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Posted by treonsverdery , 07 May 2013 · 1,999 views

audio file math identities of roundness
there are various physics effects that have to do with the release of energy consider the possibility of considering cryohardening along a continuum with phosphorescence online at least one person suggests cryohardening is the result of a crystal lattice being able to radiate out vibrations that would ordinarily persist at the crystal at warmer temperatures thus possibly permitting the regularly spaced atoms at the crystal to arrange with greater regularity when they have the opportunity to be nealy vibrationless similarly although not described at the audiofile is superliquid water water that stays liquid at low temperatures as a result of superpurity This water freezes at -10 or lower (kinda different yet mentionable) then think about phosphorescence light emission from phosphorescence over hours rather than femtoseconds occurs as a result of the emissions be outside the quantum emission levels of the actual material, phosphorescence is, perhaps like cryohardening a matter effect where regular strucre rereflected vibrations cause a novel effect
so are there roundness basics, ways of viewing round things as having absolute form, rather than constructed form trigonometry where the basic elements or monodlike thingies are actually roundness identity forms this would permit an approach to thinking about molecular orbitals or various other mathematical physical effects as new arrangements with fresh ideas if you can describe a roundness based group of elemental forms that nteract certain ways then you could use those to find rare or rerer nteractions to produce human body temperature chemicals with nifty new effects like proteins that couldn't possibly take a certain shape, except every 20 minutes or organic chemicals that rather than going boat chair boat chair boat chair every few femtoseconds actually go boat chair rotating glider once every few minutes. being able to predict at organic chemistry where novel effects occur from a roundness math basis gives the ability to find new effects with known chemicals, like what if you synchronized a bunch of these rotating glider effects at what would otherwise seem like benzene, well you might get matter that suddenly moves slightly, from Sn whiskers to 2metallic jumping discs we know these things are possible at macro sizes so creating them at atomic sizes as well as finding new ones is of value. so creating a bunch of molecule samples of regularized effect, then observing to find new effects is certainly part of this which I think is supported with redefining math with roundness elements Finding new gradual electrochemical forms like orbitals that actually change shape over minutes creates new kinds of chemistry which when you think about is only a midrane effect version of the cryohardening to phosphorescence continuum The new math systems permit minds to visual new periodicities of function
This brings up the possibility of creating new materials with new energy effects between cryohardening to phosphorescence like

Fertility technologies are value effective cures
approaches to curing or preventing heart disease as well as cancer
During the 20th century AD at the united States about 1/6 of persons were infertile To have children these people frequently made use of assisted reproductive technologies Encouraging People who already use assisted reproductive technologies to use IVF as well as gamete choice as well as PGD or other technologies to have physiological human children with very minimal risk of heart dsease or cancer creates many millions of persons nearly immune to heart disease or cancer the ApoE A form of cholesterol gene is linked to complete cardiovascular disease resisatance, much of cancer is avoidable genetically thus encouraging these millions of current users of assisted reproductive technology to have hyperwell children that is disease resistant children saves a government that particularly approves those technologies trillions of US$ thus legislative permissivity as well as tax reductions to persons that use assisted reproductive technologies may well save 10 to 100 times the funds used at assistive reproductive technology throughout the new persons life. Also there is an opportunity here which rather than spending funds to reduce disease it is possible to simply reduce taxes to reduce disease
Also the vast majority of human children that are the result of assisted reproductive technology are children conceived on purpose who have thoughful motivated physiological parents thus these children may be particularly likely to do well as they are also raised at an above average quality of parenting To the government that likely means they earn more which suggests their actual tax revenue per person would be better than non assisted reproductive technologies, although that sounds like the least of concerns think how the japanese are telling old people to "hurry up and die" rather than stress the pension system with their impertinent existence thus telling governments that assisted reproductive technology is revenue friendly rather than an outlay is also possibly beneficial
Give away frequent flier miles to artists online Then artists could travel more widely to benefit their creations. Artists could have things like QR codes visible at galleries or online images where imaging the QR code would give the artist some of the persons frequent flier miles, its a fun friendly way to support the arts
Battery research areas as well as battery technologies

hmmm... what if you make a nonaminoacid triphosphate, or if you feel amino acid friedly just something really simple like glycine triphosphate to do something like the atp cycle outside of a physiosystem, then you could turn chemicals to energy more efficiently than atp perhaps, as there are fewer atoms per energy activity which creates greater energy density as well as possibly more rapid phosphate group motion from physical chemistry
when I made the recording I thought satp cycle was more than 70 pct effective much better than refilling batteries, online it says completely different things like batteries 86 pct efficient, atp 38 pct efficient so aside from the glycine triphosphate "save" moving on to the next described idea
a female researcher created gradient battery microconductors with doped silicon so the electrical characteristics of the battery contacts would always precisely meet the particular functionality of the local microchemistry I think that just asking her what she thinks of doped Se based gradient conductors would figure out if that might be better as a result of Se having a threshold voltage of about .1 to .2 volts rather than 2 or 3 volts, the different threshold might be more efficient. Then I describe all that with a new kind of pan metaphor where the pan has little undulating waves or vertical microcolumns on the base where the conductivity of the undulants or columns is precisely attuned to the conductivity of the yummy food to produce a crustless effect, that is of benefit as the idea of avoiding crust is slightly similar to avoid passivation layers, polarization layers or highly overused areas near an actual battery conduction pathway

The ATP cycle is described online as being more efficient than some electrical machines although another reading online suggests that regenerative electromechanical or even electrochemical systems are more efficient than ATP so what is the translation motion difference
motion friendliness of electrons compare Se with Si .1 to .2v Se compared with 2 or 3v Si so if we link something like Li to Se or Ag with Se we get much greater electron motion friendliness from these molecules, motion friendliness of electrons could mean contant output at any temperature or possibly more efective electrical refilling velocity I was happy to read that when an acual researcher tried SiLi it actually worked better Ag possibly AgSe as a refillable battery could have the benefit of Ag moving e- from two orbitals simultaneously with the minimal voltage bandgap of Se to be super friendly to electron mobility
Lissatricity with new orbital combinations. Is it possible to group atoms so that their quantum permissable orbitals have more than one orbital able to move electrons simultaneously the way Ag does (ag has two partially filled orbitals so electrons move at both
) these new conductors or energy chemicals would have hyperconductivity as well as a possible doubling of capacity One possibility of this as a quantum phenomena similar to artificial silver orbitalness is that there may be particular quantum bandgaps that are highly permissive, nonpermissive or adjustable (semiconductive) which could create new electrical effect to base new kinds of electrical technologies on. Perhaps it is possible to make new molecules that have wavelet like electrical response or where wavelet like electrical response causes new technologies as a kind of "easy" place to find new emergent effects of matter.

I call this a lissatricity effect as the spatiogeometric or possibly time based repetitions of an undulating cyle create gradually rotating standing waves like a lissajous figure so the idea is that at some geometric repetition a scientist can create a shape of electron distribution where there is always a high point as well as always a differently energized area, so if a person makes a lissatricity form they could have energy differences available. this is less bizarre than it sounds as everything from tides to zwitterions actually have regular energy differences repeating at a "bracketed" matter size. something as simple as different lentgth of alpha helices as protein with piezoelectric branches would continually produce alternating current. Lissatricity is different than that though. lissatricity is combing elements to produce artificial multiple nonfilled orbitals at an artificial quantum structure, then having the electromotive effect those produce be receptive at different physical items at new ways beause of particularized technologized quantum structures. sort of like, hey two quantum dots could each make a different shared orbital wavelet electron "stream" then when that moves between them quantum things cause them to listen to different wavelets differently creating new electrotechnological effects
previous material about lissatricity
lissatricity is just wavelets applied to electromagnetic fields, like during the 20th century people thought about dc or ac then observed how a coil of wire responded, with ac it creates waveform shift impedance with dc its just a resistor, Im kind of reminded of the way fourier transforms can describe any wave nto a combination of periodic frequencies (very AC feeling) yet if you look at an em field as if it were an opportunity to use wavelets which are just making a composite wave from a bunch of other math defined waves where the waves are a type other than a ~~~~ periodic trig frequency then made the motor or generator winding from a wavelet perspective rather than a fourier perspective you would get groovy waves that superimposed to propduce a desired waveform with mathematically defined power output outside of the AC or DC definitions of electricity among the simplest versions might be lissajous electricity where the repeat frequency has a reinforcement along a period to creat what looks like a autosustaining shape at a graph now here is a technology that actually uses lissatricity high voltage power lines transport electricity when they are more efficient that is of benefit, yet at certain voltages or distances the engineers go with either AC or DC to be efficient, oif they redefine the windings to make wavelet style electricity then made lissajous electricity they might make more effecient high voltage power lines because rather than ac or dc "losses" or resistances or impedance inductions they would have a wider range of waveform frequencies that recombined perfectly at lissajous transformers n motors to make em fields to do motor or electronic things. so lissatricity is basically wavelet electricity that permits higher transmission efficiency as well as new kinds of motor winding which because they would have different EM like a phase yet is actually a custom wavelet curve so a motor might have stronger rotatig power or more efficiency. different shaped wiggles permit the matched windings of a motor to have different physical 3d magnetic field shapes which benefits engineers
also when you think about the way that the definition of electrical charge movement at a wire is produced from a generator which is just a bunch of variably shapable wires near a magnet you can create other shapes of electricity like what if you made a dendritic or branched winding, like a fractal then the fractal winding would cause a apparently clumpy form of fractal electricity which would have very high "heap immovability"kind of like a giant distribution, that would cause power factor neutrality at the other side of the circuit without being dc. so fractricity could perhaps use cheaper transformers or less load balancing or something at the activity site ( ) 0 o . o 0 ( ) as a winding rather than a waveform would cause each of the conductive varied sized loops to produce a fractal em field as well as a fractal wire current actually compared with lissatricity or other wavelettricities that just have bunches of effectiveness fractricity is sort of wacky.
Battery electrodes as well as battery chemistry liquid metals might be more effective conductors as they could reduce dendritic misplaced conduction or passivation on refilling with electricity thing like gallium indium or gallium indium lithium metals liquid above water freezing temps could as liquid traces go dendriticsless or even redissolve any dendrites or passivation produced
warmth shape microexpansion structure components hin film batteries with spaces that plump or shrink might refresh their chemistry somewhat
natural warmth shape expansion could be used possibly with a conductive polymer or even a bsmuth gallium ndium liquid metal to automatically slosh around continually refreshing the surface that the batter chemicals contacted, growing or shrinking at a nonliquid battery would be like sloshing a liquid battery mildly improving effectiveness
Eletrical vehicle as well as some popular electronics batteries could acoustics possibly macroscopically cause artificial sloshing that permits more rapid refilling with electrons just printing piezolayers at a thin film battery could make a hybrid or electric vehic;le have more rapid electricity refilling effect. similarly is it possible to use a microprinted peltier effect at the actual battery to cool or warm battery chemistry advantageously at electrical vehicles being refilled from the grid where there is surplus power to advantageously microcool or microwarm the chemistry 1 pct of volume as peltier material could give 20 pct to 100 pct faster electricity refill at vehicles
battery additive
also microcontact effects could be optimized noting that pressing slightly on a warming pan of water causes it to audibly obviously change faster, so its possibly that growriffic ir shrinkriffic granules at .5 to 1 pct of volume could create greatwer energy transport effect as they microcompress or refresh surfaces slightly reminiscent of pressing a warming pan of water possibly branched PTFE where lithium ions are part of the polymer could grow or shrink to
hybrid vehicles have areas where ICE engine temperatures are able to drive catalytic converters function that suggests the possibility that completely different chemicals Like Liquid S metal batteries could have function at hybrids, a bismuth liquid S battery possibly with chlorine of some other halogen might be just crazy reactive, yet nonpoisonous, or possibly even batteries around the liquid sodium with Lithium PTFE polymer, basically the catalytic converter temperature creates some periodic table chemistry regeneration extremes which suggest electroactive extremes, which suggest high power at ICE exhaust temperatures, to provide higher efficiency consider the halogen light bulb. yeesh. although not a battery, liquid tungsten reforming from a halogen vapor to reform as a blob. It works well, many many times, so its possible extreme battery chemistries are possible.

reaction constant improvements to batteries
little blobs of nanoparticles may have a physical chemistry basis as to when they like to glom together or divide which from a physical chemistry persepctive could double or halve their electrochemistry available surface area
two varieties of TNT battery
TNT liberating its nitrogen atoms causes that matter to be about 100K times more volumetric suddenly so two different kinds of electrical effect from that are what if lithium ions were part of TNT or a polynitrostarch The lithium atoms would suddenly move, possibly micromacrodistances like tenth of a mm which could effect electrochemical refreshing Far niftier is the idea of placing conductive lengthy metal atom sequences on TNT or polynitrostarch these wires attached to TNT, possibly through making a dendriticpolymer version of TNT would suddenly move near each other One way to make electricity is to move a wire near a magnet so actually moving multiquadrillions of nanowire conductors could create a huge current surge at a TNT battery doing this sequentially at a printed item like a microcircuit with billions of microtntbatteries could create some very high current sustained output battery with the same energy density as TNT where just a few billionths of the battery were used each moment Or you could make sudden EMP microexplosives out of it where a milligram or two would disrupt a vehicle Also as an improved explosive TNT conductive pathway batteries could be structured to have the electricity most active at the surface possibly creating dielectric disintegration of the surface nearest the explosive creating micro disintegrations at near object making them more likely to disintegrate with a particular amount of actual explosive force. so zap n fractalizing the surface makes the explosive more effective then of course if they are refrigerated to superconductive temperatures there is a possibility the meissner effect gives EMP TNT milligram blobs focusable EMF giving greater capabilities

physics of photons as well as other waves Overlapping waves are different when differently sourced
photons most frequently come from quantum effects other kinds of physics math described waves like acoustic waves have a wide variety of sources yet from information theory perspoective equations that describe the entire effect are different about discarding the source data differently between quantum or analog sourced waves so is there a better math to desctribe wave phenomena that avoids discarding that source functionality, like I know engineering has a cetain amount of finding linearly modellable regions then using any math that will predict things it just seems like a wave is a wave is a wave previous;ly neglected the information content of the source of the wave as being different between acoustic as well as photonic systems, like maybe certain kinds of quantum formed waves are modellable with automata with np complete nstant workarounds or identities that acoustic waves would skip having if that were true the new equations describing quantum sourced waves would have fresh instant realizations or groovy definitional technoeffects as yet to be known
gamma rays overlapping to produce nodal effects would sometimes produce human visible colors as well as UV IR which astrophysicists could view the sky to find these overlapping nodalities to verify the existentce energy or distance of things like quasars or other high energy photon emitters There could be entire areas of the universe that bask comfortably as a result of artificial nodal effects of gamma radiation or higher to high frequency to be absorbed at matter. as an amusement, what is the nodal effect of neutrino swaths does that make anything, particularly with ultra vast amounts of neutrinos
also there are occurences where the overlapping nodes of gamma rays would only be meaningful at absorption thebn reemission places like elements or structures would reemit the radiation possibly with particular directionality
directionality or unidirectional effects of overlapping nodal gamma ray beams would be different reradiating things omnidirectionally, so that suggests that is at farther than usual telescopes could detect actual matter reradiating overlapping gamma ray beam areas which could show the presence of actual matter of particular forms at furthern distnaces than ever like quasars make beams, nodal effects on hydrogen make a particular color, nodal effects on some metal a different color, first you prove the effect with hydrogen, then you try to find the metal effect, when you find it you have found an actual clump of matter much farther away then previously possible

Then more astrophysics material

Romantic affection amplification software
at handyphones or tablet pc software
girls or women making a list of peiople they like, making a list of people they would like to contact or have contact them The software database figures out how frequently people return telephoen conversations, originate telephone conversations
then the software ashows the most likely out of ten or twenty of those people who would be likely to phone her up of be happy to hear from her so you can see there are new metrics or measures that can be created that describe the likely effectiveness of various romantic activities. Now the thing is that these responsivities as well as vocal characterisrtics that a computer software or neural network links to something like an MBTI personality form create the ability to make an anonamized yet publishable at a social networking site telephone friendlyabilityness profile, so completely new people could telephone her or she could telephone them with a high likelihood of mutually pleasing as well as romantically accelerative conversation. so you can share your convo type on your social networking page then playfully receive telephone messages from geographically near as yet unmet persons This might go rather well with skype Romance improving software would actually suggest to people the sorts of conversational perspectives that anotyher person particularly liked or was authentically responsive to. So if the software noticed that people who get 4 praise occurences to one critique respond with pleasure as well as more frequent return telephone conversations a considerate person might actually think about that. ( the 4 to 1 ratio i may have read about at new scientist)
another possibility is that the software could show different people lists of things that are fun to do together, then suggest it to both persons using the app
also even if a metric derived from actual handyphone usage is absent availability having the software note the kinds of words as well as their frequency at social networking pages could create a plausibly guiding romantic personality description
then more romantic software material

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