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iodine supplementation for dry skin and low LH


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#1 faxmulder

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Posted 25 May 2020 - 10:26 AM

Hi guys,
M34 here.
I have some low thyroid symptoms, such as brain fog, overthinking, dry skin and scalp, cold extremities (NB. I have low-grade varicocele).
My last bloodworks showed low Vit D and low LH. I just started supplementing Vit D (3000UI) together with Vit K2, Vit E and fish oil.
I was thinking about supplementing kelp (which has 150mcg of iodine). Do you think it could help with my issues and raise LH values?
Is it necessary to supplement cofactors recommended in the “iodine protocol”, i.e. magnesium, selenium, Vit C and Vit B2, B3?
Besides iodine, do you know if there is anything else that could help with low LH? I’ve seen some advices about agmatine, forskolin and ashwagandha.


#2 8bitmore

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Posted 25 May 2020 - 02:33 PM

In my experience it is not unlikely that iodine will help with circulation and skin health although I would be aiming at using a Lugol's like solution (and roughly take 1000mcg as bare minimum per day). Experiment consistently (i.e. keep a log of responses over time and make sure to log brands and dosages used) until you find out what works for you; realistically this can take years and what works may well have very little to do with what is "right on paper" or what other people's opinion may be. All best,

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