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#1 it99ts

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Posted 18 April 2019 - 04:38 PM

I'm approaching the final 4 months of my batch purchase of a NAD precursor. My supps are costing me a mini fortune and often (perhaps not on patent molecules) it's driven by outrageous markup.


My Current Stack:

NAD, Super Ubiquinol, Bio Curcumin, Multi-Vit, Pterostilbene, SuperBA Krill Oil, etc (there's more but I've become iffy on them)


I want to:


1) batch pay annual supply of supps stack (not just a NAD precursor)

2) work out which supps make it onto the new stack


Then, I'd like feedback to gauge interest levels on:


3) pooling the money together from multiple folk

4) sourcing the best molecules and using purchasing power to get drive the best price

5) doing it myself - or more cheaper - hiring some dude/dudette to do this 


Short term goals: kickstarting a (1) zero profit (2) balance book neutral - supplement business. Any profit is (1) plowed back into business for new business lines or (2) given back to the customer at the end of the tax year - how refreshing!

--costs, prices, turnover, markup, all transparent

Mid term goals: extend that purchasing power into tests (blood, genetics, gut biome, etc)

Long term goals: extend further into other areas - e.g. Stem Cell Storage - company in states charging $500/year two store 2 testubes of stems cells - my contact who works cryo bio-space says "that price is a ripoff".


For this to have some viability, we're looking at logs to the order of 100 - 1000 people. 


Take the above as a brainstorm, please.


Should we be paying the batshit-crazy markups or there a better way? All ideas welcome...

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