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The First Longevity Leaders Conference will be Held in London in 2019

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Posted 08 November 2018 - 11:10 AM

The business community includes many supporting organizations that host conferences, cultivate professional networks, and analyze markets and businesses. The biotechnology industry is waking up to the potential of treating aging as a medical condition, particularly now that a sizable amount of venture funding is flowing to the development of the first rejuvenation therapies worthy of the name. The groups that run conferences and business networks are starting to play their part, such as LSX Leaders, a life science business network that is putting together the Longevity Leaders conference early next year. We should expect to see more conference series dedicated to this topic launching in the next few years if the present pace of growth keeps up.

The Longevity Leaders Conference is about both the science of longevity and the business of longevity. Its purpose is to connect the thought leaders, key opinion leaders, CEOs, innovators, and disruptors from the world of life sciences, technology, financial services, government and the investment community to discuss how the grand challenges of Longevity can be tackled, how the significant opportunities can be seized, and to forge the partnerships and relationships to succeed in this new age.

The themes in focus include: The future of the science of ageing, accelerating research and development to enable the eradication of age-related disease and cracking the code to treat ageing as a unitary disease. The future of care: what are the new business models and partnerships needed to support assisted living, the care homes of the future, domiciliary care, chronic care management and end of life care? Realising the potential of the longevity industry revolution: what are the business model innovations in research and development, care, consumer and financial services necessary to ensure success? Derisking longevity: how can companies and pension funds derisk from longevity? What are the best new ideas to manage longevity risk? The technology challenge: realising the potential of new connected and digital health possibilities and the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain to enhance and extend human health lifespans. The investment opportunity: how can investors reap the longevity dividend?

Revolutionary new developments in geroscience and biotechnology, the advent of personalised, precision, and preventative medicine and other disruptive technologies are all converging and conspiring to mean that extending lifespan and healthspan beyond 100 years will soon become the norm. There can be no doubt that the age of longevity is upon us, and it is up to us to tackle its grand challenges - from eradicating age-related disease, and perhaps ageing itself, to redefining the future of care, reimagining retirement living, derisking longevity in financial service industries and developing the commercial and business models that will lead to prosperity in this new age. Those who invest and develop the technology, products and solutions to meet these challenge stand to reap incredible dividends of the multi-trillion longevity industry that will disrupt traditional working norms, challenge virtually all businesses and transform society's structure.

Link: https://www.lsxleade...eaders-congress

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