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Trying to find a chemistry\tincture expert!


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Posted 21 October 2019 - 04:18 AM

Desired solution:

120 mg - caffeine

200mg - l theanine

300mg - Alpha GPC

1.5g - L tyrosine

1g - agmatine

(typical dose) - CoQ10

(typical dose) - PQQ

(typical dose for a nootropic effect) - creatine

100mg - Phosphatidylserine

(typical dose)  - ashwagandha 

(typical dose)  - Methyl B complex

MAYBE (typical dose)  - ester c (if possible... if not...I notice no difference...no biggie)

I rather not use alcohol as my solvent since I plan on drinking this 3 times a day. I also wouldn't mind 2-3 separate bottles\tinctures of the desired compound(s) above. My plan is obtain desired solution above, then mix it with 10 grams of flowering quince extract along with a CBD and CBG tincture in the same drink. 


So it will be the following:


Nootropic solution from above

10 grams of flowering quince liquid extract 



all added separately to the same drink.  Ideally I would have 3 separate tinctures. 

1. with the nootropic solution above

2. One with concentrated flowering quince extract

3.  One with 50% CBD and CBG 


Then put all three tinctures in the same drink, like a sprite, swirl it around and drink it.  


I am not that savvy with chemistry to see if there would be any interactions and such, I, however, am willing to offer payment for someone to come up with a solution. If you have the expertise and the knowledge, please reply or DM me..etc. This would be my long term solution for ADD and taking such a large stack has become a nuisance. I would not mind investing in a solution.  


What I am looking for:


A detailed solution on creating the solution. Without the physical solution; just instructions. 



to create a non alcholic solution, you must first 

1. boil water then mix caffeine 

2. cool water down, then add l -theanine


and on fourth.


Then when you have a solution, make sure you list the recommended solvents to use for flowering quince and cbd\cbg.  I.e. glycerin and MCT oil.  To avoid any interactions.  


Essentially instructions for the whole thing :) 


Name your price for your work then reply or DM me!

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