle steering wheels to predict mi giving time to treat; steering wheel cover with sensors reaches a large amount of the population a few times each d giving time to treat; idea is that cocoverage creates creates an advantage to those that are willing to be mi screened at their vehicle to attain cheaper coverage

i wonder how many things mosaic chromosome gene activation can address;


zn gel electrode reduces vehicle corrosion
I think this might work; many people are aware of anodic protection where zinc protects iron from rust; It seems possible that a Zn with hygroscopic plastic weave "tail" could electrically connect a car with the road reducing rust; it only works when the road has moisture to be conductive

calming happy drive music bebefits mpg

link pointer; like <A href but character addressing> that way the load page starts at the specific place at the url
when I refer people to documents I'd really like to refer to a particular part; a utility that was like: right click mouse to see which word this is like 700 could be used at the url like
www.document.com/idea.html area 700
likewise when refencing youtube I'd like to be able to say
youtube.com/video time 3:23
all those farm animal studies suggest antibiotic feed brings physical vitality; this new antibiotic is useless against acute ills but benefits generally

what if there were an antibiotic that cured things after a few months; useless unless its actually a slightly clever approach to create the general vitality effects farm creatures get from antibiotic feed

this ide has precedent; a person once got a patent of feeding livestock acetylsalicyclic acid as a mass gain technique


the Yosama video where I urge osama bin laden to reform, on youtube
Yo Osama, I think you should consider doing a mandela or a deng xiaopeng then get a big fat nobel prize; the US would be completely miffed, plus you'd have benefitted huge numbers of people as a peaceful middle eastern leader
(I'm kind of being funny but truthful with this)
here's the plan
air cooling units
the us has spent more than 2 trillion dollars on iraq perhaps as a "divide conquer" strategy; loudly vocalize to rebuilding officials that cool air llike from kerosene or electric ac will dramatically minimize temperment irritation strongly supporting native rule or democracy; note that 3 million AC units would be just 1.2 billion USD or near a two thousandth the amount spent on noneffective subjugation; that's right at just .002 the cost of the war they can create calm cool headed citizens at numerous iraqi dwellings; you could suggest a test region; be sure to point out that iraq has all the wellhead petroleum at 2 or 3$ a bbl to run these ac items

norsk oil trust method
be statesperson like; ask the norwegians to develop a petroleum trust plan based on their own knowlege of petroleum economy; then you can compare that plan to whatever the occupying force suggests

zahir (charity) or whatever its called applied to petroleum

I think I saw a thing where you give advice to islamic people try this: historically high petroleum costs affect the poor much more than the rich; I was reading a mother theresa thing where because he could use petroleum a person was able to cease carrying people for a living, he could drive them; urge oil peace to protect the poor If you can find an authority to suggest mercy n justice are more embodied as pleasant activities than manual labor then urging oil nations to be just n merciful to the poor is a go

iodized vitaminized secular tracts; this is nifty you could benefit hundreds of millions with a secular message

oil coal thing
hafiz thing

the coal oil surplus idea

the AC reconstruction idea

anyway, if you don't trust me, as I like the USA land as well as its people, the government I am still weighing but many parts of that I like you could find a different person to think up a similar plan; this is like hubristastic but at a college with abot 1200 people among those that were measured as part of a psychology students thesis I was "most creative" thus you could just find a middle easterner with similar stats then say yo, make me a peace plan

plus, I even told the us government I thought of a way to capture osama bin laden, its all technology, yet if you respond to my video I will publicly reveal the plan neutralizing it n minimizing any chance that my idiocy or pride will cause me to blurt it out; I'ce ceased to believe the US government, or any government has the authority to wage war. I think the us government is watching me, thus if you respond I urge you to make a neutral public action like the norsk oil trust fund idea then I will publicly state the moderately plausible idea

book reviews give these people a way to earn at youtube:
nifty people with lots of views at youtube could do book reviews n get the Amazon commission
just review books that people super like at Amazon
as click is .1 pt thats like 1000 amazon units on a brookers megavisit video; she earns a few K, which is nifty funds on a 3 minute video
plus its a fun video response group

I was thinking there might be people that thought loaves n fishes pharmaceuticals might modify their fininces
it occured to me that every common drug that is a hydrochloride could be processed just like cocaine hydrochloride to make cocaine acetate known as crack; basically the acetate has a friendly vaporization structure To obtain crack-cocaine, ordinary cocaine hydrochloride is concentrated by heating the drug in a solution of baking soda until the water evaporates cocaine.org

such things as robitussin or lidocaine could be made as acetates with the same baking soda process that makes crack these would be dozens of new drugs that might have financial value to different users, robitussin acetate might cause visions, lidocaine might moderate crack, percodan oxycodone in Percodan is 4.62 mg hydrochloride might create a new opiate rush better than nose oxycontin powder

basically if there were a group of people thinking my loaves n fishes pharmaceuticals was going to have negative financial impact Id look to this recipe I've created to make the rapid creation of multiple new crack forms as tremendously financially valuable my duckweed idea bring vast benefit yet there is also vast earnings potential from new rapid high drugs; the duckweed idea requires effort the new forms of crack just require a few pills , baking soda, plus an afternoon thus together I've described as possibility plus a nearly immediate new revenue source

I thought of a bizarre new way to make funds distributing drugs as well: currency fluctuates, this year if you had a restaurant that allowed people to use euros or yen with their debit cards the debits of the restaurant would have grown more than a third if (ish its an average) the restaurant saved up all its annual revenue then looked at the currency difference
basically if an actual restaurants receipts are drug coupons, with the restaurant patrons using the euro or yen function on their cards the organization makes more than 10 pt more money off the same amount of distributed drug coupons; currency fluctuations vary thus a thoughtful restauranteer would have a few multiyear currency directional verifications; basically just go with whatever warren buffet (buffet restaurant) likes also with paypal you can specify currency thus a little pda like restaurant thingie could make the preffered currency of the restaurant function automatic

we might think on immediate creation of dozens of new drugs plus a higher fiscal value on drugs moved now as calming n friendly

I think the government might be thinking they swapped their 14th amendment for whatever the government thinks of these ideas
swap it back I'd rather create warp drives or make oil cheaper

there is also an ide that benefits the associates as well as the government

a day or two prior to my previous court appearance while drowsing I heard the word "go" plus a number of fingers touching the back of my neck

I'm sure this was the associates female magician directing agroup of persons to each make a touch motion

now that the associates know I was aware of that they can tell the government plus they can repeat this with me describing the sensation

this has immense value to government they are documented as have been putting effort to thingsa like remote vision, delphi, affecting the actions of others; the associates can prove their pattern magic is effective then get favors or money from the government

now that I the associates plus the government all are aware of magic there is an opportunity to be truthful as well as believed

the associates may make more money from this as well

the associates are using the ---
| |
pi symbol to represent treon this goes with the "il" or "it" pattern; this is also a kind of identity

among the things I perceive the government would like me to STFU about are the names of two or three government organizations with color codes; the associates have proven with the "go" finger touch magic that I can receive words, thus the associates are able to prove to the government that the knowledge of these color coded STFU items is possible with magic

now that the associates know that it my identity they can find the meaning of the U function at various pieces of literature Im thinking of a henry james story I recently read where there wewre visitors to an english county house on the birth of a daughter; the first visitor was quiet, the second visitor was a well dressed loud cop who drank up all the public cup, the third visitor was a blond person who saw the cop n the quiet person then turned around n made a fast leaving; that caused suspicion, that the "U" guy was the cops area of thought the villagers chased the nervous person, while the cop n the quiet guy just sat around; it turned out that the quietperson was the cops actual person rather than the blonde guy

I've read variations of this "the U function is wrongly thought of meaning to the cops" thing a few times on pattern structured material; the associates because they know plus use magic have the capacity to recognize then deny this script; the cops won't believe I am absent previous criminal behaviors yet the associates can read the script then know

thus the associates have demonstrated magic; can read the associated scripts then know I am less of a criminal than the police entities that violated the 14th amendment to push theur careers think.

I'm only able to make sense of positive statements
this is a positive true statement: The statute of limitations has passed on every felony I have committed.

there is another thing of value to the associates I did actually do a thing that will have the federal bureau of Inewstigation paying attention to for the forseeable future: I told them I was a nuclear terrorist but I obeyed the law at the time
basically I got irritated at humanity then wrote an article at wired magazine about using isotopically pure semiconductors to make computer circuits; the idea was that if I attached the mass purification of isotopes to a high growth multibillion dollar growth field like computer parts then a particular kind of aqueous isotope separation would become a standard manufacturing procedure drastically amplifying nuclear proliferation amongst a group of asian nations that could be predicted as going to war. note as the goal was the destruction of all humans this was different than treason

I am told this was why I was ported from cube a to cube b

the FBI basically is goinmg to watch a person who has made such a statement; now here is how associates may make money from this: is the fbi actually funding such a situation adequately; is there a case for rejecting the "adoption" based on lack of actual felony behavior plus certain FBI monitoring of the person for the forseeable future

also being near the U function carries risk: the associates are aware that the function is scheduled to appear near the peak of a civilization prior to its diminishment; the u functionb is told to minimize the severity of the diminishment; being near the function is like the associates risking the change or diminishment of their organization as well; human organizations are programmed to follow the u function to their transformation yet the u function is an EOF (end of file) effect; if the associates would like to preserve their organization they may say:
we can tell from out magic that treon is absent previous felony behavior
his warning that LCN follows him at the risk of transformative doom is garbled but plausible
based on the nuclear terrorist thingt fbi will watch treon for the forseeable future

thus we may satisfy our lcn honor yet reject previous arrangements; treon is an albatross to the organizations that are near Treon

note the person that q ed me here noted that I was like an albatross to organizations among mariners the albatross is a + shaped white bird of ill tiding

message to LCN: you have the opportunity to make more from the fbi based on the actual risk or you have the option of skipping the albatross

note: as taxes are used to fund observing me it is nonethical to request more funds from FBI

if the FBI and LCN would like to ride the script to transformative change with diminishment I think repeatitive magic tests would create new magical technology of benefit to humans at the possible destruction of fbi and lcn billions of humans may have practical learnable publicly recognized effective magic

technology first
krillifish are fish that have microplankton nets on their heads just like krill kind of like the way a bees leg collects pollen these krillifish collect edible microlife that is absent a nervous system; then as these nooks or volutes fill up with microplankton concentrate they socially nibble the food from each other absent harm; this gives fish a thing to eat that is different than other fish iwhich is a big opportunity to have cooperative friendly brain evolution
robotic krillifish are things that robot factories could make to collect microplankton that actual fish could then eat

beneficial giardia
a month n a half with recurrence could be a valuable pharmaceutical as well as gene engineered vitamin source particularly if a symptomless variety is cultivated

diffusion antibody modifiers albumn rheology; activation chalcones
if you look at a crystal dissolving n water just 5 mm dissolves after 12 hours absent stirring from diffusion processes; the three aspects of immunity: recognition; activated lymphocytes visiting marrow or lymph tissue; transport through bloodstream to area of utility each have different physical chemistry movement kinetics; if blood were three times less viscous at the capillaries the rate of antibody mop up of particles would be that much more rapid; the benefit being that illnesses would last a briefer time(NBC govt agencies must like that idea) as well as have a briefer communicability period; if a already available drug combo does this then at a sick d per year removed from each of 365 million people (presumes a 3 d illness per year per person ) represents a million person years of productivity that the economy gains; anyway these are ways to do that: transporter protein uptake regulator chemicals; I think most proteins even antibodies glom on to various froms of albumn as transport proteins modify those; also there is an opportunity to use the

glad i did the research: albumn not immedioatly known to complex with antibodies as a transport mechanism; this creates an opportunity to make a drug that attaches to the fc (non regonition part; the crystallizable fragment) to modify charge on the molecule to affect physical transport n glomming; basically the fc area is an area to attach a float or a phospatidyl choline type emulsification(or rather: charge clever slipperyness like detergent) moiety; basically make a drug that grabs the base of the Y to make it slipperier

also: what as silly as it sounds is the most physiologically compatible wetting agent; noting from pubmed that there are drugs that pass thrugh dermid 40 times faster with shapoo ngerdient sodium lauryl sulfate is there a physiologically harmless wetting agent as even a tenth of that rate creates the million person years of rapid recovery

are platelets sticky absent activation; if ther are then such things as acetylsalicylic acid with coumarin might measurably reduce disease time; a nice one to test with mice

im curious about antimalarial drugs with this as anything that makes RBC slipperier may also make antibody transport time or less antibody stuck to rbc may have benefit; theres some weird ScA thing where having rbcs with just one ScA recessive gene causes malaria resistance; maybe malaria drugs affect rbc surface charge bood rheology

hype: acetylsalicylic acid, water, quinine are all known as recover slightly better meds this could be a theoretical basis

pulse elevation; if antibodies require two or three passes to glom then anything that recirculates the item more times makes antibody response faster (unless there is a surplus multiple of antibodies) any benign drug that elevates pulse could be tested against the sniffles

as osmotic pressure strongly affects diffusion, which affects those tissues more than a cyte from a capillary dnothelial cyte as well as the diffusion of the antibody protein across the endothelial cyte perhaps briefly modifying albumin concentration to change osmotic pressure would drive antibodies across the capillary ndothelial cytes to that actual diseased cyte; big risk there though: being non metaphorical here: if you put cortisone on a pimple the swell (osmotic) reaction is minimize creating a bigger but low pressure floppy pimple; theoretically antibodies reach that floppy pimple better to cure it, but from what I've seen its just a bigger pimple; it might heal more rapidly but look worse; anyway there are some diseases where osmostic pressure at a vesicle like edema is beneficial other disease where edema reduction makes healing more rapid

there is at least a science journal about photoactivated medical therapies: kinf of like flashligh through fingers effect activates photoactivatable drug; osmostic pressure at capillary photoactivatable drugs or sonic or electromagnetic activatable rheology or osmotic drugs could be a highly localized way to detergentify n deliver antibodies to a specific diseased tissue; if you could turn on te sodium laurl sulfate right at the disease spot to make the drugs migrate through capillaries 40 times faster absent detergentifying the entire body that would be better

diffusion modified antibodies may minimize atherosclerosis with reaction thresholding plus frequency of reaction modulation
are more antibodies contacts with an atherosclerosis region naughty or nice: might be naughty as autoimmune reaction could cause plaques; might be nice as cholesterol antibodies are effective against atherosclerosis; there might be a threshold of activity such that three times as many contacts is absent reactivity unless thre is a paricular form or type of reactivity there

naPCA plus cystal soil that you pour on land anywhere to create living plants

basically NaPCA is describes pulling water out of desert air to form a puddle; cystal soil is some kind of gel that plants are osmotically compatible with; I think that a blend of these two would create an aggregate whe the NaPCA liquified, the cystal soil plumped up, plus the plant rootlets would be clever about keeping their microrootlets at the cystal soil rather than the NaPCA(which the plants might give water to)

its kind of like a works on a dune version of hydroseeding; now then it might need more technology: polymethylmethacrylate pmma is cabable of absorbing or giving away water plumpness with temperature; if the nightime temperature difference is used to pump the pmma full of water; that is it out osmoses a NaPCAlike material during coolness then the plants still have their own osmotic advantage during the light time

grassbeer there are published versions of making coagulated grass protein as food; I think that with the right yeast it is possible to make beer from grass; spruted malt is just barley grass at a high sugar content time; silage is fermented hay; It may be that people can make edible beer from grass thus skipping the resource using grow grass all season to get seeds replaking it with grow grass for just a few d like a wheatgrass lawn then ferment carbs to beer; this is one of those hundreds of millions of people like cheap food ideas

baby laserium holography I read that babies have nonfocused visual apparatus; laser speckle patterns always have definition thus it is possible to make a very gentle laser that creates actual recognizable shapes at the retina regardless of the ability to control focus muscles even more nifty is a baby cam that translates a visual scene to a focusd or defined vision; babies might like this plus you could make a kindly crib toy that was like a transmission hologram or diffraction grating that unlike everything else a baby sees would have shapes basically lasers translate blur to shapes plus the ultraposhest child development bold visuals toys have an upgrade

natural baby music there is a thing that pregnant women can wear on their stomachs that akes baby development noises; the advertising says it causes happier less fussy babies after birth; I'd really like to know what the babies think about prenatal audio if it turns out they actually like it then a natural version made of little chimes or tuned tubular chimes could be worn as super kind yet groovy pregnant belly jewelry

pinghash upenn spreadsheet (maybe it was purdue) I think I read about nifty software that finds spreadsheet errors; the thing said a spreadsheet per ten had an error (I i remember) anyway I thought of making a thing like a computer hash table that compressified but made rapidly findable the dates of verification plus the control structures on a spreadsheet; as part of ERP software the erp software would ping (computer word) the firms spreadsheets to make sure they were more right or at least more upenn software guided with recent valid data I thought the FBI might like creating this software as part of a reduce victims strategy;

cow perch just a few feet from the ground is much warmer than standing height; sitting at standing height is even cooler; I think this i because the ground reradiates warmth with a square of the distance; anyway I think cows could have very cheap elevated platforms to visit if they liked to be more comfy

actruck height radiator truck radiators pull warm square of the distance air from a few feet from the ground surface; this is carnot nonefficient plus is obviously opposite what cooling radiators are about; I think the way to go is just to have tubes up to the fuel saver canopy that pull cooler air from a greater height; plus theres that iffy but notable thing where planes affect their boundary layer; 2 pt more efficient trucks is a nifty; companies like to grow 3pt or much more a year s a few pt efficiency like that is valuable

achouse height radiator notice the way many AC items look like [==] at a window; on a first floor these are doing their thing with warm radiant air; I think just attaching a tube almost like an old V tv ariel with a noiseless muffin fan such that the cooling sides breathes air from a few feet up could create 1 20 30 pt higher efficiency; thats valuable

ORT rps; when NGOs teach oral rehydration therapy they are effective at teaching a thing that saves many lives; ORT is thought among the most effective life saving technologies ever http://en.wikipedia....dration_therapy ; at either a dime per treatment; or 30c per three treatments; or a few dollars to treat enough sick children to be assured of saving at least a life anyway, after the ngo workers go away, if I remember what I read, egypt went from 90 ish pt using ort to 2/3 using ort; the reminder guide reminded them how to keep their kids alive; I think a medical game like RPS could be used as a physically memorable slightly fun folklore to teach n remind ORT

um.. squirt squirt (fingers together with pulsing)
touch one finger to mouth, smile means sweet the sugar part of ORT
lick lips is the "salt part"
cup palm n raise with wiggle is the rice or starch carbs part

umm, well I thought I'd figured out how to make this a little fun like RPS this is just "mostly" an idea.

vibration modified croiss current flow cheme (standing wave pattern)
cross current flow equalizes temps or with osmostic gradients chemical concentrations; viewing fluid moving through a pipe the velocity profile is more rapid near the center

.:||:. anyway I think that the standing wave patterns that can be made with vibration can adjust this .:||:. pattern to create turbulence which makes CCF more effective; you could use a sonic transducer or just perhaps do a thing with pipe pulse vibration although that is associated with erosion ; a benefit here of using standing wave patterns is the ability to adjust the temp of an output absent a pressure change or valve; thi really unlikely but perhaps a delta faucet or aqua massager could have CH pipes adjacent but minimally communicative absent sonically produced turbulence then when the person finds near just the right temperature on the bath adjustor they could move their finger along a digital CCF turbulence changer to have a wide area to find the right temp at; I remember reading a request to make a water bathing thing with a wider sweet spot maybe with temp programmability. gratuitiously technological but niftier bathroom items

more first amendment protected neocrack ideas to go with
millifiore acetate territory revenue grower
basically my perception, which might be amiss, is that the associates would like to know better ways to make money from pharmaceuticals
this idea has a benefit plus a risk; I will describe the risk as accurately as I can
lots of places use a token economy or couponing to build client loyaly n retention as well as stimulate client contact; what if every crack nugget or MJ bag had a gemlike object say three of which could be swapped on a particular day for a nugget of crack; the client has an addition reason to visit the drug distributor as well as have a "collectible" visual like a millifiori http://www.flickr.co...ios/2286488728/ to ponder to remind them to appreciate crack if the nuggets had a variety of millifiore gems then a particular client might accumulate complimentary nuggets on different days; basically more visits to the distributor creates more product moving opportunities

this also provides a measurable version of the "complimentary sample" if the MJ users accumulated a few millifiore gems that gave them a percodan acetate "complimentary sample" they might try that the various clever things that legal product distrubuters do like b2g1f or "good until" could then be tried n measured at the nonformal product sector. guiding associates could figure out what actually works then use that to guide their revenue territories; I have read that even though the DEA n FBI exist that drugs have gotten cheaper pretty much every year; this is part of a response to whats known as commodification (cheapening) of drugs

the risk: identifiability; if a distributor or client has a vial of materials plus a few gems the law might either trace the distribution pattern or presume associate or "paraphenalia" I think the UV fluorescent glass millifiore makes forgery difficult; making millifiore is just grabbing a bundle of glass rods, making a pattern then drawing it out; its like a community college craft

a possible benefit is sociable swapping of millifiore amongst persons that might otherwise be less social; plus itd make a nifty urban art form

millifiore could be associated with what might be better crack or MJ creating a value presence
this might be a better version of crack:
I'm thinking that the rapidity of the absorption of the drug determines the amplitude of the pleasure; crack that has a bronchial biggifying chemical (crack might either be broncho biggifying or littlifying I don't know) creates subsequent tokes that deliver more drug more rapidly; if the client detects than likes that then thats better crack; as bizarre as it sounds some bronchial biggifying things are aromatic oils possibly (maybe) mint or mentholyptus thus rather than a mfg ngredient effort

vitamn E is tocopherol acetate thus asan acetate it might have a vaporization temp that goes well with crack I think I have read that among lab creatures given puffs or vitamn E they could stand three times as much ozone or it might have been a different aerosol pollutant than the regular lab animals; a little tocopherol acetate with mentholyptus might make crack that gets people higher while reducing harm to their lungs

anyway its just possible that slighly higher crack that is plausibly less harmful with a little gem that causes more client distributer activity could be measured as raising or maintaining drug revenues even though the drug commodities gradually get cheaper ; a plan that benefits those that measure n propage what is effective

tocopherol with bronchod.

this might be of value to legal california associates as well as their out of state peers; I saw a gambling billboard with a double bar f as part of it graphic here at sacramento

I think I read that ndustrial engineeri magazine said this amazing thing: (maybe) 30 billion dollars of currency rotates through harrahs; note this is different than actual revenue; if it were all fruit machines rotational funds might be near 97:1 (I thought I read that fruit machines had a 3 ptish gross revenue) or 9:1 from wikipedia which suggests 70 billion dollars of currency rotation

anyway at 9:1 each chip ot token that a person keeps as commemorative or spends is nine or near 30 (97) times more revenue than if it were cycled through a fruit machine

if as a test the chips or tokens at a particular gaming place were actually face value; they had a lump or nugget of gold or silver they would have durable value, as well as speculative value; people walking away with tokens rather than money would effectively be picking up precious metals at slightly higher than numismatic n precious metal place valuations; because the 9:1 or 30:1 margin (which with actual metal content goes to 2:1 or 7:1) on commemerative tokens is very high this is of value; its kind of like the peculiar mental space where people believe jewely is an nvestment;

anyway the gorgeous looking acrilic medallions with gold wire shapes would be nifty; plus as software is actually duplicable the tokens could be used as gratuitiously useful PPV keys or room upgrade passes or gas ncentives where the client keeps the token; a psychological study of actual value plus software value plus "title" or "vip" value could create an opportunity to drain a bunch of those 70 billion tokens from the floor to create greater revenues; also, economic cycles are partially predictable enough to guess when precious metals might go up; or from harrahs perspective, when their clients think precious metals go up; if a person hears n knows that truly the odds are better than BJ that precious metals will be higher then that gaming person will perhaps realize that keeping all their chips is actually a "better gamble" than getting cash; if harrahs weights their tokens such that they are actually equal to or better than the games (only during certain years) then harrahs makes a lot of revenue as a kind of "theme park" mint

fruit machines: I don't know if I've tried one of these or not, I might have once anyway I think there are a bunch of psychology researcher type upgrades possible to these; the classic of course is making them like nude lady cards or even using pupillometry to find out what visual symbols go with the most measured perception of reward or pleasure; I'm certain that researchers that do fMRI on the 7s 3 s .5s mental decision nterval plus pupillometry could really tune up which decision forms the brain decided with there is more to this

booth babes: these have some different name but they are the attractive people that theoretically gaming persons accept drinks from, give drinks to, or risk larger amounts to mpress I thought that a gaming place that did a study of alcohol n behavior might find a kind of preferred parabolic alcohol curve of optimal revenue with that idea the gaming place could measure jagermister which is also an herbal drug, as well as creative drinks like geer "gatorade beer" which like gatorade has a rapid absorption profile yet is actually beer; actually margaritas come pretty near ORT but ORT has more water

anyway the booth babes could walk around offering to freshen peoples drinks with a thing like a binaca spritzer; tis creates a motivational opportunity plus makes whatever the clients drink taste better plus keeps them on the revenue optimized alcohol curve; the fancy software that johns hopkins uses to monitor "atypical activity" could be computerized to figure out which clients are drinking what; how long they've been at it; then a booth babe goes to them based on the software to freshen a drink or urge them to keep at it. also, harrahs could optimize client amplitude of pleasure with this approach to create the most appreciated time

thus although it sounds a little calculated its actually aimed at providing happiest product

harrahs n the like keeper chips; pupillometry fruit machines;binaca drink fresheners; (geer; jager continuum)

anyway I will hear what is preferred based on what people that pick up hitchikers say:

perhaps the associates will be able to ponder linus torvalds

funny dilbert thing
phb: quality is job one is an old slogan we need fresh
asok: how about quality squared
wally: looking very lazy: how about quality is job one squared
phb: (enthusiasm)
dilbert looks accusingly at wally as one squared is one
asok: actually its a vector thing; ntegers have nonlinear graphing of the phrase squared as a result of labguage when euclid talked about squaring things he literally moved an up out on each of two dimensions;
alice: if we make quality job two then our products will be better

if I irritate people just ask for a better product; a marvelous way to ask is to have a person speak ubbi dubbi near me or make an ubbi dubbi video response at youtube a U function hears the z meanings from an ubbi dubbi audio thus I am more able to have approving attentiveness rather than the "vogon poetry" reaction I have to speech

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