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Supplement regimen and results -- suggestions, observations appreciated

nmn cholesterol niacin

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#1 brian1965

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Posted 12 June 2019 - 06:23 PM

Male, 54, 6'1", 208, semi-active, eat mostly veggies/fish/lentils/oats/no sugar, BP has consistently been in good range (120/80).


In late 2017, I was 235 lbs and had a pretty bad diet.  My cholesterol numbers were high, and doctor suggested baby aspirin and a statin.  Instead, I decided to give diet, exercise and supplements a try.  I started on a supplement regimen in early 2018 (along with improved diet and exercise), and the numbers have been mostly improving, especially on my most recent test in May 2019 -- though triglycerides are still high for some reason.


I'm curious what people here think might have been the biggest factor(s) in the improvement, and what I might do to improve the triglyceride numbers.  I know I have another 20 lbs or so to lose, and could be better about the exercise regimen (so far it's just walking/jogging few days a week).  Bad cholesterol runs in my family, though tests indicate it's not genetic, i.e. not FD (familial cholesterima).


Here's the stack:

  • Niacin - 2g/day ("Endur-acin" extended release) - am only.
  • Plant Sterols/Stanols - 5.4g/day ("CholestOff+"- 2.6g 2X/day) - am & pm.
  • Krill Oil - 3.75g/day ("Viva Products" - 1.875g 2X/day) - am & pm. 
  • NMN sublingual - 1g/day (ABN, .5g 2X/day) - am & pm.
  • NR oral - 1g/day (TruNiagen .5g 2X/day) - am & pm.
  • Probiotics - 1 pill/day (RenewLife Ultimate Flora 50B strains) - am only.
  • Vitamin D3 - 5,000 IUs - am only.
  • Multivitamin 2x/day (Centrum Silver) - am & pm.
  • Garlic extract - 4g/day ("Sundown Naturals" odorless - 1g 2x/day) - am & pm.

Here are the results:


                                    Ref. range                  2008           2012       Dec-2017       Feb-2018       Jun-2018       Oct-2018       May-2019

-------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

HDL                               40-200                                                               46                    47                 56                    68                 69


LDL                                 0-100                         192              170           202                196                184                 213                123


Total Cholesterol        125-200                        281              247           304                280                 286                316                224


Triglycerides                  0-150                                                              279                183                 247                176                206


Total/HDL Ratio              < 3.5                                                              6.61                5.96               5.11                4.65              3.25


Non-HDL Cholesterol     < 130                                                              258                233                 230                 248               155




I'm also interested in overall longevity, and have been supplementing with that goal in mind as well.  I've recently added 500mg/day metformin to the above, and am thinking of adding weekly rapamycin as well.



Thanks in advance for suggestions and observations.




#2 WillNitschke

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Posted 16 July 2019 - 10:53 AM

Everyone is trying to figure these things out. What's your fasting glucose number and your a1c number?

A couple of suggestions, consider adding vitamin D, C, K2 and magnesium supplements. Many people (possibly most) are deficient in these or need more than the recommended doses.


Rather than focus on 'loosing weight' review what you eat. Because caloric restriction sucks. You will drop weight whether you want to or not, if you cut out all the sugars and reduce your starchy carb intake. You sound nearly there anyway. I'm not really into 'low carb'. I'm more of a moderate carb sort of guy at this point, and I've found I can eat as much protein, good fats and healthy carbs (green leafy vegetables etc.) as I want and not worry about weight. I suspect the biggest impact will be what you choose to eat.

You might also want to adopt a more serious exercise regime and introduce some resistance training. Do compound movements only.

Also, isn't rapamycin rather toxic? (As in potentially dangerous.)

As for metformin, Why? Are you diabetic? Some new research is strongly suggesting that metformin will cancel out much (well, a lot anyway) of the benefits of physical exercise. Unless you need it to control your blood sugar I'd question your wisdom on that one.



Edited by WillNitschke, 16 July 2019 - 10:57 AM.

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