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Wasting Money On a Car

Posted by Rational Madman , 14 February 2011 · 16,227 views

Am I nuts for seriously contemplating buying this car:
Posted Image

And the product description:
1959 Citroën DS19 Prestige, LHD, Fuel Injection, ManualI am delighted to be able to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy my 1959 Chapron DS19 Prestige as displayed at 2005 DS 50th expo in Paris in Oct. The car is in excellent condition inside and out and is 1 of about 6 Prestige car built that year being the introduction year for that model. It is possible that this is the Prototype car due to a number of unusual features: 12-volt but twin coils Prestige script on the dash and boot 4 x buttons in the rear 1/4 trim. etc. We have now traced all of the owners for this car and now know that this was the French Military Attache car in Rome. It was also the car that was blessed by Pope John XXIII. Since then the car has been through a number of ownerships and had the front wings and roof replaced. We have located the original Military Bonnet and the first Parisian registration number wheame a civilian car in 1966. full details please email or call. This car has now been fully UK registered MOT'd and serviced. The car is a New Book and is going to feature in a DS book in the Summer.

Or maybe this creature:
Posted Image

Less than 500 miles since New Build. Fresh fluids just completed.

Option List:
Stage 2 Engine Package (Stainless Exhaust) Eibach Suspension High-Output, Xenon-Boosted headlights, Alpine Stereo with Bluetooth and XM, Machined-Finish Wheels, 140 MPH Speedometer, Window Tint

Includes accessories:

Luggage Rack
DMC Car Cover
Carbon-Fiber-Look Bra DMC Cleaning Kit DMC Floor Mats

In any case, I have to do something, because driving a f**king Prius is really not doing it for me anymore.

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