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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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Advertisers sought

For over a decade LongeCity has presented a bustling platform for discussion and information exchange on advanced life extension. As a non-profit org we have consistently promoted grassroots science and advocacy projects by the international life extension community. Funding for these initiatives is raised in large part through donations, but also to some degree from advertisers. 
Those choosing to advertise at LongeCity gain unique access and exposure to a dynamic, growing and committed community of life extension enthusiasts, and the goodwill of well-educated thought leaders in life extension science and advocacy. It is also a great way of 'giving back' something to the bigger cause of healthy life extension that many of our advertiser support.

There are different ways of placing an advertisement at LongeCity: 

Automated: Anywhere on our page where you see an advert and text similar to "support LongeCity by booking this space for YOUR ad"   - you can click on the text and it should take you to an order page for that slot. You can upload your ad straight from there. Payment via paypal.
CLICK HERE to see a list of all 'bookable'slots.

Sponsored thread: Normally, discussing an advertiser's product range is not allowed on the open forums. Sponsored threads however are the exemption. Click here to learn more.  

Non-automated: the following spaces may also be available for ads, but not via the automated route. 
If you want to go for one of the following, use the contact page supplying as much info as possible.

Ø1- Rolling ad in the carousel on left-hand of forum -- this feature is not always in use, the equivalent would be another 'carousel' place where topical items are displayed at a common location. (~$180/month)
Ø2- Text ad on left-hand of forum  -- A short piece of text/link that is visible prominently from any place anywhere on the page (~$280/month)
Ø3- Individual subforum -- For a much boarder variant of 'individual thread'  (~$400/year)
Ø4- Featured article -- An article on the portal. To be effective and useful, his should be more than a simple advert and also contain some useful information about a topic relevant to LongeCity (~$300). 
Ø5- Associate link -- A 'featured' entry in our database of interesting links (~$50)
Ø6- Discount for members -- A free form of advertising that generates significant exposure. Member discount codes can be shared at the restricted members forum or more sophisticated discount schemes can be devised (usually free
Ø7- Sponsored item in 'thank you 'store' -- LongeCity has a unique system of rewarding volunteers with 'Thank You' points. These points can be exchanged for small gifts: a book voucher, a DVD... or perhaps a product from a valued sponsor (usually free). 
Ø8- Mention in newsletter -- The LongeCity newsletter is sent monthly to over 12.000 users with a live email address. Some of the above options may entail a free mention in the newsletter (~$280/month). 

NB: There are a few things that advertising money cannot buy at LongeCity (please don't ask). Among these are 'privileged' status that exempts you from the forum user agreement (including the prohibition against 'viral' marketing), any right in how the site is run (you can become a Member and vote in referenda instead) and any content that appears as if it was coming from LongeCity without making it clear that such content was 'sponsored by'. 
For the broader advertising framework at LongeCity please read this article.


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