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Activating Sirtuins During Mealtime

resveratrol pterostilbene stilbenoid sirt sirtuin fasting caloric restriction activation sirt1

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#1 recon

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Posted 14 November 2017 - 12:15 AM

Given that sirtuins are activated during fasting or caloric restrictions, should the focus on the maximisation of sirtuin activation center around mealtimes?

Therefore, doesn’t it make more sense to take sirtuin activators like resveratrol and pterostilbene before or during mealtime?

The absorption of resveratrol (and possibly pterostilbene) is largely unaffected by the intake of food and should be faster without food.

I postulate that we should take them on an empty stomach 0.5 hour before food [1]. That way, resveratrol (or pterostilbene) will have maximum concentration and hopefully begin activating sirtuins before food is being consumed and will keep activating sirtuins even in the presence of food (or at the very least blunt the inhibitions).

The hypothesis for this is since sirtuins are activated away from food such as time of fasting (or in essence, during sleep away from dinner), there should be no point taking them then. Rather, we should blunt the inhibition of sirtuin by the intake of food so that sirtuins are activated more throughout the day.

One problem I see may be that food is always almost certainly blunting sirtuin activation and that may in effect wastes the stilbenoids/sirtuin activators that were consumed. I would need more data on either 1) the extent of sirtuin activation by those activators AND 2) the extent of sirtuin inhibition by food, OR 3) the extent of sirtuin activation by those activators in the presence of food.

[1] Effect of food on the pharmacokinetic profile of trans-resveratrol. Vaz-da-Silva M, et al. Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2008 Nov;46(11):564-70. PMID 19000554.

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#2 BieraK

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Posted 18 March 2018 - 01:54 AM

This is a good question, I have asked the same to myself since I started knowing the effects of Sirt1, AMPK and mTOR, IGF-1.
For example what happens if sirt1 is activated during a workout and after a protein shot, what could be effects? decreased muscle protein synthesis? increased muscle growth?

This is difficult to know because as I know there is not potent pharmaceutical Sirt1 activators for doing such research, since calorie restriction increases Sirt1 activity it is a bit difficult to gain muscle while on it, because the excess protein could kick out the body from CR, however with a potent Sirt1 activator you can mimick the CR effects without restricting calories, the drug bypass the metabolic cascade of effects from the reduction of calories.


There are studies showing increased muscle stem cell from CR. Fasting increases Sirt1 activity, specially prolonged fasting, like the FMD of Valter Longo, and I have discovered that the muscle performance is highly improved while doing a fasting mimicking diet (FMD) the muscle gains after refeeding are notorious, the endurance from doing anaerobic exercise is notorious also, the same happened the last time I did a ketogenic diet with normal calorie consumption, at that time I got muscle soreness for two days and the gain was also notorious despite not consuming protein or carbs after the workout until the next day, the are studies showing increased markers of calorie restriction and longevity pathways with ketogenic diet. The FMD is a ketogenic diet but with very low protein and low calorie, for the contrary ketogenic diets have a amount of protein that does not activate some of the pathways needed for all the effects of the FMD, you can easily get 1500 calories in one big ketogenic meal for example: eggs, salmon, olive oil).

So I think the possibility is open, the best approach is to take NR and Pterostilbene before a meal and see what happens.

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