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Neffex: Watch Me (LongeCity Version?)

Posted by YOLF , 17 October 2017 · 4,734 views

music lyrics hijacking

This song has become a favorite, but I'm I'm a lyrical hijacker, so here's my version:


I never take doubt as a lesson
I never second guess it
Take negativity and reject it
I got my mind blind to rejection
So I'll be just fine don't be wasting any time with discretion


I run this campaign like I'm running an election
I pop this champagne like we're not in a recession
I feel no damn pain rejuvenation is a blessing
Feel it pumping through my veins got me feeling like I'm finessing yea


I'm in motion I'm obsessive
Like the ocean I'm relentless
No promotion still progressing
Overdosing on these lessons


And these words my only weapon
Cut aging deep oh yea I threaten
Feel the heat and all the tension
Feel relief from this whole session


And I keep myself progressing
Cuz I creep around suppressants
I don't sleep enough you guessed it
Every second is a blessing


Got no time to be depressed
On this grind your always stressed
So I work harder than the rest
Dad always said to do my best


I don't ever doubt myself
Can't count on pharma, or else
And I do not need their help
I was told to show not tell
So watch me


Man this beat got me aggressive
Got me on the straight offensive
You can't stop this trains direction
Cuz it runs on rejuvenation


Oh and did I fail to mention
That I need all your attention
Cuz we're failing in retention
Listen up or just forget it


I ain't here to spit perfection
I embrace my imperfections
I just want all that's neglected
To hear something they connect with


So I use my only method
All this words that I've invested
I don't hope that they're impressive
I just hope that they're effective


I swear to God if you want it then you got to get it
Cuz when your on your death bed you will regret it
You only got one life one shot don't let it
Slip away today get up and make a big change
You decide your own future
A winner or a loser
A headline or a rumor
On the bench or a shooter?
Superstar or recruiter
Defense or prosecutor?
Just livin' a consumer or will you be a producer


If you think you have a dream go capture it
Go act a bit
Get off ya ass and take some action bitch
Start acting like you want this shit


Cuz passion ain't compassionate
Too many people want this shit
It's not enough your talented
You have to fuckin' grab at it


I'm sick of aging adequate
Another college graduate
Just looking for an advocate
To pack my urn and get paid for it


You want it? Take a stab at it
You need it then go after it
These people they don't matter kid
Just block them out and capture it


I don't ever doubt myself
I can count on no one else
And I do not need their help
I was told to show not tell
So watch me


The sped up nightcore/nightstep version sounds best, but could be faster:



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