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This week in brain enhancement, ep8: ritalin, nsi-189, Sympathocor device and more useful news!

ritalin nsi-189 melatonin neuroscience levodopa meditation

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Posted 31 December 2018 - 05:53 PM

News 008: NSI-189, Ritalin, Levodopa, Russian device, Neurofeedback, Near-Death Exp and more updates






Feedback greatly appreciated. ;) 


Thanks a lot to longecity admins for not removing my posts and allowing me to present to Longecity community this content, which might be valuable for the brain enhancement community. It helps a lot! :)


Links reviewed:


01:04 Enhancement of synaptic plasticity and reversal of impairments in motor and cognitive functions [...] https://www.scienced...305999?via=ihub

03:51 Changes in endogenous dopamine induced by methylphenidate predict functional connectivity [...] http://www.jneurosci...CI.2513-18.2018

06:28 Eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamide (EHT) prevents Alzheimer's disease-related cognitive [...] https://www.ncbi.nlm...pubmed/29253878

07:14 Ezogabine treatment shown to reduce motor neuron excitability in ALS patients https://www.eurekale...h-ets121018.php

08:39 Melatonin as a Hormone: New Physiological and Clinical Insights https://academic.oup...edFrom=fulltext

12:20 Ketamine may exert antidepressant effects via suppressing NLRP3 inflammasome to upregulate AMPA [...] https://www.ncbi.nlm...ubmed/30496753/

15:37 Dopamine-dependent prefrontal reactivations explain long-term benefit of fear extinction [levodopa] https://www.nature.c...467-018-06785-y

19:02 Vitamin D deficiency is associated with reduced hippocampal volume and disrupted structural connectivity [...] https://onlinelibrar....1002/hbm.24380

20:30 The association of dietary patterns with migraine attack frequency [...] https://www.tandfonl...5X.2018.1550890

23:12 Mobile Hardware-Information System for Neuro-Electrostimulation https://www.hindawi....y/2018/2168307/

27:58 Ongoing Monitoring of Mindwandering in Avoidant Grief Through Cortico-Basal-Ganglia Interactions https://academic.oup.../nsy114/5232235

36:03 Electrical fingerprint of the amygdala guides neurofeedback training for stress resilience https://www.nature.c...1562-018-0484-3

38:55 Models, movements, and minds: bridging the gap between decision making and action https://nyaspubs.onl...1111/nyas.13973

40:35 Meditation-Induced Near-Death Experiences: a 3-Year Longitudinal Study https://link.springe...2671-018-0922-3

41:51 Real-time Mobile Monitoring of the Dynamic Associations Among Motor Activity, Energy, Mood, and Sleep [...] https://jamanetwork....bstract/2717967

43:14 Acute high-intensity interval exercise induces greater levels of serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor in obese individuals https://journals.sag...535370218812191

44:28 An active cognitive lifestyle as a potential neuroprotective factor in Huntington's disease https://www.scienced...028393218307255

More links [reddit, press release, references, etc.] for this video studies on brainupdates.com video page [soon]



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