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canned foods ready to eat buy

potential outbreak danger

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#1 kurdishfella

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Posted 28 February 2020 - 01:47 PM

Hey guys, as you know regarding the new virus that is spreading among people I wanna be ready in case it hits hard were I live and when I say ready I mean the necessary food, water and other supplies. I haven't seen much discussion in regards to preparedness if everything goes real bad. Will it be like the movies humans will kill each other for food? do I need to buy weapons? All I know is right now is to stay in less populated areas not to go into big crowds or if I drop something to not pick it up / touch the ground as it is a high marker for the potential of getting infected. I don't know what to do but I have a family of six and I feel responsible for doing something and not just be a sitting duck. 


A) What type of water should I get that could last me years and what would be the best way to contain it keep it fresh?

B) Are there any online stories where you can buy prepared food which you can also store for a long time?

C) If needed what type of weapons should I get just to be able to defend myself or my family?

D) What type of bag is handy to have to store everything or whatever?


I can see this (pandemic) lasting for a few years so if it comes to we have to run from our house into the countryside (away from everyone) because the infection is too great to escape it otherwise. All you really need is food, water and clothes to keep you warm for a few years and wait it out somewhere far from everyone. But how would one know it is over without the internet or something if you have no way off accessing the current state of time? Is there anything I'm missing?

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#2 Mind

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Posted 28 February 2020 - 05:44 PM

First of all, the mortality rate outside of China is less than 2%. Unless the Chinese are lying about the origins of the virus and true mortality rate (knowing communists, this is possible), then this is not going to be a societal collapse. I am not worried at all.




1. Water. Have a short term supply of regular bottled water - a couple of cases. Clear plastic bottles can be re-used to sterilize water. Just put water in the bottle and in the sun for a couple of days and the UV light will kill the bacteria. The surface water in the U.S and Canada is considered to be "virus-free" so not much worry there. Otherwise for long-term water needs get a good water filtration device. I have a Katadyn that can purify up to 13,000 gallons of water with one filter.


2. For food, canned goods are the easiest to get, more tasty, and will last a couple of years past their expiration date. Dried "prepper" foods might last longer, but most of it goes to waste because people never eat it, because it isn't that tasty. The most dense caloric food is fat. Fat uses up less space and will feed you a lot longer than carbs or proteins. Lard and coconut oil have the longest shelf life. For fresh greens, almost every weed in the typical lawn is edible. Dandelions taste awful but every part of the plant is edible and nutritious.

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#3 Dorian Grey

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Posted 29 February 2020 - 08:12 AM

The most likely scenario we're looking at is either self imposed or mandated home quarantine, for perhaps up to a month.  I did some prepping this week.  Canned goods, eggs, butter, coffee, and just in case, a 20 pound bag of rice (which cost only $11).  Even if everything else runs out, rice with butter is a hot meal that will satisfy (sort of).  Toilet paper also something you might not want to run out of.  The 20 pounds of rice aside, this is all stuff I will eventually use, so no reason not to stock up.  


I expect lights/power/water, phone & internet will stay up, but the possibility of roaming desperados is a bit disturbing. I've kept a small caliber pistol for home protection, but bought some fresh ammo.  Found a 7 inch fish filleting knife at Walmart that came with a handy-dandy sheath for just $7.  I can keep this in my car and even conceal it in my pants when I'm venturing out and about.  The long, thin blade is remarkably impressive, which is important if you want to stop potential adverse encounters in their tracks.  It looks almost like a dagger.  


Got to admit, I felt kind of silly checking out at the grocers with all my canned goods, TP & rice, but as I was doing this, the cashiers were talking about how unusually busy it was.  "What's going on"?  This actually spooked me more than anything else to date.  Felt like I was in a movie.  

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