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Charles Brenner: everyone buying the NMN story is being hoodwinked


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#31 able

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Posted 18 January 2020 - 06:05 PM

Neither NDI or GRAS is required.


Chromadex was busy selling Niagen for a long time before they published the first human study and filed for NDI and GRAS.


For Dr Brenner to now fault Dr Sinclair on NMN seems very dishonest to me.


Of course there are many sellers of NMN and it is difficult to weed out those that might be junk.   Those that post test results from 3rd party labs are probably a safe bet.


For Dr Brenner to say any NMN is contaminated with caffeine, without any proof, is quite desperate.  Surely Chromadex tests the NMN from bigger sellers and would post results if they found caffeine in any samples.



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#32 Kentavr

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Posted 18 January 2020 - 07:33 PM

Very detailed press release GeneHarbor. I advise you to read it.




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#33 p75213

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Posted 18 January 2020 - 11:44 PM



NMN decomposes very slowly at room temperature if they are in a crystalline state. Alivebynature sells crystalline form of NMN

"Our pure NMN is bioengineered to have thermostability and pH stability. This stable form of NMN retains 98% potency for three months and over 97% potency for six months at temperatures ranging from 39.2 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Testing performed after two years of storage at room temperature found a purity of 93%.

NMN products not ingested for 3 months or longer may be refrigerated to ensure they maintain full potency. "

Link to the source: https://alivebynatur...in-its-potency/

I think this is very good.


If you think that NMN is too expensive, soon its price will drop significantly, since the Chinese company GENE HARBOR (HONG KONG) BIOTECHNOLOGIES LTD has invested in the construction of a huge plant for the production of NMN to make it cheaper.

Here is the news: http://m.inpai.com.c...n102933996.html

If you doubt their qualifications, then I can tell you that this is a high-tech company that has invested a huge amount of money in the development of enzyme technologies. Since 2007, it has been located in a science park in Hong Kong.

Link: https://www.bastille... a2% e6% 95% 88

Here is the website of this company: http://www.nmn-health.com/
Here is her other site: http://www.geneharbortech.com.hk/

If you think the product is unsafe, be aware that this is the only NMN manufacturer to have a GRAS certificate.

Please keep us informed when the price drops and where to purchase online.

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