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Community Fundraisers

LongeCity has facilitated 'crowdfunding' well before many other platforms in use today. Together, we have 'crowdfunded' a documentary, a book, cryonics hardship support, and half a dozen scientific research projects.
Meanwhile, some life extension projects have used the greater reach of these bigger crowdfunding websites with great success.
Considering that nowadays, everyone can promote their projects on a crowdfunding platform, what role can LongeCity play in enabling community-sourced initiatives? 

We could simply act as a 'crowdfunding directory' for life-extension projects. Members can post links to current initiatives here

However, we also think that LongeCity can bring something extra to the table that advocates of 'effective altruism' will appreciate: 
We can offer to review projects - internally, by the community and scientifically. 
This cannot be an absolute safeguard, but it provides a greater measure of quality assurance to the community.
And this, our community, is the second important feature: In contrast to general fundraising sites, the fact that the project is linked to the community on an on-going basis and in a hands-on manner means more interactivity, communication, cross-fertilization of ideas and better scrutiny. If they were not before, the fundraising team can become part of that community and over time this will strengthen the network of protagonists in life extension research immeasurably. 

Crowdfunding teams can also apply to get their external fundraiser 'accredited' by LongeCity to receive a supplementary fundraiser at LongeCity and  a star- rating:

Accredited fundraiser LongeCity has reviewed the project and endorses it as a reputable initiative in line with its mission.  0 To apply:  Write to action@longecity.org with the following information: 
a- Full personal and contact details of the lead applicant. 

b- Relevant background details of the key beneficiaries.

c- All the information that you would supply on the fundraising website.

d- A breakdown of costs. An indication of what wants you would be aiming to raise via the external page, and what funds you are aiming to raise via LongeCity.

e- What 'star' rating 1-3 you would like to apply for (one cannot apply for 4-stars, these are awarded during review).
*For applications to 3 stars a non-refundable application fee of $100 applies. This is used to defray costs of coordinating expert review.

Please allow for a review time of ca.30days. Complex reviews may take longer.
1 star- LongeCity supports the initiative by serving as a donation platform.
2 stars - LongeCity serves as a 2nd donation platform and matches funding up to a cap not exceeding $2,000. 
3 stars - LongeCity serves as a 2nd donation platform and matches funding up to a cap not exceeding $10,000. Application fee applies*.
4 stars - same as 3 stars, but the conditions are improved based on the exceptional merits of the project.