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Do you still take PQQ? Lions Mane? Desmodium Adscendens review.

pqq lions mane desmodium adscendens

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Posted 10 January 2019 - 10:17 PM

Do you still take PQQ? I was considering starting it again since I have had some nerve pain popping up that I would enjoy getting rid of. I was taking it for a while and had good success with it, seemingly, or did I? I question because I have not really done much to inflame nerves or reinjure them but some probems seem to be arrising from old injuries, though tolerable it is rather annoying. When I was taking it I was also using ALCAR, NA-Lipoic Acid, Reduced glutathione sublingual, citrulline, and a few other supplements. I tried it again but after doing some research I thought I came acorss something saying it suppressed intercelluar glutathione perhaps? I know from personal Experience taking Moringa has increased intercelluar glutathione so I stopped the sublingual glutathione reduced. I was in an experimental phase of trying to achieve better longevity. Now I am leaning towards more organic whole source means. I enjoyed PQQ somewhat though. 


Does anyone use lions mane?


I did a 3 month phase of 10 grams a day of wild harvested and milled desmodium adscendens that I picked up from myherbs net and am impressed. My liver has been revamped to the maximum it seems. It is winter now but my skin is so white, but really healthy looking, not white in a watery or translucent way. n and am still using Moringa. I have been using Moringa dry powder probably 5 grams a day used to be a Tablespoon but since dropped it down to about a teaspoon and about a teaspoon of Triphala powder. My intercellular glutathione seemingly is much more than at anytime I recall in my life. I had combined all 3 and never has my liver been better. I had read desmodium adscendens  can rebuild the liver so much that people reported that they had no more Hepatits C , I am no doctor, and had no liver problems before trying desmodium adscendens and only tried because I had read that. I figured why not try since I already take Moringa and Triphala to boost intercellular glutathione. My skin has never looked better. Not to mention the lung function improvements. I may order some more to do another round since I smoked for 13 years.


If you have smoked in your life or worked around dioxins or toxic chemicals I can not recommend desmodium adscendens enough. My arterial function has improved, my skin has improved,  my breathing has improved. After writing this review I am going to order some more actually. 


Let me know what you think.

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