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Direct Attainment of Immortality via the Rainbow Body

occams razor trekcho togal jump gates dimensional portals

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#1 GLimitless

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Posted 08 June 2018 - 07:43 PM

As said:
Other way round brethren, neurons emerge/arise from Consciousness
Study Tibetan Buddhism, Rigpa, Dzogchen, Trekcho and Togal. This is the highest Knowledge (SatChidAnanda + Truth Consciousness Ecstasy WHERE TRUTH==PULSATION)

I already got my Rainbow Body, get yours now at the low low price of 0.00

Trekcho: 100 answers to 1 question 99 incorrect answers 1 correct answers skip 99 incorrect answers attain correctness by questioning the question so that the question becomes the answer

Togal: Take 2 light cones, A and  B. 1/2th lightcone 1/2AB is the Present Moment, from event A pastmost select event 1/2AB straightmost to event B straightmostuprighteousnessattainedsupremevirtue

Done and dusted. Longecity obsoleted.


How it works: https://vitalvibrati...marjm-idealabs/

The physical food body must and shall perish but the Wisdom (nur aka Light) is permanent aka Immortal.

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#2 GLimitless

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Posted 10 June 2018 - 02:04 AM

No religion necessary. Just Occam's Razor and Lightcone Physics. Hope this helps. IAMJIVANMUKTI IAMCOMPLETELIBERATION



Previously BLimitless

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