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A natural product solution to aging and aging-associated diseases

natural products aging aging-associated diseases longevity mechanism of action (moa) anti-aging therapies

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Posted 20 September 2020 - 04:13 PM








P A Y W A L L E D   S O U R C E :  Mechanisms of Ageing and Development







Aging is a natural biological progress accompanied by the gradual decline in physiological functions, manifested by its close association with an increased incidence of human diseases and higher vulnerability to death. Those diseases include neurological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer, many of which are currently without effective cures. Even though aging is inevitable, there are still interventions that can be developed to prevent/delay the onset and progression of those aging-associated diseases and extend healthspan and/or lifespan.
Here, we reviewed decades of research that reveals the molecular pathways underlying aging and forms the biochemical basis for anti-aging drug development. Importantly, due to the vast chemical space of natural products and the rich history of herb medicines in treating human diseases documented in different cultures, natural products have played essential roles in aging research.
Using several of the most promising natural products and their derivatives as examples, we discussed how natural products serve as an inspiration resource that helped the identification of key components/pathways underlying aging, their mechanisms of action inside the cell, and the functional scaffolds or targeting mechanisms that can be learned from natural products for drug engineering and optimization. We argue that natural products might eventually provide a solution to aging and aging-associated diseases.
1. Introduction
2. Aging and aging-associated diseases
    2.1. Aging, lifespan and healthspan
    2.2. Aging-associated diseases
3. Major pathways underlying aging
    3.1. Nutrient-sensing pathways and aging
    3.2. Proteostasis network and aging
    3.3. Mitochondrial dysfunction and aging
    3.4. Sirtuins/NAD+ and aging
    3.5. Senescence and aging
4. Potential anti-aging drugs from natural products and their derivatives
    4.1. Rapamycin
    4.2. Metformin
    4.3. Resveratrol
    4.4. Aspirin
    4.5. Berberine
    4.6. Curcumin
    4.7. Quercetin
    4.8. Celastrol
5. Conclusion and outlook

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