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LongeCity .                       Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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The LongeCity (Longecity.org/ImmInst.org) is an international, not-for-profit, membership-based organization ("501-3-c status" in the United States).

Our mission is "to conquer the blight of involuntary death".

To advance this mission, we aim to provide:
-- a repository of high-quality information;
-- an open public forum for the free exchange of information and views;
-- an infrastructure to support community projects and initiatives;
-- the facilities for supporting an international community of those with an interest in life extension.

LongeCity is a membership-based organization governed by a 'constitution'. Members elect and deselect a Board of Directors from amongst their number. The Board appoints key officers who in turn co-ordinate volunteer activities.

Dual Names?
As of January 2011, the Immortality Institute has formally adopted 'LongeCity' as a second 'trading' name. Now, the organisation uses both names, but prefers to use "LongeCity" for its public-facing activities and "Immortality Institute" when referring to the circle of its voting members. The reason for adopting the second name was to overcome credibility issues when using the word "Immortality" in our outreach and scientific support programmes.

Our logo makes use of the following symbols:
--Two olive branches, to represent peace and cooperation;
--The figure '8' to represent an hourglass, and to represent the mathematical symbol for infinity;
--The double-helix structure of DNA, to represent the 'immortal molecule'.

LongeCity is supported by donations and by sponsored advertising. To make a one-time donation or to become a member of Longecity.org, please see the "Donate" page.


could you please explain more behind the name "LongeCity"? What is the meaning? I find that "Longe: is a a long rein on which a horse is held and made to move in a circle around its trainer."


I understand that City can refer to our 'group'.


Why and what meaning is LongeCity? thank you

Longecity I would say is a play on the words "longevity" and "city." Longecity is a community where like minded people interested in life extension can come together.


Moderators feel free to correct if I'm wrong. :)