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#1 Alvin

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Posted 16 April 2017 - 04:09 PM

The cost of health care is outrageous. In 2016 we spent three trillion one hundred billion dollars. This year it eill be even higher. Every year the cost goes up. About one million  six hundred thousand people will die of eight illnesses. Over the next ten years about sixteen million Americans will die of these illnesses. This is a serious security problem. 


There are 320,000,000 Americans in our country.The three trillion one hundred billion dollars spend in this country for health care amounts to $10,000 for every man woman and child. A family of four needs $40,000 on average to pay for the healthcare. Obviously the average family doesn't pay this amount. The bill is picked up by government, corporations, patients, etc. But it usurps the wealth of our country.


The way you cut down the number of dying and the cost of medical costs is to have the country support more money for medical research. Unfortunately this isn't even a minor issue being discussed or marches held. When they talk about health care they talk about Medicare, Medicaid or the affordable health care. 


In addition to the three trillion one hundred billion dollar cost of health care hundreds of billions of dollars are spent yearly for this disabled. It includes, Social Security Disability, Welfare, Food stamps, Special transportation, etc.


We need a movement to alert the American people as to the need for more medical research. Longecity should try to start this movement. We need a coalition with other organizations. It will include aging research. Billions of additional medical  research is needed. Trump wants to cut the medical research budget by five billion eight hundred million dollars. So far there is no protest over this proposed cut. Don't cut medical research. Increase it.




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