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Possibly Switching to Penibut for sleep, and Deschloroetizolam

Posted by protoject , 03 March 2016 · 3,354 views

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Lately I've been using Baclofen , Etizolam, and Clomethiazole on night 1 for sleep,
Then on night 2 i switch to pregabalin and pagoclone.
I used to use trazodone but went off it since starting a daily mirtazapine (perscribed).


I feel like the baclofen is a really good thing in the sleep combo but I think it might affect my mood negatively the next day. I know the etizolam does but I think the baclofen is contributing.


I'm thinking of switching over to Phenibut, maybe a low dose, to see if it compliments my sleep the same.


I've had bad experiences with phenibut in the past but that's when I was less disciplined with the use of medications. I'm wondering if using Phenibut responsibly can turn out well. I do kind of worry though. I worry that I'll still end up with side effects or maybe my insomnia will worsen. We shall see.


I also had a good experience with Deschloroetizolam. I might switch it up a bit some nights and use Deschloroetizolam instead of etizolam. Deschloroetizolam makes me sleep a great amount and then the next day i have carryover anxiolytic effects. When it comes to most meds and herbs I've tried, deschloroetizolam gave me some of the best antianxiety effects. The problem is that it's not good if you need to get work done. However I haven't experimented with it enough and when i did take it, i took it really late. I'm thinking that if i take it much earlier then i should get the sleep effects i desire, maybe get some carryover anxiolytic effects, and be functional the next day.

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