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Black Salve / BloodRoot Kills Skin Cancer in 9 Days !

cancer skin cancer black salve bloodroot blood root

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#1 Astroid

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Posted 18 June 2017 - 09:04 AM

Indians knew BloodRoot Killed Cancer back in the 1800's. How does it do this?

Simple.. Cancer produces a chemical (probably an Enzyme - Everything seems to be Enzymes) that hide cancer from the body. Often referred to as a "Don't Eat Me" chemical.

BloodRoot makes this inactive.. so the body can see the Cancer and Eat it!

Now, Uneducated, crude native Indians knew this back in 1800's, and taught it to the Mormons even, and MDs today don't know this?

Are you kidding me? Insane.. So much for Medicine..

An IV Drip of BloodRoot should kill all cancer in your body!

Oh, I forgot... $ $ $ $ $



I tried Black Salve on 3 spots on my forearm/wrist.. and in 9 days 2 spots fell off. One had no effect. 


I was shocked.. These 2 spots had been there for over a year.. and nothing I tried got rid of them.

I tried Iodine numerous times, Neosporin, and CBD Oil. The CBD Oil did remove 1 of the 2 on my wrist.

These spots had skin tough like leather. 



It burned like the devil.. spots turned white, with a black center over night.. then red inflammation spread from the sores..

It is said this only kills cancer cells.. and kills the root.. thus the red streaks..


1st day after treatment and day 9 - Pics attached.


I have applied this thick to my 50 year old scalp yesterday.. and it burns like heck.. especially if I move much... and increase blood flow.

It is on the top, top rear and back of my head.. I'll provide details later.   


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#2 Astroid

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Posted 18 June 2017 - 09:14 AM

Here is an email I sent out about my use of Black Salve/Indian Herb .. when I started this test.


Cured in 10 days.. Yeah right.. I had little faith that was true.. Surprised me. 

The 1/4" deep hole is suppose to heal in 20 days. 


* * * 


  This is Not the Most Fun I have ever enjoyed.. But I am happy, happy I tried this !


  A couple of people mentioned an all natural "Black Salve" for skin cancer.. There are different versions on the market. 
  One is the guy in Thailand who sell the 50 mg Naltrexone pills.. said his friend saved his nose with this stuff. Plus he recommends taking 4.5 mg of Naltrexone along with the Black Salve for skin cancer. 
  John L, a retired pilot outside of Tampa raved about it also.. His wife knew, or was related to a Indian that originally sold it.. and his kids took over the operation. John is fair skinned and has used this himself.  
  I watched a couple of youtube videos of it then.. showing amazing results.. 
  I've had a couple of sore spots on my forearm & wrist that would not heal.. even repeated applications of strong Iodine would not remove it. Humm...??  Plus I have a long lingering scalp issue.. that a MD recently thinks is precancerous.. or actual skin cancer in spots. 
  OK.. time to take some action..  So I purchased it from my pilot's contact, listed below... and then found a neighbor who had some already. He is really getting into health, as he is studying to be a Naturalpath.
  I applied a small amount of his supply using a toothpick.. and then placed a bandaid on the worst one.  It soon started burning slightly.. and by the next day.. had a slight inflammation area around it.. a white section to the sore, and a dark black section.. which I could not tell if it was discoloration from the salve or not. 
  My supply arrived and I reapplied to 3 spots.. and it mixed the salve with 50/50 coconut oil.. to help it stick.. as a it is sort of dryish.  Instruction are to keep it covered to retain the moisture... and to keep it from getting on any clothing of course. 
  By the 3ed day.. 1 spot had Zero results.. but the other 2 spots are more painful, with a slightly larger inflammation area. There were some red streaks running from the sore too.. they claim this is drawing the infection into the sore??  It sure was tender, I will say that.  
  Then I applied some to my scalp Friday.. and felt like it was working on half of them immediately.  Nothing feels very painful there... but there are probably fewer nerves located on the scalp, I'd guess?  
 Instruction said to apply it for only 1-2 days ... for 8-12 hours.. covered by gaze or a bandaid. Then for 10 days wash daily and keep coated with Vaseline and a clean bandage.  The body should push out the cancer during this time. It should take at least another 10 days for the hole to fill in with healthy tissue. It may remain tender for 20 days, up to 6 months for deep sores.  Of course REAPPLY if all of the problem is not removed. 
 They say it does not harm any skin except cancerous skin. So the symptoms on my skin are the same as shown on youtube. 
  Hard to believe only applying this for 2 days will work that well. It can be very painful on larger spots.. so use caution as to how many areas one treats at one time. I would not paste a large area all at once.. until you know how you will react.. For example.. a total forearm... I'd suggest testing it on a couple of the worst spots only first. Just in case... you are a tenderfoot. ;-)
  I know several guys with some really bad looking skin... that I can try this on. Again.. just a 2 day treatment.. but the pain can continue for a few days.. because it is working deep. 
  I ordered 1 small vial for $56 + $8 Shipping. 
  Heck.. just 1-2 MD Visits will pay for this. And what MD can fix anything in that fast????  
  They will only have Lab Test back by then.. So you will have more treatment & follow up visits... 
  $ $ $ Thank you, they say.   
  Indian Herb.. www.lifelinewater.com
  Phone 866-393-5540 or 806-647-1741.
  This stuff is worth a shot if you have any such skin issues. I'm sure it will work on Dogs too.. but keeping it on them will be the trick. 



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#3 seivtcho

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Posted 18 June 2017 - 07:04 PM

On the images you show, that this substance has made ulcers in your skin.


Why do you think, that the "spots" you try it on are cancerous?


It may turn out, that it is simply some highly errosive substance that makes ulcers anywhere you place it on the skin.

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Posted 19 July 2017 - 03:47 AM

Thanks for sharing this Astroid.  Please continue to do so.  I'm very eager to Know how it goes on scalp as the skin is thin there.

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