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Sourcing a compound: BRL-44408


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#1 brand2

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Posted 28 October 2018 - 08:44 AM

I'm hoping to source a medicine/compound for a health problem i've had for years - this forum is the only
one that seems helpful enough to point me in the right

Long story short, i've had a locus coeruleus problem
from a bad medication combination.

Ever since, i've had a shortened ability to 'stay awake'
upon rising, taking more frequent naps, easier to enter
'fight or flight'

The medication i'm hoping to have custom made is

It is a selective antagonist for the α2A adrenoreceptor.

My theory is that will give a little extra push to
create a "new baseline" that will help the neurons
to fire a little more than usual - with the hope that
it will increase my "baseline" functioning.


Any help? My general feeling is that sourcing is a bit

of an art. Over all, many of these custom group buys/etc.

have felt like an ability to pull one over on someone with

little to no actual results of the "intended" goal.




I have lots of information to share - if someone wants

to help lead me into a direction....

#2 Mind_Paralysis

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Posted 28 October 2018 - 01:05 PM

The best way to source a compound is for YOU YOURSELF to take charge of a group  buy - you learn the basics of group buys by asking previous people that made group buys, how they did it.


You need to establish these things:


1. A synthesizer / manufacturer

usually in china, these companies will then send you the product in a big container via post.


2. Purity testing - independent

just because the company says they have created the drug, it doesn't mean they have. so, have it tested with a chemical analysis firm in either Europe or the USA.



Those are the basics. Then you need other things.



3. Get a quote from several companies, decide which one of them have the best ratio of price/reliability - just because a company is cheaper, doesn't mean you should pick them - if they are known to send contaminated materials, then don't pick them.


4. Organize a PR-campaign - you need to hook other people on the idea of manufacturing the drug - try to find people whom would be interested in using the drug, for some reason. Then have them spread the word.


5. Patience - it takes time to get a group buy and custom synthesis off the ground - the reason GB's are used is because it's usually incredibly costly to manufacture a drug, hence why you need to spread the costs.




I also found this chemical pricing guide:



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