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'₮hank You' points explained

All registered users can earn '₮' points through three different routes:

1) Indirectly by posting: in some particular forum sections (mainly those sections that have to do with projects and action). Examples are the 'Resource sharing' forum in the Immortality Institute and the 'Welcome' section to reward those who say hello to newbies.

2) From other members: by getting positive 'reputation' votes for forum contributions or by getting direct donations from other members (anyone can donate by clicking on their ₮ count underneath their avatar/portrait)

3) The main way is by being recommended by the teams coordinator for having made a valuable contribution in the past month. General awards range from 10-100 points depending on the contribution. The precise amount is not determined by the team coordinator, he just makes a general recommendation.

In order to prevent the system from being too predictable, the number of points awarded can change, but generally, the system rewards consistency and quality of community contributions.

'Points mean Prizes'
'₮' points can be converted at our 'virtual store' -- some prizes are just for fun, others are a bit more substantial.

Examples of current prizes include:
  • $150 Fundraiser support (₮800.00) -- If you 'purchase' this reward, LongeCity will support you in a matching fundraiser up to a value of $300. The goal of your fundraiser must be in some way related to the our mission and LongeCity will only match genuine donations by others.
  • Free membership for a year (₮500.00) -- This is the route for those who cannot afford membership.
  • $30 Voucher (₮500.00) -- If you 'purchase' this reward, you can redeem it for a single purchase from any reputable online store that ImmInst will make on your behalf. Total value not to exceed $30, including shipping.
  • Emoticon (₮300.00) -- If you select this reward, you can upload your own emotion, for all forum users to use from now on.

Its important to stress that LongeCity 'thank you points' are an informal gesture of appreciation not some sort of alternative currency. Yes, people could use the system to make the odd purchase online, but holding thank you points of any amount does not translate into claim. Being enrolled in the system does not establish a right to receive points and does NOT establish a legitimate expectation that points translate into any $ equivalent and should never be regarded that way.

On the other hand, while members have not used the system a great deal so far, we would encourage everyone to experiment with it: the system is meant to provide an extra incentive for volunteers and contributors. We even have a vision to base a great number of projects on this basis but we won't know if that could work until we have gathered some experience and *your* feedback.