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How Elite Entrepreneurs "Buy Time" with Biohacking - Case Studies

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#1 jroseland

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Posted 18 May 2021 - 05:28 AM

In this deep-dive guide, I give you the keys to unlock and unleash more of the scarcest and most valuable resource, time. A buck spent on Biohacking buys you time...
Entrepreneur Biohacking Case Studies
Daryl, 30, Day Trader
Daryl lives in London and after a decade of fruitful Forex trading, he started losing money because of heavy metal-induced cognitive decline. After being unwittingly mercury-poisoned for 6-months by sushi happy hours at a neighborhood restaurant he noticed that he was consistently underperforming and his portfolio was in decline. His sleep worsened and he went through a bout of depression when his girlfriend broke up with him because his libido disappeared. His net worth continued to decline as he was only able to muster an hour or two of real focus a day to research the markets and make trades.
Doctors were useless until he was referred to a specialist who had his mineral biomarkers tested and discovered that he was suffering from catastrophic mercury toxicity. Energized by knowing what the source of his mediocrity was, he spent a solid week reading up on heavy metal toxicity, the best clinical evidence indicated that detox could be accomplished using natural chelation agents, Chlorella, Spirulina, and Astaxanthin which he began taking. After a week he felt a little bit better, his depression was subsiding. He also heard some “too-good-to-be-true” Youtube testimonials describing the fantastic detoxification effects of C60 Olive Oil, which he started taking twice daily. On his 3rd day on C60, he was surprised to feel awful, worse than before, so he looked up C60 and discovered that he was in the midst of a Herxhiemer reaction, the C60 super antioxidant was clawing heavy metals out of his tissues, allowing them to circulate in his bloodstream causing him to feel sick and groggy, but he continued with the C60 as he wanted to be finally free of the toxic heavy metals; he drank a lot of water, went to the bathroom a lot and even visited a sauna to sweat them out. After 5 days of discomfort, he awoke feeling like he was 10 years younger. That week he would make a winning trade, with restored optimism, he dove back into research and day trading. After 4 more months of consistently using the C60 and the natural chelators, he was back to his old self and had made back all the money the cognitive decline had cost him.
Sean, 59, Cryptocurrency Platform Developer
A veteran financial tech web developer, Sean is in the midst of creating an innovative cryptocurrency platform, but he is unwell. He is obese and his doctor is telling him that he’s pre-diabetic. Some concerning signs of arthritis in his hands threaten to render him useless as a developer. He spends 30 minutes daily on the treadmill but he just can’t seem to lose weight.
After getting 23 and Me genotyping done on himself he learns about NMN, the epigenetic vitamin, from a biohacking Facebook community group. He’s impressed by some of the NMN diabetes-related testimonials and the fact that (unlike the pharmaceuticals his doctor recommends) NMN doesn’t seem to have any major downsides or side effects, it just feeds the body the NAD+ molecule that is crucial to epigenetic function.
On the fourth day of taking NMN, he awakes with a surprising amount of energy and zest, he’s pleased with his capacity to stay focused and motivated all day long. His workouts improve also, the days on NMN he can just push himself harder. Over the course of the next 8 months, he slowly but consistently loses more and more weight. At his yearly doctor’s checkup, his physician remarked that he looked years younger and that his pre-diabetic status had reversed.
Diego, 26, English-Spanish Language Teacher and Event Marketer
Living in the very lively ex-pat hotspot Medellin, Colombia Diego does a lot of socializing. By day, he either teaches gringos Spanish or Colombians English, by night he organizes parties and networking functions at bars and nightclubs. Staying out past 2 AM multiple nights a week is really starting to take a toll. Diego is hungover half the time. He loses a corporate English teaching contract because he oversleeps one day. He has all sorts of great entrepreneurial ideas to take advantage of and create value with his impressive network of friends and acquaintances but he fails to take much action because he’s just not that focused.
One day, one of his students tells him that he can biohack his hangovers. Which he googles, and Diego learns that supplementing Glutathione is key to mitigating hangovers. He starts taking Glutathione supplements, along with a little activated charcoal every night out on the town, and it works wonders, he awakes feeling well-rested and energized despite his nocturnal activities.
Jean Francois, 36, Youtube Livestreamer
J.F spends a lot of time sitting in front of a computer as he hosts a daily internet show talking about the news and current events. He spends nearly every day outraged by the politics and crazy things happening in the world that he covers. While his Youtube audience grows so does his waistline, internet trolls mock his chubby chipmunk-like appearance on camera. Finally, he decides to make a change, he reviews the state of the art research on weight loss and concludes that he needs to go keto and get into this fasting thing. He begins skipping breakfasts which is at first arduous but he quickly gets used to it and discovers that he’s actually a whole lot more clear-headed, energetic, and verbally witty when he restricts his eating to an 8-hour daily window. He also just has more time on his hands, since he’s not sneaking a snack from the refrigerator all the time. He really starts to lose weight when he takes the fasting to the next level and does a 24-hour fast once weekly. He hears that meditation helps with food cravings during fasting, he tries it and it works! He now makes it a point to spend at least 15 minutes meditating every evening as it allows him to unwind after a long day of yelling at the internet.
As illustrated, biohacking buys Entrepreneurs more of their most precious resource, time. To be more specific, it buys them high-quality, focused, productive time. It crams a 10-hour workday into 8 hours (or less).

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#2 Advocatus Diaboli

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Posted 23 June 2021 - 05:17 AM

Please provide links to sources of these "case studies". It's really interesting, but more info would be appreciated! TIA!

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