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Muscle Composition gene


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Posted 03 May 2021 - 03:50 AM

If you don't know what I am talking about here is a description: 


Based on a genetic marker in the ACTN3 gene. This marker controls whether muscle cells produce a protein (called alpha-actinin-3) that's found in fast-twitch muscle fibers. While some people don't produce this protein at all, almost all of the elite power athletes who have been studied have a genetic variant that allows them to produce the protein. This suggests that the protein may be beneficial at least at the highest levels of power-based athletic competition.



Look at this picture: https://imgur.com/a/YSigLfK

As you can see I have the CT but I would like to have the CC. Is it possible to get it with the use of drugs or supplements?


I also wonder. If a person with CT has a offspring with someone that has CC, which one will the offspring have, random? 


I don't know if the African is African Americans or people that live in the Sub Saharan. Because we know when the black race was enslaved they choose the strongest one to breed on. So it is kind of deceiving. But the CC is obviously better than the CT. I also wonder what the percentage are for middle easterns and samoans? 

And samoans and african americans have something else called warrior gene which is low MAO and I wonder if that affects muscles somehow.

I heard good things about pequi oil supplementation.



Also while I am on this topic. What other genes could affect muscles etc? Do steroids activate this (ACTN3) pathway?
And is this gene implicated in penile size and sexuality? 

And something else a mutation called myostatin deficiency, is it possible to induce? I know it might cause heart problems from too much muscle and especially if you work out. These will cause high blood pressure which means your whole body muscles are being used more/better. And does this have any connection to aging and bone strength etc?


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