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ADHD like symptoms and risperidone... Nootropics aftertaste

risperidone adhd nootropics piracetam

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Posted 11 October 2020 - 10:56 AM

Nootropics. I tried them. Have had done a neuropsychological testing, in 3 days like 2 hours intervals. The test showed no ADHD suspectibility.
So no medication is going to be prescribed. I did took piracetam nicergoline memantine for long term these 3 medications. Nootropics.

They were bad, I end up hallucinating, and describing my own situation like hearing voices.

My cognition wasn't increased, and i ordered stuff from the internet, oxiracetam and other racetams. Focus inability, has become more apparent with higher dose of the racem is, more distractable, irratable. Im suspectible to mood swings, bipolar disorder. 4-5 mood swings a day manic hypomanic. Risperidone cured it with very few side effects low dose. 0.5-1mg/day it is very beneficial, now im able to think more clearly, and it is very good for me.
I have seen a study that said risperidone increases gray matter, why do people hate risperidone so much ,because schizophrenics take it...?
risperidone was benefiting my OCD also. But Im unable to focus long term because i have thoughts popping out in my head which makes me wandering things which bothers me or cause anxiety....
I have serious obsessive compulsive disorder like too much time i spend on pubmed with no point, or too much time i spend on tinder with no point , when i sit on a school lesson my thoughts are wandering unable to focus..Neuropsychologist did run a few test and said its not adhd im able to concentrate greatly.,will risperidone lessen my problem, wandering thoughts or too much thought unable to let them go?


i take 1mg risperidone and 100mg fluvoxamine currently want to start piracetam again because of memory. but i dont know if it would be benefitted from it i dont remember my own experiences, but when i started the memory was better for a while.

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