Biomarkers of Aging Self Experimentation (BASE)
Non-Profit Open Source Project to Advance Longevity Science Aging Biomarkers


  • BASE’s goal is to better comprehend aging interventions over time and present this data in a useful way.
  • We are inviting participants to contribute age biomarker data alongside information about their lifestyle and nutrition
  • To participate, anyone may complete the BASE Questionnaire anonymously.
  • Qualifying participants may claim a partial reimbursement (ca.$150)
  • Results will be shared internally among participants, with a view towards generating an open source database
  • the initiative is at an early stage - parameters are likely to change and we are very open to feedback
  • Background

    LongeCity is a nexus for information exchange and discussion about various methods of slowing or reversing the aging process. A great number of supplements have been tried, exercise routines employed and eating patterns explored. - Is it any of it working?

    Few individuals maintain a regular schedule of objective testing for health and aging biomarkers. Even fewer make those results public. LongeCity Biomarkers of Aging Self Experimentation (BASE) study works to change this.

    In order to foster a ‘citizen scientist’ culture of objective self-monitoring and knowledge sharing, LongeCity supports Members in procuring tests for a variety of biological age markers.

    We aim to better understand which longevity interventions (lifestyle, supplements, therapies) have the most beneficial effect and which biomarkers measure these changes most accurately.

    We are still in an early concept phase. During a 2018 pilot phase focused on epigenetic aging markers, over two dozen individuals contributed data. We are very open for feedback and suggestions about how to structure the programme, and which data to collect.

    What information is collected?

            • BASE Lifestyle Age - via health profile questions
            • Epigenetic Age - via MyDNAge
            • Blood Panel Age - via Levine/Cramer Phenotypic Age
            • Glucose Health - HbA1C - average 3 month blood sugar levels
            • Relative Fat Mass - RFM
            • Reaction Time - via Human Benchmark
            • Heart Health - average systolic blood pressure
            • Supplements & Aging Interventions - in previous year

    Please see BASE Questionnaire for suggestions on where to purchase tests.
    Members can check our forum for special *discounts*!
    Make sure you use the resources on longecity and elsewhere to make an informed decision which test to choose. ⇒ further reading.
    Members can suggest other tests to be included in the list. Contact us with suggestions and references.

    to contribute data

  • download the questionaire
  • either email the completed questionaire to OR post your results in our internal Members forum
  • the only other information required is your real (calendar) age. However, we’d really like you to share as much information as you think may be pertinent regarding lifestyle, diet, supplementation etc. that might shine a light on your results for further analysis.
  • you don’t have to disclose your real name and address.
  • to claim reimbursement

  • You need to be a Member of the Immortality Institute. (If you are not yet a member - it may well be worth joining since the reimbursement more than covers your membership donation.)
  • Use our contact form (select "BASE") stating which tests you would like to seek reimbursement for.
  • We will get back to you with any questions and to confirm the level of reimbursement. Normally this will be ca. $150. Forays into novel interventions may receive special consideration for additional reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement (via paypal to your registered email address) will be issued after you have shared the test results and a valid receipt.
  • BASE results

  • we are still working out ways how to best collate and share the information collected
  • in the interim, results are shared and discussed in an internal forum (Members only)
  • all participants (irrespective of whether they are Immortality Institute Members/claiming reimbursement) can receive a copy of the pooled results .
  • it is our intention to make the collected data openly accessible and produce reports on interesting findings 
  • BASE organizers

    | |
    Justin Loew (Mind) - Project Lead (Secretary, LongeCity)
    Bruce J. Klein - Project Coordinator (Founder, LongeCity)
    Shreya Amin (samin) - Advisor (Member, LongeCity / Founder, MoreLife)