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  • Submitted: Jun 09 2017 02:45 PM
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PAD and additional Remissions

* * * * -
ascorbic acid + ascorbate l-lysine l-arginine aakg + citrulline prebiotics: inulin etc. myo-inositol mct oil epa + dha omega-3 oil taurine glycine lecithin nicotinic acid msm chondroitin + glucosamine sulfate pantothenate + pantethine carnitine d-ribbose trimethylglycine beta alanine creatine proline spirulina magnesium potassium sodium aged garlic extract chlorella phosphatidyl choline black cumin seed oil conjugated linoleic acid oil tea extract green black + theanine mukul myrrh extract n-acetyl cysteine blue + bilberry extract cruciferous vegetable extract pomegranate extract turmeric extract olive fruit + leaf extract tocopherols (50% alpha) calcium ashwagandha extract guduchi extract l-tyrosine


Hello everyone,

An advise first: I made the experience that it is always more efficient and safe to start with the lowest possible dose of a new supplement, then increase gradually over months and years. And better start with one agent at a time.

  • You could catch an always possible allergic reaction early on, and not as severe as at full dose. Which also could come from other ingredients in a supplement. And are able to rectify the offender right away.
  • You will know at exactly which dose what effect to expect. There could be a marked U-curve response, and sometimes more is not better. If it still would be, you'll find the exact effective dose eventually. And don't waste your money.
  • Increasing one nutrient to high dose will invariably increase the need for others involved with the same metabolic pathway. By increasing slowly you'll catch them early on, were they are still easier to correct.
  • Supplementing with many chronic diseases and biochemical-individuality is a life-long project. You don't take the pills and you're done. You probably will adjust it for the rest of your life. Because specific deficiencies will have improved, and other worsened. So take your time to find the most effective protocol for your preconditions and situation.
While doing actual lab-tests to see critical nutrients stay in range, ie. serum 25(OH)D, ferritin, retinol and retinol binding protein, copper, selenium, electrolytes, .. additional to regular tests like CBC, kidney and liver functions, hormones, etc.

..was diagnosed a peripheral arterial disease (PAD) due to a 80% blockage at my abdominal aorta bifurcation almost 9 years ago.

Only medical option given to improve intermittent claudication - merely 3-400 m pain-free walking distance at worse - was a surgical replacement of my whole Y-shaped aorta with tubes made out of Goretex-like material. Additionally aspirin and statin for my whole life. Was also told, however much greens I would eat additional to these surgical and pharmaceutical interventions, my probable 5-year mortality would nevertheless remain at 30%. 41 at that time.

After a risk-benefit analysis I went the other way: meticulously analyzed my diet, eliminated added sugar, and once I crossed into the therapeutic range of Linus Pauling's recommendations for CVD after almost one 1 year, my pain-free walking distance gradually improved to 1 hour. 2 hrs the second year. At that time starting to implement recommendations by Dr. William Davis of the 'TrackYourPlaque' forum too.

The whole third year I suffered from a persistent chronic bronchitis, with a relapse down to 1/2 hour walking distance again. Took some months of at the South-Indian sea and incorporated many Ayurvedic remedies since than, as well as taking my yearly vacations each time during winters there. Bronchitis cleared up first. And at the beginning of the 6th year, though with in many respect worse lab results, intermittent claudication symptoms have completely gone for the first time during all these years.

All I've been left have been typical Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms: Exhaustion, concentration difficulties and back pain after more than 5 hours (mental) work a day, needing 10 hours of sleep. And all 3 debilitating symptoms if I don't stay with my limitations till the next full day, when I can spend at rest for recovery (postexcertional malaise, PEM).

With a very complex previous medical history:

Pneumonia at birth, fever seizures with 2, meningitis with 7, X-ray found tubercle with 20, Palmoplantar pustular psoriasis, only 12 teeth remaining at age 29 (due to tetracycline treatment as new-born), 7 malaria attacks (4 of which the at times deathly falciparum), amoebic hepatitis (enlarged liver), spondilodiscitis and rhinitis.
2 years before my PAD diagnosis a very stressful job (which I quit just before the diagnosis), schistosomiasis, cystitis, a myopericarditis, and finally my first root-canal (without giving permission!). With the chronic bronchitis I also got a diagnosis of COPD (symptom-free after the bronchitis) and T2D (controlled with diet, which I would rather classify as prediabetes).

That's what Linus Pauling recommended in his '86 book:

How to Live Longer and Feel Better

  • Take vitamin C every day, 6 grams to 18 g (6000 to 18,000 milligrams), or more. Do not miss a single day.
  • Take vitamin E every day, 400 IU, 800 IU, or 1600 IU.
  • Take one or two Super-B tablets every day, to provide good amounts of the B-vitamins.
  • Take 25,000 IU vitamin A tablet every day.
  • Take a mineral supplement every day, such as one tablet of the Bronson vitamin-mineral formula, which provides 100 mg of calcium, 18 mg of iron, 0.15 mg of iodine, 1 mg of copper, 25 mg of magnesium, 3 mg of manganese, 15 mg of zinc, 0.015 mg of molybdenum, 0.015 mg of chromium, and 0.015 mg of selenium.
  • Keep your intake of ordinary sugar (sucrose, raw sugar, brown sugar, honey) to 50 pounds per year, which is half the present U.S. average. Do not add sugar to tea or coffee. Do not eat high-sugar foods. Avoid sweet desserts. Do not drink soft drink.
  • Except for avoiding sugar, eat what you like - but not too much of any one food. Eggs and meat are good foods. Also you should eat some vegetables and fruits. Do not eat so much food as to become obese.
  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Keep active; take some exercise. Do not at any time exert yourself physically to an extent far beyond what you are accustomed to.
  • Drink alcoholic beverages only in moderation.
  • Do not smoke cigarettes.
  • Avoid stress. Work at a job that you like. Be happy with your family.
PS: can't help but add another Linus advise here: 'always listen to advise, but never believe blindly'

Additionally recommended l-lysine at 6 g/d for CVD. I'm sure nowadays he would include vitamin D3, K2, more magnesium, CoQ10 and some other amino acids too. Also only took the low dose for vitamin E he recommends (balanced with other tocopherols and tocotrienols), and the dose for vitamin A I reached only recently, when I found it would help with my infrequent psoriasis outbreaks.

Dr. Davis recommendations have been basically:


  • Identifying of all causes, adaptation of strategies, and continuous evaluation through extensive laboratory and coronary calcium score testing
  • Individual reduction of carbohydrates by singling out most offending by testing postprandial blood-glucose responses
  • Basically optimizing serum 25(OH)D (60-80 ng/dl), thyroid and other hormones, Mg, Fish-oil, K2, Iodine, etc.
dietary wise:
  • Correct metabolic responses with elimination of wheat, cornstarch, and sugars; limited dairy
  • Don’t limit fats, but choose the right fats
  • Unlimited vegetables, some fruits
  • Unlimited raw nuts and seeds
  • Unlimited healthy oils
  • Foods Should Be Unprocessed

Already 4 years ago I reported side-benefits in the thread ..supplements you can feel doing good. Time for a update here:

Things that I started on faith and showed noticeable effects (updated):

  • Vitamin C - after a PAD diagnosis almost 9 years ago, together with lysine and all other nutrients recommended by Linus Pauling - pain-free walking distance improved from mere 3-400 meters up to 2 hours. But only once I exceeded the in his view minimal therapeutic dose of 6 g/d each. Side-benefits: a since 2 years persistent skin-rush cleared up, hay-fever symptoms recurring every spring since 15 years got alleviated. HbA1c stayed disproportionally low, compared to higher blood glucose. A cystitis circumscripta of the bladder disappeared. Truly addictive stuff for someone with my health-issues. Only negative side-effect: flatulence.
  • Triphala, Trikatu and other Ayurvedic digestion improving ingredients - for reduction of flatulence :-)
  • Chondroitin Sulfate - though not taken consistently as recommended here, after some months on about 5 g/d my intermittent symptoms from PAD completely ceased. And a 60% government-certified walking disability due to that has been revoked since!
  • CoQ10 - some years before supplementing I always got angina-like chest pain under conditions of persisting stress (mental or physical). Above 150 mg/d CoQ10 (or half that with Ubiqunol) it's gone. However, whenever I drop below that intake the chest-pain is back - now without any stress.
  • Magnesium - with a severe deficiency I immediately get muscle-cramps without (now at 2.4 g/d elemental, of about 1,6 g/d for 9 years in average). With the higher dose my blood glucose readings came down and infrequent retinal migraine ceased.
  • Vitamin A - from 24.000 IU onward prevented any further psoriasis outbreaks.
  • Resistant Starch - since adding unmodified Potato Starch to a moderately low carb diet (~70 g/d), I first noticed a light blood-glucose drop, second a mood lift, and thirdly remember vivid dreams.
  • Vitamin B3, Nicotinic acid - strong vasodilation effects with tingling, heat and reddened skin for about 20 minutes with multiples gram doses. Initially not pleasant at all, but by getting used to much milder. Intended for improving lipids, especially more difficult one's, like raising HDL or lowering Lp(a). However, beside taxing the liver again (much less though than sustained-release Niacin), with a already weakened liver (from Malarias and their treatment), I could see with each rise/fall of liver enzymes an responding change in lipids-numbers (deterioration/improving). Worsening of liver-enzymes counteracted with other supplements.
  • Arginine, AAKG, Citrulline - above 3 g at night a morning erection (with my 80% blockage at my abdominal aorta a thing of the past otherwise).
  • Vitamin D3 - initially noticeable increase of energy.
  • Beta Alanine - light vasodilation with slight tingling.
  • Potassium Iodide - once made the experiment if I could handle the 130 mg iodide recommended in the case of a nuclear emergency without going hyper. Within 10 days gradually increased from my usual intake of 10 mg/d up to 100 mg, where I run out of it. Energetically felt better every day.
  • Melatonin - makes me sleepy and thereby improves circadian rhythm.
  • Lycopene, Astaxanthin and other Carotenoids - suspect them to be responsible that I haven't had any sun-burns since supplementing almost 9 years now. And for halting the rapid decline of my eyesight.
  • Biotin - suspect it having been responsible for fuller hair, thiner after substantially reducing the dose again.
  • Cholines - helped to improve liver-enzymes. However, also get chaw tension above a certain intake, initially above 500 mg/d, then already above 300 mg/d. Now tolerance is increasing again.
  • LIV.52 and Cystone (Himalaya company) - Ayurvedic blends which improved liver-enzymes further, as well as kidney function markers. Additionally 2 non-circulated nodules on the right edge of the liver (5 + 8 mm) disappeared.
  • Omega3s - together with a low cab diet reduced serum triglycerides.
  • Piracetam and Sulbutiamine - though only low dose initially also caused a spaced-out feeling. But much easier socializing, speech-fluency and focus as remaining effects.

To summarize - through the synergistic effects of lifestyle modifications, nutrient and herbal extract supplementation it was possible:
  • first of all - to reverse a 60% walking disability from PAD
  • reverse a cystitis circumscripta of the bladder
  • .. 2 non-circulated nodules on the right edge of the liver (5 + 8mm)
  • .. one additional tubercle (6mm) of the left lung; the older of the right lung (9mm) remaining
  • .. and a chronic bronchitis, while the at that time diagnosed COPD remained asymptomatic
  • keep prediabetes, hay-fever,
  • .. muscle-cramps and CKD stage 1 in check
  • cease psoriasis and retinal migraine flare-ups,
  • .. and angina-like chest pains
  • provide sun-burn protection without suncream
  • but overall staying still alive and able to come up for my own living counter the prediction of my initially diagnosing internist
Only left to work on are CFS symptoms..

Since it would probably take me days to enter my actual regimen with up to 500 ingredients (dietary and supplemental), something much more accurate: All that as it changed over the 8 years - click the below link for the detailed regimen -


And, my advise again:

I always would start with the lowest possible doses and increase gradually over the years. While doing actual lab-tests to see critical nutrients stay in range.

I always thought health is the highest and can't be bought with money. To a certain extent I revised my opinion. I actually did it, with lots of determination and while keeping my ability to work part-time ..but am broke now. :laugh:

Below all supplements in the grams per day range down to a half. Which are just average intakes for the last 9 years, and not recommendations (see my advises in red again). For all other important vitamins, minerals, herbals and phyto-chemicals, see the Google spreadsheet linked to above.

Obligatory disclaimer for Orwellian times: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease.”

Ingredient Dosage Frequency Administration
Ascorbic acid + ascorbate 8 gram 3x daily about 20 min before meals and bedtime
L-lysine 2 gram 3x daily 20 min before meals and bedtime
L-arginine, AAKG + citrulline 2 gram 3x daily 20 min before meals and bedtime
Prebiotics: inulin, RS, etc. 2 gram 3x daily with or without meals
Myo-inositol 2 gram 3x daily 20 min before meals
MCT oil 2 gram 3x daily with or without meals
EPA + DHA omega-3 oil 2 gram twice daily with fatty meals
Taurine 1 gram 3x daily 20 min before meals and bedtime
Glycine 3 gram Daily before bedtime
Lecithin 3 gram Daily with meal
Nicotinic acid 3 gram Daily with meal
MSM, Chondroitin + Glucosamine sulfate 1 gram 3x daily 20 min before meals and bedtime
Pantothenate + Pantethine 1 gram twice daily before and with meals
Carnitine 1 gram twice daily 20 min before meals
D-ribbose 1 gram twice daily 20 min before meals
Trimethylglycine 1 gram twice daily 20 min before meals
Beta alanine 0.6 gram 3x daily 20 min before meals and bedtime
Creatine 0.6 gram 3x daily 20 min before meals and bedtime
Proline 0.6 gram 3x daily 20 min before meals and bedtime
Spirulina 1.8 gram Daily with or without meals
Magnesium 0.5 gram 3x daily with + without meals, spread throughout
Potassium 0.4 gram 3x daily with + without meals desolved in water, spread throughout
Sodium 0.4 gram 3x daily with + without meals, spread throughout
Aged garlic extract 0,6 gram twice daily with meals
Chlorella 1 gram Daily with or without meals
Phosphatidyl choline 0.5 gram twice daily with meals
Black cumin seed oil 0.5 gram twice daily with meals
Conjugated linoleic acid oil 0.5 gram twice daily with meals
Tea extract, green, black + theanine 0.3 gram 3x daily 20 min before meals + bedtime
Mukul myrrh extract 0.5 gram twice daily with meals
N-acetyl cysteine 0.5 gram twice daily 20 minutes before meals
Blue + bilberry extract 1 gram Daily before bed
Cruciferous vegetable extract 0.8 gram Daily with meals
Pomegranate extract 0.7 gram Daily before bed
Turmeric extract 0.7 gram Daily with meal
Olive fruit + leaf extract 0.3 gram twice daily with + without meals
Tocopherols (50% alpha) 0.3 gram twice daily with meals
Calcium 0.6 gram Daily with + without meals
Ashwagandha extract 0.5 gram Daily 20 minutes before meals
Guduchi extract 0.5 gram Daily 20 minutes before meals
L-tyrosine 0.5 gram Daily 20 minutes before meals

The main stenosis as MRI gif (2009 - click to enlarge):




Psoriasis picture (don't click, if you can't see open wounds - 1996):




addendum (3rd July):

.. it was possible:
  • first of all - to reverse a 60% walking disability from PAD
  • ...

Only left to work on are CFS symptoms..


Meanwhile could get a 50% disability due to the CFS/ME symptoms again. Helps with yearly tax returns due to high health expenses.


For that reevaluation the investigating Neurologist ordered a brain MRI, which found an old stroke in the left cerebellum.




Therefore, one more potentially deathly condition not only survived, but not even mentioned its occurrence. ..thought it a miracle to have already outlived the 30% five-year mortality prediction from PAD, but now additional a much worse 50% one-year mortality with stroke!


- Chondroitin Sulfate - though not taken consistently as recommended here, after some months on about 5 g/d my intermittent symptoms from PAD completely ceased. And a 60% government-certified walking disability due to that has been revoked since!


When further analyzing which intakes have at least 30% increased during the 8 months before this substantial improvement - compared relative to my average intakes during these 9 years (leaving out Ayurvedics, since they all been added later and therefore all higher):


126% condroitin sulfate
117% paba
91% inositol
90% glutamine
85% medium chain triglicerides
82% magnesium sulfate
81% menaquinone-7
71% phyloquinone
59% rutin complex
59% kelp
55% cysteine
53% boswellia ext.
49% gingerols
44% tyrosine
44% lycopene
42% grape seed ext.
42% citrulline malate
41% lecithine
39% silica
39% pantothenic acid
39% milk thistle ext.
37% pomegranate ext.
37% methylfolate
36% potassium
36% copper (reduced after, since it caused to high than normal lab values)
35% silymarin
33% manganese
32% beta-carotene
31% punicalagins
30% trimethylglycine
30% ascorbic acid



And at the beginning of the 6th year, though with in many respect worse lab results, intermittent claudication symptoms have completely gone for the first time during all these years.


...To summarize - through the synergistic effects of lifestyle modifications, nutrient and herbal extract supplementation it was possible: ...


Interestingly, right after the time intermittent claudication ceased I came across the work of Kelly A. Turner, which summarized pretty well for me in a different context the different realms of lifestyle-modifications possibly involved. Since my stack doesn't talks much beyond point 4 of this list - and supplements alone are definitely not enough against severe chronic conditions - I add her whole list here:


During the course of the study, Kelly identified more than seventy-five factors that cancer survivors said they used as a part of their healing journey. Nine of these factors were used by almost every one of them. They are as follows:


1. Radically change the diet
Let your food be your medicine, and medicine your food (Hippocrates)
- avoid sugar, meat, dairy products and processed foods
- eat lots of fruits and vegetables
- limit to organic food
- drink only filtered water

2. Take control of health
Action is the basic key to success (Pablo Picasso)
- actively participate
- be prepared for change
- resolve resistance

3. Follow your own intuition
In vital matters, the decision should come from the unconscious, somewhere from within (Sigmund Freud)
- listen to body signals
- activate the intuition
- find the right change

4. Take herbs and food supplements
The art of healing comes from nature and not from the physician (Paracelsus)
- help digestion: digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics
- boost the immune system: e.g. Vitamin C, other vitamins (B12, D3, K2), fish oil, trace elements, certain edible fungi, aloe vera; and hormones (melatonin)
- detoxify the body:
- antimycotics (eg olive leaf extract, celery, nettle)
- antiparasitic substances (eg wormwood, yellow root, black nut husks)
- antibacterial and antiviral (eg garlic, oregano oil, Pau d'Arco)
- liver detoxification (eg milk spotted dwarf, dandelion root, sweet tooth root)
- supplements alone is not enough

5. Release oppressed emotions
Anger is an acid which can cause much greater damage to the vessel in which it is stored than to what it pours (Mark Twain)
- disease is blockade
- what are suppressed emotions?
- stress and cancer
- anxiety and cancer
- the waterfall solution

6. Enhance positive emotions
The meaning of life is to be happy (Dalai Lama)
- what are positive emotions?
- what are the positive emotions in the body?
- happiness must be practiced daily
- but one does not have to be permanently happy

7. Allow social support
In poverty and misery, friends are the only refuge (Aristotle)
- experience love
- do not feel alone
- physical contact

8. Deepen the spiritual connection
This is the greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases: that there are doctors for the body and physicians for the soul, where both can not be separated (Plato)
- experience spirituality
- a third kind of love
- the relationship between the physical and the spiritual
- it is important to exercise regularly
- it is important to calm the mind

9. Have strong reasons for life
People say that it is the meaning of life that we all seek. I do not believe that this is what we are really looking for. I believe what we are looking for is an experience of being alive ... (Joseph Campbell)
- placing deep trust in one's inner being
- the mind directs the body
- find one's calling



This April I finally quit one of my two part-time jobs, because it has become merely a stick it out feat, and below devastating effects didn't change even half an hour in working-ability or sleeping needs all these years:



2 years later its time for an update:

  • At the end of 2017 I got my only root-canal treated tooth extracted. (Instead of the precautionary prescribed antibiotic I only took a DSMO mouthwash, and already on the second day no pain from the extraction.)
  • At the same time found a GP who gave me inexpensive Magnesium-sulfate IVs almost monthly. After the 6th the pain-full muscle cramps ceased completely. However, retesting whole blood after the 10th IV showed whole blood Mg only raised about 3 mg/dl, still 2 short of normal between 34-36 mg/l. (All the while continuing my high oral intake.)
  • Used LDN more consistently above 2 mg/d.


No more postexcertional malaise since - Hallelujah!


Though I kept very strict at pacing, at occasions I couldn't - or with much less sleeping hours - it still caused no real PEM anymore.



Also my maximal carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) for the first time last year remarkably regressed. Normal would be below 0.9 mm. In below table I added Ankle Brachial Index (ABI; normal <9) and max. pain-free walking distance (PFWD; in kms at about 4/hr):


2008: 0.3  0.7    -
2009: 1     -     -
2010: 4     -     -
2011: 6    0.5    -
2012: 3    0.8   1.3 mm 
2013: 3.5   -     -
2014: 5    0.7   1.9 mm
2015: 8     -     -
2016: 9    0.7   1.8 mm
2017: 9     -     -
2018: -    0.9   1.0 mm

Seems the high inflammation with the year long chronic bronchitis progressed it quite some further, and only around the time I lost my walking-disability CIMT started to regress.