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Qualia, how much to take

nootropic qualia

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#1 funkmasterG

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Posted 14 January 2019 - 12:03 AM

My main question in regards to this (esp for those of you who already have exp with Qualia) is how much did you take. The one i have is "Qualia Focus" and it suggests taking 5 capsules in the morning before eating. I don't like the sound of that for 2 reasons, for one ( i mentioned this in a prev post) I was trying to find a "pre made stack" that gave me the most bang for my buck esp since im a broke college student, and I was actually happy with this cuz it wasn't "too" expensive and it comes with 100 capsules, but...if it is suggesting to take 5 capsules daily then that bottle will go by pretty quick. The 2nd reason I don't really like the idea of taking 5 is that is just seems a bit excessive, I have personally never taken more than 3 capsules of any kind of nootropic in a day, and I look at the back of the bottle and seeing all those various things, and those various number (120mg, 1200mcg, 450mg, etc) and think about how much im putting into my stomach all at once, it seems a bit daunting and i dont want to get a stomach ache either or worse, vomit. So does anyone have exp with this nootropic stack, I was thinking about maybe only starting at 3 capsules in the morning, do you think that is enuff. Keep in mind I am also taking other stuff (multi vitamins, fish oil, ginko biloba, and might still take noocube which i know for example also has bacopa monieri just like Qualia). Any help is appreciated.


Thank You

#2 pamojja

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Posted 14 January 2019 - 10:44 AM

With any supplement it is always best to start with the lowest possible dose, and increase gradually over weeks, months or years. That way an always possible adverse reaction wont be as strong, and you're enabled to know what to expect at which doses.

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#3 experimenting

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Posted Today, 12:29 AM

OP, you don't have the right attitude towards noots. Qualia has a variety of things in it, not all of which will help you. Especially with the brain, one-size doesn't fit-all; you need to identify your problem/objectives and decide on a course of action.


More I look at the product, more ridiculous it looks. Mixes various adaptogens, cholinergics, amino acids, vitamins...what exactly are they doing?

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