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I think we're being lied to about aging

aging government lies

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Posted 17 April 2018 - 04:43 PM

I've been thinking this thought for a long time, and that is we are being lied to about aging and it is curable. 1.) You can see it under a microscope, the difference between old cells and young cells. You can see the cellular processes in action... It's called "live cell microscopy" and I used to sell biophysics equipment for live cell microscopy. 2.) Literally you can see under a microscope how living old cells behave compared to living young cells. You can physically see the physical differences between old and young cells. 3.) You can observe mitochondria and their changes 4.) Aging isn't a mystery at all. 5.) It's no mystery why organs shrink with age! It's the lack of HGH. People who suffer from gigantism don't suffer from organs who shrink with time. 6.) As I have been told, even the thymus organ which is responsible for the immune system does not shrink in people with gigantism. 7.) HGH therapy can completely stop organs from shrinking with age. 8.) Hormones can be replaced 9.) There are treatments for atherosclerosis that are known to shrink plaques that are kept secret 10.) The Pauling therapy which works is visciously attacked by the medical community 11.) I can tell you for a 1000% fact that the government and medical community teamed up and took the original Zinc Gluconate nasal swabs off the market because for a FACT they completely eliminated the common cold from people. For each and every year that it was on the market myself, my wife, and other people I knew who used it NEVER got a cold that lasted more than a day or two. Literally colds were cured within 2 days. Now with the original formulation off the market because of "dangers" I and my wife get colds that last for weeks.... High dose vitamin C helps shorten mine but my wife refuses to take it. Literally there was a over the counter cure for common cold, and government and Big Pharma fought to have it removed! Case closed, the government is keeping things from the public that work. Case closed, aging isn't a mystery. You can literally watch it occur under a microscope. It's isn't some phantom menace that no one understands and baffles the minds of scientists..... It's simply not in the interest of the world governments to cure it.... Why? I am not entirely certain, but I have a theory. Sorry for rambling but I had to get this off my chest.
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