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Melatonine - Nootropic use and potential effective against ADHD?

adhd nootropic melatonine sct concentration cognition

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#1 RegainBrain

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Posted 10 June 2018 - 08:43 PM

I have a diagnosed ADHD, but I also share some SCT-characteristics (but I'm completely unsure, there are too much controversies).


I recently buyed some melatonine, not because I have sleep problems, but I want to sleep faster. I'm not using it in a regular basis, just for specific circumstances/jetlag or when I just have to sleep NOW and not 1 hour later...


I noticed, when I took my melatonine without going to bed and doing some tasks instead that some of the symptoms of my ADHD are lowered.


I'm able to concentrate better and my brain fog, I sometimes get from my stimulants, disappears. It feels like my energy is lowered a little bit, but not too much, so I can concentrate easily (otherwise I have to put a lot in energy to hold back myself and not be too fast/impulsive).


I maked this experience also without melatonine: I can perform/concentrate at my best ONLY in the evening/night and early in the morning. These are the only times, where I have the right amount of "energy" (not too much, then I get hyperactive or brainfog and not too less, so I wouldn't be able, to perform at my best).

To be more specific, I prefer the night.


Can someone share his/her experience (only those with diagnosed ADHD)? Can someone make a hypothesis, why it is like that?



PS: In the night, I'm more creative, fast, "in touch with my environment" (I mean that I'm to 100% activated and not 75%, because 25% at the expense of dreaming, impulsiviness, hyperactivity or brainfog), I'm more able to think rational and I'm more emotional (I usually practice instruments at that time).

Can this somehow be linked to melatonins acitivity on the brain?


Please don't answer: "Because it is sedating you". NO! It must be doing more!! 



#2 MichaelFocus22

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Posted 14 June 2018 - 03:55 AM

 Like yourself I have ADHD-PI Or SKT. The first thing you must redress is what form are you taking your supplement in. Secondly look  on the back of the bottle and see if the tablet was made in cellulouse format. If it was made in this format, then it's likely that your not metabolizing any of it. One misconception that the drug companies don't tell you about multivitamins and drugs is that the bioavailability is dependent upon the format in which it's given to you.  The most likely answer is no, melatonin is only responsible for the repuptake of the neuro-receptor and improving your sleep. It may calm you down and slow your thoughts, because of the increase of  Norepinephrine in your brain. Thus IF melatonin is being  correctly metabolized some of it will transfer into Norepinephrine which will slow your thoughts down and allow you better impulse control and the final luxury of being able to regulate your focus. To be clear if your are ADHD then you have a Hyperactive immune system, which is a problem probably of the dopamine receptor. If you have ADHD-PI or primarily inattentive then your it's a disease of Norepinephrine primarily rather than dopamine. You also should figure out if it's really hyperactivity or just anxiety. I know when I get "anxious" I move around to race my arousal level. Thus the distinction between the two disorders, is  mine is an unaroused immune system. Meaning people believe I'm high all the time when I'm not. ADHD is when you have too much energy and don't know how to control it. These people are often the life of the party, while I'm more of a stoner, when I've never done weed. In conclusion the most likely answer is no. If your taking melatonin, make sure to take it in BIOAVAILABLE format, such as liquid form. Most supplements have very low bio availability. Also  remember most of what you metabolize is turned into blood glucose, thus if you have no actual nutritional deficiencies, then your body will excrete the rest in your urine. I know the ADD curse well,goodluck your going to need it.


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