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Please help me avoid (unintentional) suicide by MAOI

maoi tyrosine tyramine 9-me-bc

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#1 BrankLucas

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Posted 28 October 2018 - 11:33 PM

My apologies if this is the incorrect subforum, but I did come upon other threads in here regarding MAOI's and tyrosine/tyramine so I'm guessing this might be a good place. I've been taking 1000-1500mg of tyrosine, which would appear to increase the levels of tyramine, although it's unclear how much is broken down into tyramine or how fast, and how fast that tyramine breaks down. My last dose was 1000mg 24 hours ago. The amount of time to wait to ingest tyramine seems obvious and documented(24 hours/2 weeks for reversible or irreversible), but the other way around of ingesting tyramine THEN an MAOI is unclear. Specifically, I want to take the rest of my 9-ME-BC. Wikipedia indicates that carbolines are MAOI-B agonists, and I did just find this bit of literature.




Although use of MAO-A inhibitors may result in hypertension after ingestion of foods rich in tyramine, MAO-B inhibitors do not have this effect, therefore treatment with recommended doses of rasagiline does not necessitate tyramine dietary restrictions. https://www.medscape...rticle/574990_2

But I also just read that many MAO drugs work on both A and B, which I guess could be possible with 9-ME-BC too. I figure if cheese or red wine causes hypertension and a serious headache full bown pure tyrosine will kill somebody. Any relevant info?

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