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Micronutrient therapy for blank mind/SCT

micronutrient treatment blank mind sluggish cognitive tempo sct iron copper zinc

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#1 Breakthrough

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Posted 17 December 2018 - 04:16 PM

Hello all, I have dealt with brain fog through most of my life to the point that it's significantly hampered my personality and uninhibited expression.  My biggest concern is how the cognitive deficit prevents my ability to learn, remember, recall, articulate, understand, be motivated, socialize, think deeply, perform executive functions, and enjoy life.  Over the last 5 months I have gained a few windows of clarity and sharpness that last at least 5 days, and remind me what normal is supposed to feel like.  I have these periodic episodes of reprieve throughout my entire life and have not been able to pin them down; often times they coincide with a pharmacological/brain boost supplement; ie years ago during the first 2 days of Concerta and years ago first week of a GNC supplement called Procera, I was like bradley cooper in limitless.  


I ultimately feel super slow consistenly, although not sad or somber, just cognitively held back. My nutrition labs all look good, with slight deficits in DHA/EPA, B1, B2, B3, magnesium and a bigger one in manganese.  Vitamin B supplements never seemed to do anything for me alone, but I became interested in playing with my mineral levels.


Although I most closely identify with zinc deficiency symptoms, the only improvements from zinc is that I urinate easier and void completely; nothing cognitively.  With copper, I believe I felt some sexual benefits, but still inconclusive with cognitive.  Iron on the other hand, gave my hair volume and rich texture, allowed me to recall some dreams, and was able to provide some cognitive improvement for a duration of at least 5 days each time, but then something would throw off my performance again.  


vit B + iron - good for few days until I took a multivitamin ; I attribute poor reaction to ingredient magnesium stearate but inconclusive

vit B + iron - good for 2 weeks until a workout put me into a slump again

vit B + iron - good for a week until a shot of sake at a sushi restaurant threw me off

vit B + iron - good for few days until I tried to intermittent fast and on 2nd day drank coffee with coconut oil and faded away

vit B + iron - good for few days until I took a handful of fish oils on empty stomach


Anyway, I would like to see if any dealing with severe sluggish cognitive tempo symptoms or dp/dr or 'major depression/bipolar' induced blank mind has managed to improve their symptoms in anyway, and whether anyone has tried micronutrient/mineral therapy.


(I wanted to believe in undermethlyation and pyrrole disorder, but haven't been able to substantiate that with clinical proof.)


Best regards.

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#2 DrewMichael21

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Posted 26 December 2018 - 05:13 AM

 If you do indeed, have a form of SCT, then this is a permanent neurological disorder. Frankly, SCT Is the same thing basically as ADHD-PI, what you need is a  good stimulant medication and take it consistently. I've already recently started taking it and my life is already getting better very quickly. You need to keep in mind their is not enough scientific evidence for verification of SCT, other than some ancedotal studies committed by Dr. Barkley even then I'm moderately Skeptical because Dr. Barkley's views of ADHD while comprehensive are not comprehensive of disorder outcome and disorder effectiveness which is significantly different in being able to treat ADHD correctly. Like yourself, I've experimented with plenty of varying outcomes to assist myself in my own ancedotal performance but matter what I did nothing would stick it was all a temporary artificial scaffold of structure that only existed for as long as I toke medication. If you have ADHD-PI then you will need medication for the rest of your life along with an executive coach and therapy. Their is no other alternative if you wish, to actually manage your symptoms. All nootropic stacks are only useful for when you actually go off your medication for a couple days. Secondly, micronurtrient therapy or micronurtient deficits, is incapable of explaining the pervasive destruction of what ADHD-PI really is. Do not go unmedicated, as you are only doing a disservice to yourself and all those around you. Medication will allow you to reach a semblance of your potential. All the willpower and hardwork in the world IS NOT enough to close the gap between you and neurotypical and it never will. Meditation does not work, yoga does not work, schedules are NOT enough, working out isn't enough, nofap isn't enough, therapy isn't enough, CBT isn't enough, being disciplined isn't enough, nothing was ever even close to managing my symptoms until I got my good ol concera. It's like being a diabetic, without your insulin your wasting your time. I've already been able to fix my sleep routine, did more on medication by washing clothes, started censoring reddit, feel less desire to abuse the internet, ect because I have enough internal STIMULATION to not abuse things. By taking medication you actually have less DESIRE TO abuse shit.  Thirdly, your experiments may be futile because their aren't any neurological disorders or genetic components that really match SCT in exclusion of more profound disorders. ADHD-PI is a very complex disorder and medication is what works. It's better to anticipate the coming of better treatment and newer medication with less side effects then continually messing with pseudoscience.  People love intellectualizing ADHD-PI as if it's this temporary outcome of deficits that only manifest temporarily  but this is simply not the case. With medication I can read the wealth of Nations a 1300 page old english book cover to cover, without it I can barely read 250 pages without taking repeated breaks. ADHD, is like having an empty gas tank, medication fills that gas tank and you can take your car whereever you want. With willpower your fueling the gas tank with piece of shit kerosine gas that will burn out in 1/10 of what an NT(neurotypical) can do.  It's taken along time to accept this disability but it is one just like having bad vision. Does a person who have bad vision deny glasses because he can manage without them? No, he get's it fixed so he can compete in the world around him. I had this realization at my job, when no matter what I did, how I did, how I planned, nor what I ate meant a damn thing. My boss would repeatedly CORRECT me, no matter how many times I worked to fix the details, I would make pitiful mistakes REGARDLESS of what I would DO. I would have a negative thought spiral of rejection sensitivity dsyphoria no matter how much therapy I had. I would be chronically exhausted no matter what I did. No matter how much sleep I got it didn't mean anything. This is REAL ADHD-PI and it is a disability. If this is what you really have, you should see a psychiatrist who speiclaizes in ADHD treatment and test the best medication combo. It will change your life. I reccomend you titrate your dosage, by going on off periods and developing good habits and your life will change like no other. If you do really have, this and your not lazy then you have a long road ahead of you. I'm VERY high functioning and all my awareness and mindfulness IS NOT ENOUGH. Off medication, I lost the ability to sustain myself at the gym, got 1500 in parking tickets, went through 4 jobs in 4 months,  got kicked out of 2 gyms, lost my drivers license, lost an expensive laptop, put myself in vast sums of debt that I'm incapable of paying back, developed new addictive tendencies AFTER FIXING THEM A YEAR EARLIER, damnaged my car, impulsive spending, wasting weeks of life on youtube due to depression, lost ability to attend to details, subject to instant-gratification ect.  This is only the tip of the iceberg of what I experienced because I thought I'd cured myself through hardwork, it's a lie and it will always be a lie.  People would tell me, I'm very smart and nothigns wrong with me. Yet, why would I do this to myself if I'm lazy?  If you want to follow my journey, there's a good reference thread you can check out and you will see my fall from grace. It was an experience I haven't really come to terms with. I didn't even intend for any of this to happen but it DID HAPPEN. This is what ADHD is, things go wrong and NO MATTER what you DO and you don't know why. Had I continued to be unmedicated, I would be homeless. Simply because I just did not have enough energy to do everything.  No matter, what if you have ADHD-PI or SCT like you say you will BURNOUT regardless of what you do. No strategy will ever be enough. This is why it's a disability. Everything you've listed, I've already done it, it's purely placebo. If you eat even a moderately shit diet, you should not have any deficiencies, Diet, doesn't explain what's happening in are brains. In San Jose, I had the most amazing diet, I'll probably ever have. I ate like a god and I still had the same problems of focus.  It is a real form of BRAIN DAMNAGE. It's not a gift and it's not a tool. If you are incapable of executing what you know and unable to sustain an activity towards a constructive outcome but your fellow NT(Neurotypical) monekys, can then your at a DISADVANTAGE.  I recall, when I was at Wendy's no matter what I did, or followed what I approached it I constantly being corrected by intellectually inferior people, because they had what I didn't have. That is executive functions that they didn't have to think about. I knew how to make the food, why to do it, but I simply couldn't do it consistently. So I get corrected over and over until I would get fired. This is what ADHD-PI is. Forgive, this tangential route of information but I wanted to give you some food for thought so you don't waste your time experimenting.  Your in for a long ride, ADHD-PI management is like managing a 5 year old kid, who wants to play with shiny shit all day, it's a full time job and this kid get's to tell you what to do even though you don't want to do it or your brain throws a tantrum.  Your in for a lifetime battle so be prepared, get medicated, and never ever go off it, you'll thank me later. 

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