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Carbon 60 First 2 Week Impressions.


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#1 RGN

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Posted 02 June 2018 - 03:38 PM


I am a 71 year old male with a healthy 11.5 year old dog.  Long story short, I became convinced that we both should experiment with a 100ml bottle of Carbon 60 with Olive Oil and see how it went.  We are 11 days into our doses that I had calculated purely on a cost basis.  I weigh 3 times more than Molly.  So 75% to me is 75ml, to last a 31 day month is 2.4ml per day for me, .8ml a day for Molly.  That way, it is affordable if I wish to continue dosing.


I have fairly severe diabetic neuropathy, for many years, in my feet and now up my legs to my two year old knee replacements.  Molly has an arthritic right rear knee from a 5 year old injury playing ball on slippery wet grass.  


Here is why I am posting this only 11 days into my new C60 regime.  Over the last few days I have noticed a remarkable decline in the numbness associated to neuropathy.  It took me the last 2 days and some physical testing to believe it was real and not imagined.  Fact:  I could not lean over forward (for example to pet Molly while she was laying down) because with a total lack of sensation in my toes, I just kept going.  Today, I have definite sensation in my feet and especially my toes, still tingly, but responsive to pressure and balance!


Molly can't speak, but she is jumping in and out of the car easier each morning for our 1 mile wooded hike around the local dog park, and doesn't seem to tighten up as much after laying down afterwards.


I am not endorsing anything but the fact that I personally have apparently benefited from C60 since nothing in my somewhat lousy diet or exercise routine has changed.  Oh yeah, My leg skin below my knees is more touch and my knee replacements feel freshly greased.  If I am going to have more longevity, then I want it to be without crippling health limitations.

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#2 AceNZ

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Posted 13 February 2019 - 05:39 PM

Sounds like good progress.


I would be interested in hearing further updates / progress (for both you and your dog).


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