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Anyone know if taking DMSO orally is safe? It seems useful for potentiating herbs when mixed in a capsule!


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#1 jacobjerondin

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Posted 28 June 2019 - 05:35 PM

So I got some syrian rue 20x extract online and it seems to be helping my anhedonia a decent bit. It has absolutely a godsend after not being able to enjoy anything and feeling dissociated all the time after misusing f-phenibut and phenibut for a couple months.

The guy I got it from told me that it doesn't always seem to absorb/work well and so I could try mixing some DMSO with the extract in a capsule to increase the absorption. He gave some what I believe is food grade, safe to ingest, fairly pure DMSO (I trust him on that). He also told me it was fine to ingest DMSO in small amounts and that it wouldn't make me smell bad or anything if I took it in small amounts orally.

So far, it does seem like the DMSO does indeed make the extract work a good bit better but I am not at all sure if it's safe to be taking the DMSO this way, even tho it's just a couple mLs. It's very hard to find information online about people taking DMSO orally, there are a few reports on using it that way for joint pain/inflammation but a lot of the websites they're posted on seem questionable.

Also, I saw on researchgate that a lot of scientific researchers were saying that it's a terrible idea to take in internally since it's a strong solvent and can have all kinds of unpredictable effects in our bodies. There was one guy on there saying that DMSO is actually pretty safe when taking internally so I don't really know what to think overall.

I know there is a ton of risk with using DMSO topically but I'm careful to not get any on my skin. I know it can also irritate the lungs or something like that if you inhale it but I make sure I don't. I'm specifically asking about oral usage here and whether taking a couple mLs of DMSO regularly would be anything to be concerned about. Any insight from people would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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