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Taping your mouth shut at night

sleep snoring gingivitis dry mouth sleep quality

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#1 shp5

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Posted 08 December 2020 - 08:09 AM

Dry air season made me wake up repeatedly with painfully dry mouth, which is a known problem for me and I strongly suspect it worsens my problems with gingivitis and sore throats.

Upon researching it I found the recommendation for taping my mouth shut at night. am a very picky sleeper, tolerated it surprisingly well, no dry mouth obviously. 3m micropore surgical tape. will report back again in a few weeks.


also found a guy on amazon who does his own nightly spO2 measurements and said that nasal strips gave him an improvement of 1-2 percent, other OTC devices (including those recommended in the following book) didn't. ordered some to see.


Advice emanates from the Buteyko (breathing) method



article that started the idea for me






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#2 shp5

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Posted 14 January 2021 - 09:48 AM

Still at it, I definitely recommend it. No more dry mouths, no more bad breath in the morning, improved sleep quality.

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#3 platypus

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Posted 14 January 2021 - 04:21 PM

I've also been doing this for some to stop snoring and it works surprisingly well. I'm a bit anxious about taping my mouth fully shut so I just put a 2cm - long piece at the centre of my mouth lip-to-lip. If I want I can breathe past the tape through my mouth. This makes it possible to apply the tape even if the nasal passages are not open at the time of going to bed. 

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#4 DaveX

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Posted 16 January 2021 - 03:23 AM

It's probably hard on the nasal airways after a while. You are clearly no allergic of the nose or airways, so you might not notice, but maybe you still store up some residues of dry slime clogging or altering your sense of smell (as one notices from blowing one's nose well). Maybe unless one changes the pillow and everything quite frequently or lies only face upwards.

There might also be a minor issue that causes this dryness in the first place. Blocking or downregulating the 5-HT3 and 5-HT4 receptors, for example, can cause dryness and lack of motility of the esophagus and whole digestive tract.

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#5 kurdishfella

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Posted 08 June 2021 - 11:40 PM

Mouth breathing is a mind thing. You can train your mind to keep it close and breath from nose at all times

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