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medications, Huperzine, benchmarks

Posted by nootrope , 01 February 2008 · 542 views

Yikes! The medication I've been taking, trileptal, has been linked to increased suicidal thought! I think this shows some of the difficulty with the current scheme for developing pharmaceuticals in this country. No doubt these medications have positive effects, and with anything new there are bound to be problems, and most crucially, the companies promoting the medications profit not by making what's really best and most thoroughly tested but by how they can play the game of selling their stuff. Unless this system changes, we may see similar backwards lurches in the development of life-extension and nootropic technology.

I forgot to mention about Huperzine A: not only does it prevent acetylcholinesterase from breaking down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, but it also promotes neurite growth! (As ashwagandha is supposed to, as well.)

In spite of these nootropics though, I was approaching a work problem in a stupid way recently! I was thinking about too many things at the same time, reached a conclusion on one issue, and then locked myself into thinking of it that way without properly going over the details.

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