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Telomere Length Progress Report


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#1 crioux

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Posted 04 August 2018 - 04:23 PM

Hi folks. I'm 41 years old on the wall clock. 5'4", 150lbs, caucasian, male. I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs.


A little over a year ago I took my first 'teloyears' test and got an ATL of 0.78, which is generally bad, and average for someone 20+ years older. I had already been working out and eating healthy.


I decided to try a few things to improve it. Between my first and second tests, (separated by 6 months) I attempted the use of Epitalon (from Ceretropic, now defunct). First attempt was done intranasally on 6/21/2017 for 10 days. 100mg in 10ml bacteriostatic water is 1-1.2mg per spray, once per nostril, 4-5 times per day (9 single sprays per day). This did not result in a significant improvement, as you can see from from the test results, with a statistically insignificant change to ATL:0.79.


So, in February of 2018, I decided to try doing 100mg in 10ml bacteriostatic water over 10 days, subcutaneously injected at 5mg twice per day. After waiting 5 months to give things time to shake out, I had a third telomere length test done, and the results came back at a significant ATL:1.07, average for people 10 years younger than myself.


I can not vouch for the accuracy of a Teloyears test, nor is my experience completely scientific here, but it would appear that since I did not consciously do anything else to affect my telomere length specifically, that this may have been the reason for the dramatic improvement in such a short timespan. Normally these things would take a lot longer to improve or worsen, but it would appear that this protocol did have the desired effect of lengthening my telomeres.


Between the second and third tests, I also took finasteride. I don't know if that had any effect on anything at all.

During the entire time period, I also took mitoq and basis/nicotinamide-riboside, but have also taken those before the length testing began as well.


YMMV, this is not medical advice. I don't feel or look any 'younger' and don't expect to. Aging is very complicated, but data is data, so I'm posting it here for your anecdotal edification.



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#2 redbaron4321

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Posted 27 October 2018 - 02:42 AM

Have you tried any more Epitalon? If so did you find a reputable vendor?

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