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(my story)Potential adrenal fatigue/hpa axis dysregulation/depression and anhedonia from MDMA and Prescription amphetimi

adrenalfatigue hpaaxisdysregulation help mentalhealth

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#1 Andersen

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Posted 25 September 2018 - 02:11 PM

about a year ago after eating a couple grams of mushrooms I started to experience severe anhedonia and depression after not sleeping for three weeks. Before any of this i need to point out i was a heavy drug abuser in high school. I had never been diagnosed with adhd but frequently took any meds I could find to get through highschool while combining it with various amounts of pot, cigarettes , mdma, and alchohol. I would take vyvanse, adderall, ritalin, chug coffee and chain smoke ciggarettes because it made me feel good. Not long after i was introduced to mdma and started snorting and eating copious amounts of mdma more and more occasionally with my friends, at parties, and eventually combining it with alchohol. I started to notice myself changing and happiness fading away, but was to caught up in everything to link it to drug abuse.

After highschool i went on to college, and began using prescrition stimulants more frequently(4-5) times a week combined with coffee all day in order to do school work, feel good, ect. After my first semester i began to feel sick physically and mentally. I started ragin out more and was overall unhappy and kindof a differnt person. My mother brought me to this homeopathic doctor/chiropractor who put me on the AIP diet, and put me on vitamin supplements. At this point i had sobered up quit everything and was trying my hardest to get better.I did this for about three months and was feeling better, but never fully recovered mentally, physically or emotionally. I quit school and moved out and soon began drinking and smoking pot heavily again. eventually i figured what i needed was a trip and i had never eaten mushrooms so decided to do so. The first time i didnt eat much, and not much really happened. The second time i ate 2.8 g crushed up in some applesauce, had a very intense trip, and then was just simply not able to get to sleep for three weeks after. I think it exacerbated my problems, brought them to the surface, or caused extra damage mentally. now after about 2- 2 and a half years, im still trying to recover, but find myself in a pit of depression and anhedonia, and unable to stick to a routine which will grant me recovery and wellness. Here are my symptoms and what i struggle with.

I can tell it if I drink large amounts of caffeine or sweet foods due to poor brain functioning, but just in general i have a hard time doing things like reading, keeping up a conversation, comprehending and thinking quickly compared to before. My perception is nowhere what it used to be, almost feels like im in a hole or have gone "blind" mentally. Can't remember what I just did, Hard time remembering highschool, and childhood, Have no sense of how I feel or what I want, Feel like there is a hole in my head, Can't judge or make rational decisions, No motivation, When I try to read something I can't remember and have a hard time comprehending, lack of Awareness, Adrenal fatigue,inability to focus, Nervous system feels like it’s in high gear: jump whenever anyone enters the room, Can get good sleep, hard time falling asleep, Can’t react correctly or quick enough to situations,enviornment does not stimulate me, Careless/reckless actions, hard time making decisions and choices, Hard time sticking to job, school,and routine No motivation, Can’t feel emotion, and Hard time explaining myself, overthinking, ocd, anxiety(but i cant feel it), im akward, depression/anhedonia, ect.

For about a year off and on since the mushrooms, I have been trying to recover with diet and exercise but have a hard time sticking to any routine. Its hard for me to conversate alot of times, its like i dont have the brain capacity to function. If I drink coffee which I’m very tempted to do everyday, I’ll find myself up for days binging on junk food one thing after another behind the computer screen until I’m so stuffed I contemplate throwing up because I just can’t get satisfied. Getting drunk does not even feel good to me anymore. ive gotten sober and tried to pretty much stay sober since everything that happened with the mushrooms last year.

I’m weary about taking medicine as I feel it could hinder the healing process or make my situation worse. I cant stop binge eating junk food and drinking coffee. I constantly feel i need some sort of stimulation or pleasure. about to see a doctor and have a full thyroid panel done, get testosterone tested, and ask about a saliva test and some other thing.

Im not sure whether to begin trying nootropics or anti depressants. . I have considered trying the mr happy stack (uridine, dha, vit e, and a multi) and then adding choline in. I fear for taking psych meds as i may never get off of them and also because im not exactly sure whther my problem is adrenal fatigue, or nuerotoxicity. Ive also looked into trying A carnivore diet.

I just want to feel the world again and have my awareness back.Has anyone else struggled with something similiar? I worry i have unrepairable brain damage. any information, advice, or stories that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Im ready to get out of this hole any way i can I just want my brain to function completely like it used to.Im currently stuck in a cycle where i will eat healthy for a couple days and then fall off and binge on sugar and cafiene, yet im desensitized to both. I dont feel hunger anymore, just a need to fill my stomach to feel some sort of pleasure.

. Ive switched around from fasting, omad, keto , paleo but never stuck with a diet for an extended period of time . The longest i followed was strict paleo for three months which had me feeling really good. A lot of people have been mentioning trying an all meat diet, and getting a high amount of nutrients from organ meats and primarily liver. It supposedly has been very effective for allergies and depression. Although my mind switches back and forth and its hard for me to make it up and stick with my decisions.

life feels fake to me. Life feels broken, like my controller does not work. I have had many people tell me that if i can maintain a healthy scheduale for a couple years it will get better , but i am not sure how to do it. Im worried for my health but struggle with self control.

Can adrenal fatigue be this severe? Does anyone have a similar experience/story? Sorry for the long post just wanted to share my story. Feel free to leave me advice or thoughts about it. I know its pretty fucked up but its alright. Its going to get better :).


I was wondering what the quickest and most effective way of healing my adrenal glands would be. I know to avoid caffeine and sugar, but as far as diet, supplements, and anything else that would help, any information would be greatly appreciated.

I know that fasting causes a stress on the adrenals, but would drinking salt water of sodium, potassium, baking soda, and epsom salt help to lower cortisol levels and would the autophagy be beneficial for healing these glands, or should i stay away from fasting completely

#2 Fatigued

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Posted 07 October 2018 - 06:08 AM

I am not well versed on adrenal fatigue. I also have not had much in the way of substance abuse problems.
I am what you could call a cheap date when it comes to drinking. It is a rare occasion that I drink at all, or get past a couple craft beers.
I can tell you that I had some luck dealing with the brain fog that, at times, accompanies my fatigue with aniracetam.
Pure is the site I had the most luck with.
Here's a list to work from. There are a few things I would like to try, but I have spent money on some rhodiola rosea last time(not from pure) and felt it was a waste of money. So, I am cautious about what I buy.
Best of luck!

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#3 cjt3po

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Posted 08 October 2018 - 01:46 AM

You need to stick to something, I've found in my life that consistency is key, little effects over a long period of time build up into something measurable and worth doing. Christ is fundamentally your answer, if you're willing to submit to His love which I find very difficult being so intellectual. He can reveal to you why you are personally here and can not only heal you but also reveal the right path for you to be on generally and specifically. Look up videos describing Alan Turing's work on Godel's Incompleteness Theorem for a working definition of the limits of rationale and the ultimate role of faith in the pursuit of knowledge for a fair reasoning to submit to God. I've even just learned it a personal way today that God's not hoping that we fall, and in fact is doing all He can in the face of our free will and our notions of Him and His mindset. Mushrooms have a way of scrambling things as well as their potential to be a powerful medicine, but frankly the research for informed use outside of superstitious occult religions is far too much in its infancy to just have most of us just hack into it's usefulness. Dave Asprey's audio book "Head Strong" has been particularly helpful in my own life trying to better my physical status after prolonged use of psychedelics. I have found keto and especially Dave Asprey's approach to be if particular benefit as well as an understanding of inflammations role in much of dis-ease, though it's impossible to follow everything he lays out to a T it's a quite helpful range of suggestions and even has a printout of ranked "Bulletproof" foods for keto. (The keto cheesecake isn't quite cheesecake but with a little tweaking had quite a lot of potential for a delicious dessert) and the emphasis on his refined MCT oils is unnecessary ultimately, I'm sure their amazing, I recently had the privilege of trying ketone esters and they were phenomenally powerful, very useful and I'm sure when I have the money (even to go down on a 50kg order through bulk laboratory providers, pm me if interested) but I find Carrington brand liquid coconut oil to be sufficient alongside regular consumption of Clove (shown to regulate postprandial (after meal) glucose spikes I believe by increasing insulin sensitivity, was not effected (basically at all, but personal experience says mildly otherwise) much by dose but instead regularity. Sublingual Bitter Melon can be helpful as well for acute necessity, but I take a low dose supplement. Those things are helpful to create a buffer to not pop out of ketosis so much when learning the ropes or otherwise. I have to do this because I get strong brain fog when fresh out of ketosis.

Tldr: Christ is super-rational and the source of healing especially in difficult cases like this. My best physical advice from personal experience on this issue is the keto diet as described by Dave Asprey in "Head Strong" (audible trials with free books are easy to come by). I like to use Clove on a regular basis after reading studies talked about in a Life Extension magazine that showed regular dosing, independent of actual dose, lessened post meal glucose swings. Confirmed by personal use but I have found some dose dependence, overall it's very useful in creating a buffer to stay in ketosis without being *quite* as strict (after getting used to the diet and becoming fat adapted, I say 6-8 months with fasted training, Dom d'Agostino recently shared about 4 months on his Rogan debate). Carrington Liquid coconut oil is a good brand for normal MCT oil when the fancier stuff is a bit out of reach cost wise.

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