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NSI-189 and libido

nsi-189 libido motivation 5ht2a antagonism

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Posted 09 October 2018 - 04:38 PM

So about five weeks or so I started sublingual NSI freebase, 2x20mg. I noticed immediate effects. My mood was much better: I felt happy, energetic, no hint of depression or suicidal ideation. More pronounced, though, was the motivation and the drive. I felt like I could accomplish things. However, what was most striking was my libido, which went through the roof. My libido has been on the low side for some time. As soon I started the NSI, libido spiked to levels not seen since my teenage years. I also had a low refractory period.


So my question is how? I know NSI is not quick onset, and is intended to have effects through hippocampal neurogenesis. This takes some time to happen. Most specifically, how could it have had such and effect on my libido, and so immediately? 


Sadly, the hypermotivation and libido have slowly subsided to more of a baseline for me level. I'm not anxious or depressed like I was before, but neither am I confident, happy and horny like I was. It reminds me of the movie, Awakenings. I want to understand what immediate effect the NSI may have had on neurotransmitters. I know it was too quick acting to effect total testosterone, but it could have influenced dopamine or prolactin. It also could have influenced 5ht2a receptors.


I really don't know. Still a lot to learn about NSI and it's MOA. Any additional thoughts?

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