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33 Steps to Losing Your Virginity (For Men) Infographic + Documentary

lose virginity no fap sex red pill mgtow incel

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#1 jroseland

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Posted 22 April 2019 - 10:24 AM

In these 33 steps I'm going to break down everything that you need to do to finally lose your virginity. And I'll add, lose your virginity in a meaningful way.



As a documentary/video course

#2 CalumJones

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Posted 19 July 2019 - 12:25 AM

Nice effort for a post, shame it's obvious B.S.


NoFap is admittedly a nice way for ugly men to lower their standards enough to hook up with a sweaty 350 lb mess. I assume this links somehow with testosterone levels which are mentioned later? Sadly testosterone levels are nearly meaningless. Unless you have literal Low Testosterone before the normal human range (which is sometimes because of stuff like low Vit D, poor thyroid function) anything in the natural range is a scam.


Trust me. I have used 500 mg of testosterone per week. The mindset alterations are less than even trenbolone. I think people get an initial "wow I'm biologically more manly than anyone I walk past!" psychological boost which wanes over time. Tren base (as in tren without an ester) hits hard and fast - usually in an hour and a half - and the effect is more noticeable but still minimal. For example, you feel a kind of smug cockiness, and stimmy effect, but in terms of actual social anxieties and the rest of it, it is not that helpful. And obviously for one thing trenbolone is harsh on the body, and certain other "meds" or "substances" will provide the same feeling but 100x stronger - but none of this is good for anyone withing to prolong their lifespan as is the goal of this forum so I guess thisis the nonsense one has to cope with.


Parts of mindfulness are proven for social anxiety, HOWEVER, this specifically applies to in anxious moments to try and pull yourself into the present - since most social anxiety is based on "expectation" (in other words, say you are walking up to a reception desk and have anxiety real bad, before you even GET to the desk, your mind is freaking out that something will go wrong - this is where mindfulness has proven useful). With that said, mindfulness is LESS effective by far than medication, and CBT. CBT and medication actually show similar results, albeit CBT results tend to last longer after treatment. Do not quote B.S. about the "dangers of SSRIs", I have at least 10 up to date psychology textbooks dealing specifically with biopsychology and disorders such as this and depression which contains far more data.


Personally I consider my life to have been fixed by the medication sertraline (also known as Zoloft). Before sertraline I would tend to suffer very bad emotional breakdowns either every 2 or 4 weeks. Since being bumped up to 200 mg (this is the maximum prescribed dose btw) I have not had a serious breakdown once. I will not elaborate on these breakdowns that I used to have but they were very bad and only one person on WhatsApp is really aware of how bad... People just scare others away from medication that will fix their life, it's almost homeopathy tier... Sad... By the way I have ZERO side effects whatsoever, including with erection quality. NO sides. And that's 200 mg. Everyone differs but that's just me.


Studying "social dynamics" is obviously something for autists who need a blueprint to have a conversation. Obviously normal people have learned social interaction and awareness since they were born. Most people in a normal range of social abilities are able to hold a conversation and not creep someone out or send them running assuming they are initially interested. So it's essentially purely for autism sufferers - and for them it may well be of help.


Lifting is quite right, although as a caveat it should be pointed out that not all men need muscles. For example, some men have no muscle at all and yet still look "cool" or "alpha", like the types you might see in prison covered in tatts, or skinnyass rockers with tatts. Some men have some muscle but are old AF but still look "alpha" or "cool". For myself personally I have found that without being jacked I look beta and estrogenic so I do have to carry muscle. Unfortunately your bro-split probably leaves out face day... True ugly men who look alpha/cool are better off than some wimpy looking beta where their size and wimpyness is an actual issue - but as long as you have the image, your physical beauty will put you clearly above everyone else and you will dominate rather easily in fact. Another small caveat is that this is again assuming the man is in the socially normal range.


Keto should help with water retention. IIRC it's bad on bulk. I choose instead to cut out completely gluten and dairy, to which I feel I am allergic - and to keep to a very low level sugars (even natural ones from potatos etc) and sodium I also tend to drink 6L of water daily. As a side note, all sugar speeds up the aging of the skin through "Advanced Glycalation End Products". Supplements can help with this to a degree, but keeping sugar intake lower is of course preferable and should keep your insulin sensitivity in range. Berberine is a natural supplement which can also help with insulin sensitivity as I believe.


Very true weight loss helps MOST people, although I have ironically seen a very small number of men who actually looked better when fat, because when skinny they look pathetic and wimpy as compared to before, where they were more overweight but manly. FORGET biohacking your face lol, unless you get on a true skincare regime (obviously I have my own which I created from an academic dematology book I can recommend if there is interest) your pretty much going to look basically he same in structure... "Hypertrophying" your masseters via chewing gum tends to actually make your jaw look "puffy" and "bloated" in most cases and should be avoided. True alterations of the face are only really possible with changes in body composition and cosmetic procedures. The tight angular face you mention is likely due to the very low body fat (most of these individuals probably have defined abs). HGH and I think very androgenic compounds can add width. But be warned HGH leads to acromegaly type appearance and is actually quite dangerous if used above a doctor-prescribed amount.


As mentioned previously natty testosterone is close to a scam. There is no difference really in being on 500 mg a week than on your natty amount which, trust me, is at least 3x lower than that even if you're the most naturally alpha man on earth. The difference that comes is from body changes and - with that - facial changes (due to the loss of body fat, adding more definition), which makes you more physically attractive and confident. If you are moonfaced on Superman T levels and fat you will not feel attractive lol. The very unhealthy "trenbolone" does something but is SOMEWHAT ineffective if you are inhibited or whatever. That said, when you reach a certain physical size you feel naturally more confidence because psychologically you feel like you could defend yourself.


I lol'd at "learn game" since it reminds me of PUAs who are often close to virgins or rely on easy tourists etc. Unfortunately my friend, the main factor in picking up women is your appearance. This is usually mainly looking part of the "in crowd" but especially along with beauty. If you have normal social skills you are not going to find yourself rejected when you are jacked and look like you fit into that crowd.


Don't ever mention salsa dancing again LMFAO. That is straight from PUA 101. Go to real clubs. Salsa is NOT how actual people dance in nightclubs unless you're in some Spanish senorita village. In real nightclubs when people dance they are basically feeling each other up (obviously I don't mean groping but there is a lot of body contact, and women appear to especially enjoy grinding for some reason). It's essentially dry sex the majority of the time. That's the way it is these days. By the way as a nootropic fan you will be pleased to know that phenibut gives your dancing skills a 10+ boost. You will dance with such smoothness and uninhibition, same with making out, you will be elite tier.


Picking up foreign visitors to your country or recent migrants takes so little effort that probably a WoW virgin could walk out of his basement, up to a 10/10 Russian FoB and date her. Don't question me, I've been into central plenty of times both at night and day, and I know exactly how easy they are, and I know that's exactly why ugly PUAs try to scam their gullible students by filming themselves talking to Eastern Europeans.


Abundance is like kiddywink stuff in my view. It's why you get those pathetic "RSD Jeffys" alone in their 40s with virgins thinking he's "cool". Like people who refuse to fall in love. In fact, real love, especially lasting love, is the peak of human experience. Unfortunately most people date out of convenience. Most people also cheat. I personally would not - that's just me - but I know most of both genders would and I have hooked up with women who had boyfriends. I don't mind - but for THEM I don't admire this behavior at all. I would only ever become exclusive with a girl if I felt I could truly be happy with her and never need to look at another woman again. That is personal opinion.




But essentially, in real practice, the best way to actually become sexually successful (or romantically) is:


1) Fix your image (FYI, a beta wimp in cool clothes OFTEN still looks like a beta wimp, so there's more to it than clothing lol). This may include hair changes, facial hair changes, clothing changes, size changes, it's different for everyone.


2) Fix your physical appearance. Again it's the same as the above except image is more to do with "fitting a certain crowd" whereas beauty is beauty. You can be great looking facially but look beta AF. Coversely you can be ugly as sin but look alpha AF. Ultimately you want to look both socially "in" and physically beautiful on top to really dominate.


These are the two main factors and will basically dictate your success rate unless you are socially abnormal...


3) Have nomal social skills:


a. If you have Social Anxiety Disorder try medication such as Zoloft or Paxil. Paxil is more noted for weight gain so you may wish to opt for Zoloft first. In various double blind studies compared to placebo, these two SSRIs have the greatest effect for social phobia. I should add, the response rate to MAOIs is only a little bit higher and yet the risks are enormously higher - so no it's not some scam that your doctor won't just put you on straight up Parnate, it's because you could POTENTIALLY literally DIE from taking some random OTC medication while on it, or even for some people if you eat cheese or cured meats and many other food/drink types. The slightly higher response rate means it IS likely better to try the SSRIs I mentioned first, and there is one SNRI I forget the name of but I think it starts with V.


b. Implement some kind of CBT therapy. I recommend getting the practitioners book by Dr. Leahy. PERSONALLY I paid for it but uhm... We all know some people know ways to "obtain" things.


c. Practice mindfulness concepts DURING anxious moments to try to eliminate the fear of what it coming up. Bring focus onto the present. Yes this is the least effective of the three but still medically proven to a degree.


4) If you have autism:


You will probably literally need to learn how to navigate social situations, sadly. I cannot offer coment on this.

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