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Critique Of Overmineralization Theory Available?

iron resveratrol

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#1 eighthman

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Posted 04 February 2019 - 12:42 AM



This article is dated Jan. 2019 and asserts that the overmineralization theory of aging has not been challenged.


Intuitively, the hypothesis looks good.  I have tried to find a pro and con critique of it - both here and on google generally and found nothing.


Anybody got some contrary evidence?  If not, I am inclined by nature to accept it as a likely truth until knocked down.

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#2 Dorian Grey

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Posted 22 February 2019 - 02:40 AM

I'm surprised overmineralization & Ferrotoxic Disease doesn't get more attention.  The evidence is compelling, and certainly is piling up.  I've got a collection on this here: 




Bill Sardi's thesis on: "A Unifying Theory of Aging" has a lot of interesting angles on overmineralization.  


It would be very hard to argue any condition (overmineralization) that promotes high level hydroxyl radical formation might not be something we all want to avoid.  


What I like most about practicing iron homeostasis for longevity is that it is so easy to do, and there really is no downside provided you don't get carried away and become briefly anemic.  


Blood donation is remarkably save and effective, & Curcumin, Quercetin & IP6 are all quite benign chelators.  


More isn't always better, but if you can remember this caution, it difficult to imagine how tweaking transition metals (iron & copper) lower as we age would not provide a substantial benefit; no Spartan diets, calorie restricting, or grueling exercise required.  It's been my fountain of youth for over 30 years (donated over six gallons of blood).  


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