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REWARD $$: Cure Hypervitaminosis A.

vitamin a hypervitaminosis reward retinol cure

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#1 chung_pao

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Posted 15 November 2018 - 12:30 AM

(Same thread occurs in "Supplement" with more replies, not sure which subforum most suitable.)

Hi Longecity,

Long time no see.

Long story short, I have been suffering from Chronic Hypervitaminosis A for about 5 years now (since October 2013, if I recall correctly.).
It is diagnosed by a doctor and there's no doubt about the cause: which was excessive VA intake coupled with regular intake of various performance enhancing drugs, teas, nootropics, supplements etc.

It culminated in a few episodes of Acute Hypervitaminosis A during preparation for an SAT test I was taking, which was supposed to qualify me for medical school.
I suffered all the typical symptoms of VA toxicity after intake of my habitual Cod liver oil dose, taken with a strong multivitamin, followed by green tea.
I experienced extreme head pain, unlike I ever felt before (see intracranial hypertension), bone and joint pain, dry flaking skin and nausea. Also felt like I would pass out and spent the whole day in bed suffering.

Since then, most of my time and attention has been spent trying to find a cure.
I have looked for 5 years, online and in the real world, and while living in 4 different countries for an extended period of time.
By myself, I have probably spent 10000$ USD on tests in search of a cure already.
My quality of life has been reduced to 5-10% of what it was, and performance in all aspects (social, academic, athletic) has been reduced to nothing; a joke.
I have tried to enjoy a normal life, but every time I consume anything with additional VA, symptoms occur which interrupt.

So, life sucks these days.
Thus I turn to the biohackers and experts at Longecity for a cure that could turn my life around.

And, I'm willing to declare a REWARD aswell.

To the one person who can cure my Chronic Hypervitaminosis A, I will reward 5% of my monthly salary for 5 years time (negotiable).

We can discuss the actual amount in the event that you make a discovery that could help.
A one time payout could also work.
****(Amount is negotiable.)****

So, you can do it because you enjoy a medical challenge, or for profit, or to help another human being, but please consider if you could cure this condition for which doctors have not yet discovered an effective treatment.

Thank you.


I'm suffering from (diagnosed) Chronc Hypervitaminosis A.
Doctors have no treatment for it.
Please help me cure it.
If you'd like compensation for your time, I'd offer a significant reward if you can offer a cure.

I assume a normal treatment protocol would consist of:

*Minimizing VA intake.
*Addition of a treatment that either minimizes VA absorption or increases VA losses.

I'm an honest person and would gladly pay whatever I am able to, if anyone could solve this.

Discussions can be held in this thread or in PM or on messaging apps.

In case the disease is cured, I may post whatever was most helpful here in the thread for future reference.

It would not only save me, but a whole community of other people with the same problem. Discussions are held on other websites among people who all have the same problem, but lack an effective treatment.

Think about it:
The problem is an excess of Retinyl esters (of palmitate or other fatty acids), which saturate storage capacity. Any additional intake causes toxic blood concentrations.

What treatment may inhibit absorption of additional VA, may increase losses to the point of depletion, or simply restore normal VA metabolism?
Any ideas?

Post here or contact by PM.

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#2 KJx

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Posted 11 May 2019 - 08:26 PM

Any updates on your situation? I imagine the key to curing hypervitaminosisA COULD be flushing and/or targetting the liver somehow as it seems to be the most responsible in these things. 


I know many here will be sceptical, but why not give the traditional 'natural liver cleansing' options a try? 

You could try the olive oil and lemon juice method. You could also try drinking very high magnesium mineral water (and not eating anything else) for a day (perhaps several times) to empty your bowels in a safe way. 


You could add 'liver days' to your diet. As in, for example, on some days of the week eat just artichokes, beets, dandelion roots and lots of greens (and their juices) with no oil on these days. 


keto diet could be an interesting solution for you. I imagine the changes it makes in the body might have to do something with VA metabolism. VA might also bind with fats more, so it could help flush them possibly? 


Lastly, make sure to add lots of natural things that help the liver. Again, dandelion is great and silymarin high doses should help too. 


I guess the point of my post is, as there does not seem to be a magic bullet for your condition, you could try to poke the body with these alternative solutions. It might trigger something you did not expect that could help with the HVA. It could be a molecule in one of the plants that help the liver or it could just be the shock from liver/intestine cleansing. You have little to lose by trying these and only possible gains. This is what I would do, at least. 

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#3 chung_pao

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Posted 24 May 2019 - 08:30 AM

Through my own research, collaboration with another victim of HVA (same symptoms and causes) we have arrived at the conclusion that the most likely mechanism that may be curative is inhibition of ASBT (IBAT, SLC10a2).

This inhibits Enterohepatic Recirculation of bile acids and bile salts.

Vit A requires bile salts for absorption.
And is recirculated in bile after absorption.

Thus the fastest way out, is through bile.
Which is also the most effortless. (No enzyme induction required to break it down).

The lead writer of Examine also advised me to look into Enterohepatic Recirculation inhibition as a cure in a private consultation.

Therefore I've now placed an order of Elobixibat, know as "the market's first ASBT inhibitor", currently only available in Japan.

Will start testing in one week.

Until then I'm using Baclofen/Phenibut for symptom reduction.

Gaba B agonism seem to prevent all symptoms (although without curing the disease).

I assume it's by GABA B agonism-mediated antagonism of CCK release. (Google for study).

Edited by chung_pao, 24 May 2019 - 08:32 AM.

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