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Archived opening post of the forum thread entitled "SMILE of Longevity Learning Log - Mechanism Survival Curves"

Posted by HighDesertWizard , 01 March 2019 · 615 views

archived opening post

I changed the title and opening post content of a forum thread I created in December 2015.


The old title...


SMILE of Longevity Learning Log - Mechanism Survival Curves


The new title...


Survival Probability Curves and their Purported Mechanisms of Action


The opening post of the old forum thread appears below.




Josh Mitteldorf has a great Longevity Science blog. reason, of FightAging and whose posts regularly appear at LongeCity.org, recently reposted a blog post by Josh. I find myself increasingly coming down on reason’s side of their debate.


Still, I’m with Josh in believing survival curve evidence should be important to Longevity Science Enthusiasts. Where’s the Beef?, he asked, in expressing his ambivalence about a longevity supplement.

Reading about a new life extension supplement, I get excited when I see “we fed it to mice and they lived X% longer”, or better yet, “In preliminary human trials, mortality was found to be Y% lower.”... In my way of thinking, all the biochemistry is important for generating ideas, but the proof of the pudding is in life extension trials. Lab experiments on live mice run hundreds of thousands of dollars to test a single compound. We can’t be testing everything under the sun, so we rely on biochemistry for plausible candidates. But jumping from biochemical theory to marketing of a supplement is a leap of faith that leaves me behind.


This thread provides for sharing graphic figure snapshots of Longevity Science Survival Curves: The Beef.


The thread is not intended for discussion or debate about Longevity Mechanisms or Intervention Methods. The word count in each post should be small but each post should contain.

  • one or more scientific study snapshot survival curves
  • a reference link to the study containing the snapshot(s)
  • one to three sentences about the
  • animal(s) referenced by the Survival Curve
  • Intervention Method(s) used to the study animals to produce the Survival Curve
  • Biological Mechanism(s) implicated by the Survival Curves
My first post will contain examples of how these posts might look. Other formats welcome, of course.


Looking forward to seeing what we might learn...


[Edited on 2016-01-07]


I've renamed this thread as part of a larger reorganization of content about The SMILE of Longevity. It's not an Aging Theory. It's an Explanation of Longevity.


I intend to learn more about it to Hijack the Biological Mechanism of Action for Longevity shown in the survival curves of this thread.

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